Vogue 8815- With a lil’ pep in our peplums!

Holy Priceless collection of Etruscan Snoods, Batman! I’m sewing the same thing as some of my favorite people!- Robin, Boy Wonder and cutting edge peplum enthusiast.

This is big for me- you know I tend to sew the least popular frock on the planet, but look, I’m sittin’ with the cool kids!  Check out Jennifer Hudson in these enviable cheetah panties and a peplum! I keep seeing this and just loving it. Vogue 8815- altho as envelopes go- this one is a little anemic…..hey, wait- my fabric is similiar to that underfed drawing!

But many have seen past the ‘meh’ cover and made some wonderfulness:

Erika made it with cars and rickrack!

Gabrielle made it with amazing stripes!

Erica B made it- damn, girl! I want those pants!!!

Oh, yah, and this one wore one too. But OURS WERE ALL FAR CUTER!!!But who made it gaudiest? Why it’s little  me of course! First prize in the gaudy stakes! Oh, thank you all! I do what I can! Onto the half-ass-supposed-to-have-been-done-over-the-holiday photo shoot! Anderson has been muggy and moist all week, so don’t blame the photographer for these droopy shots- he kept whining about the lens fogging up. Well, of course it did- I’m hot stuff! Look at that sassy bow and rhinestone buckle- tacky, thy name is Anne! This textile sacrifice is an embroidered cotton from the Hancock and I even did bias tape at the neck- why have I been so afraid of that?Behold- the General Robert Anderson fountain, our little hamlets patriarch.

**Just to prove I’m not animal discriminative- these are python print flats- I got them from Hie Shun! Hey  Hie Shun, you are indirectly responsible for todays tacky!!

photo credits: google images, pattern review, meadhawg, people.com, Daily Mail.com

Wearable Wednesday- Bouchra Jarrar

Ready for something normal? I mean really normal? Great, huh? Tailoring, femininity, nice drape….it’s almost too much for me. I feel bereft of snark. Come on, no origami crazy? No Bjorkish tones? No inspiration from urban decay? No comment on society? Ok, this is kind of ugly…

Phew! The cosmic order is restored. I can’t be pleased completely, it’s not natural!

photo credits: style.com

Swell Sew along Progress

I’m having such a great time following along with Sunni and 400 of my closest friends as we tackle Simplicity 1880- or as I like to think of it: Duchess Kate in leopard! You know she wants to join us in the animal pen! You know she’s dying to get out of the beige trap and purr! I have evidence!Leopard print  Diane Von Furstenburg clutch!!! She is trying- lets give her a big hand! She isn’t ready for this tho: Look at that fabulous feline! So vicious, so stylin’! No, no- this one! Over here on Twiggy!

Look at that collar! I‘m so pleased with myself! I’ve learned so many neat little tricks and techniques so far and I haven’t even put my skirt on yet.  Oh, huh. Thats a sentence my mother would prefer that you didn’t take out of context, ok?

Now once I get Kate in my faux predator posse- Camilla: I’m coming for you!!

photo credits: Little me, Zimbio, Go Fug Yourself

Butterick 5558- feh or fine?

Now normally I run all of my decisions by my usual team of advisors, but they are jetting off this weekend with an old friend…

So I have to ask- I have this pattern, yes it’s Butterick and I generally abstain from such, but I like the look of it. With Butterick comes uncertainty for me. Is it doable for little me? Is that enough waist gathers to make me look like a cupcake in too many liners?

The metallic fabric really screams cupcake, so I’m not trying to copy it exactly- I was thinking contrasting prints. Help me out, is it to much waist bulk? should I change it? less pleats, more pleats, a wide strip of frosting? any thoughts would be appreciated- I love the bodice, but haven’t cut the skirt out yet- so much waffling…….Gaaaa…..I wish I had a cupcake right now……..

photo credits: pattern review, daily mail

Wearable Wednesday- Tsumori Chisato

I wanted to throw some major American designer at us today- since its July 4th, but I started looking at Ralph Lauren and darned if I didn’t get a little bit sleepy, sorry, Ralph, but your Resort wear was very classic in that ho and hum way this time. Forgive, please and don’t sick the Bush’s on me!

Then I saw this! Now My little eyes are open! It’s like a crayola sponsored event! It’s taken me years to stop gathering like that. Look, look! this is just more color theme than I can handle. Red, white and too….I like the bright ones better. But oh, that crotch is not so good. Is that a cd on her shoulder? More patriotic splendour! The illusion dress that accentuates your hips, yay! This is the second Walk of Shame outfit I’ve featured- soon to become a regular feature I’m sure. Lets play guess the origin- I vote that she’s leaving Pancho Villas house……. Hmm….Something about the skirt isn’t making me sing and dance.

…even less dancing. Mostly because I fear that only Diane Kruger could pull this off and she annoys me. She isn’t posing right! Why isn’t she holding one heel at an awkward angle while reaching for an invisible cat with the other?  that is no Vogue or Burda model!

I kind of like the shoes….don’t tell anyone.

photo credits: style.com