Wearable Wednesday – Jean Paul Gaultier

Now I must admit to a tiny little top hat fetish. I find them jaunty and silly. I have no idea where I could wear such things- I suppose that I would wear them to the same place I will wear this: That noise you heard was merely the metallic lining of my duster rubbing against my metallic-clad buttocks on the bus seatΒ – don’t be so immature! Dita wears this to run out for extra swiffer pads on rainy days……Never let Klimt design your church’s new choir robes…..I’m very concerned about how thin her legs look?! I thought it was an optical illusion… Phew- I wore this just yesterday. I was so pleased to find the perfect place to hang my name badge! Gee, I thought it was so subtle until I saw the navel embellishment?! Why don’t I have events for this?? Events that call for crotch spangles?!

I am speechless….treasure the moment, everyone….. G…… One more- I’ll let you caption it. Extra points for haiku:Β  photo credits:style. com

41 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday – Jean Paul Gaultier

  1. mrsmole says:

    Klimt would be laughing his ass off! Crotch spangles, puffy fur arm warmers, shredded hems and see-thru chiffon and navel buttons…why does all this resonate in my head with the theme song – Come to the Cabaret? Thanks for the eye-popping fashion!


  2. I LOVE JEAN PAUL! He was responsible for the costumes in “The Fifth Element”. And I would totally wear #6 to a Dr. Who convention. I’d have them install a little sound effect button so that every time I sit down it would sound like the tardis landing.


  3. Ruth says:

    Last one you don’t need to shave! Eye popping fashion in more ways than one- those crazy Europeans where would we be without them?


  4. I am really intrigued by the last one. The color is wonderful and what exactly is going on with the hemlines….beads, silk fringe, feathers? The jacket lets me know the 80’s are back with a vengeance….sigh. I am ready for the fetish shoes to find a new home already..tired of seeing them on all the runways for years now, lets see innovation there for goodness sakes.


  5. sewbussted says:

    You have missed your calling, but then again you’re putting a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart every Wednesday morning. A professional comedian could not have done a better job with this. Thanks for starting my day pout with a laugh.


  6. I think you have identified what is wrong with the world today. No one wears top hats any more. Clearly this is wrong and must be remedied. Okay, at the gym it could get in the way of the equipment, but everywhere else.


  7. This just makes my head hurt. They threw every obnoxious thing into it that they could; we’ve got the side-nipple, crotch spangles, even the marshmallow guy from the Ghostbusters movie! I don’t mind the trenchcoat though. πŸ™‚


  8. Cheryl says:

    Heaven forbid any of this – well, with the exception of the trench coat and what looks like a pretty gown under the Michelin man fur puff – actually makes it onto the red carpet or anywhere else! Wonder what the ‘ready to wear’ versions will be like? (and please, fashion gods, don’t let this hair net nonsense and crotch sprinkles become a trend…!)

    Well reviewed and entertaining, as usual! You should do each and every show that struts down the runway!


  9. Oh Gaultier – so artistic and yet so impractical… if you have to use men to model your women’s line it’s probably not the most wearable selection of garments LOL. Yet I can’t help but love him – he’s not always spot on but he’s always creative LOL.

    I do think that the trench and the orange dress are exceptional, and DEFINITELY wearable though ^__^


  10. Who doesn’t love a top hat?!? Of course, most of it is insane, but I too really think the last is great. Love the color and the flash. As strange as the G one is, the color, fabric and “fringe” caught my eye…if it all could be rearranged somehow!! Thanks for your WW posts!!


  11. OK, here’s my haiku caption, your lofty lit for today –

    Orange stork, I stalk walk, feathered gills trick or treat,
    oh eeek, cheap trick, treat!

    That exhausted me, need a nap now.


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