Summer Swap Reveal- you will be jealous!

Wow! I signed up for Kestrals Summer Swap and ooh-lala was I spoiled! I just know that my partner was secretly in kahoots with Candi Spelling! It was all so beautifully wrapped and thought out.   I feel sort of packaging-poor in comparison. Got to work on my details- I’m sure she thought my offering was parcelled with all the finesse of Laverne and Shirley on Supermarket Sweep!Check this out! I got paired with The Crafty Traveller – don’t you love that name? I picture Mcgyver with much better vacation slides! She must have some doozies- I think Bruce signed her cleavage! As a red-headed Jersey girl- I consider that to be very good! Ok, moving left to right-

-Fabulous Simplicity pattern to make me look like Gidget- got it!

-Amazingly gorgeous postcards of British couture gowns to dazzle my penpals…if they deserve them! – got ’em!

-Way cool birdy-bird iron ons- oh, yes! I gots em!

– Now this is very cool- little clothing labels by the yard with little nursery rhymes! I can’t wait to use these- I’ve been thinking about making labels and these are over-loading on cute! Now I must say- this young lady has seen into the depths of my shallow soul and really nailed this swap- I am so giddy about this haul!!! Thank you so much Kestral and my favorite Traveller!

photo credits: meadhawg,

17 thoughts on “Summer Swap Reveal- you will be jealous!

  1. Oh I am so happy that the parcel arrived (I was freaking out that it was lost) and that you liked the contents! It’s so funny, because after I received yours I was worried that my wasn’t up to scratch because you were so generous. So I am chuffed to bits that you like it all; and thank you again for mine!

    For those people leaving comments that can’t resist the tape, I’m so sorry to say I got it locally. But maybe it can be found online? I hope so! Making labels out of it is such a sweet idea.

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog name! I was thinking along the lines of the Artful Dodger, but a crafty MacGyver is way better!

    I had to look up Gidet – hilarious!


  2. sewbussted says:

    Your package couldn’t have been more perfect for you. I love the birds and look forward to seeing how you’ll use them.


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