Wearable Wednesday…Whats a Josh Goot?

She is angry my friends……

I thought this was good for Olympic week- since she looks like young swimmer cheated out of medals.

Picture a tiny diving board under her….Aha! I knew she had a swimsuit somewhere!

She doesn’t seem to want to talk about it…….

It totally explains the wet head!

Ok, I do like most of these shapes, so why the hostility?

Oh, ok, I get why you’re upset..IS that Yoda on a Pink Floyd album cover on your bodice, lady? photo credits: style.com

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday…Whats a Josh Goot?

  1. Oh, I see inspiration here, leaving swimming season and heading towards football season. She’s got the shoulder padded jackets for it. Why do models scowl so anyway? Hunger? pins? Tight shoes? I don’t know but wouldn’t it be nice to see a happy model coming down the run way. It could only elevate the design, it might even save that pepto pink number with the neon green and black jacket. Could the designer be color blind?


  2. Does it bug anyone else that the pink mullet skirt isn’t lined and you can see the back seam? Cause it sure irritates the hell out of me. Seems sloppy.

    I don’t think the model is grumpy, I think they have paralysed her with a neuro-toxin. What else can explain the inflexible Barbie-like poses? If not, this girl needs yoga to loosen up, if she doesn’t she ain’t ever going to be able to work for Vogue Patterns.


  3. mrsmole says:

    These all seem a nice colorful departure from some of the others that are now on clearance here: http://www.mycatwalk.com.au/designer/josh-goot.html
    You can see the Aussie influence, aka beachwear, in his background with the choice of body hugging styles. That poor girl must have had a broomstick put up her butt to maintain those upright poses.Poor Josh has not realized that women have boobs as he has not made any room for them in his designs. Thanks for the tour of unlined fantasy clothes!


  4. Jeeze, she definitely doesn’t look happy. My husband would probably suggest that she’s recently been to the beach and perhaps has some sand in her nether regions…except perhaps not in so many words. 😉 I too don’t understand the reasoning behind making models look like they are haughty at best and pissy at worst. I’m more inclined to purchase something where the model looks happy and comfortable instead of miserable and mad.

    I actually like quite a few of these–puffy cropped jacket and freaky-corset-y-thing aside. They wouldn’t suit my body at all, but oh well.


  5. I’m not a fan of these styles, with the exception of maybe dress 2 , and the last dress, if it were in a different colour palette. The pink mullet hem skirt is simply nauseating to look at – it looks like she’s emerging out of a pink plastic tube…. like something out of a horror movie *shudders*


  6. Well, at least those look like clothes. I am impressed. Some of them are even pretty.

    As for the scowl, I have a theory that much of high fashion consists of the model basically telling the world: “I’m so hot it doesn’t matter what I wear or how I scowl, I’m still smokin'”

    Or at least, that’s the only way I can make sense of it.


  7. Great shapes, all of them… but I still can’t get my head round dropped hems! Love the shape and the contrasting panels in dress 6. The last dress and the second are very reminiscent of Mary Katrantzou. I think the issue here is that the model is truly ungrateful. Had they asked me (and given me a years prep at the gym) I’d have modelled them far more graciously especially if I’d got to keep them!


    • Tyra Banks needs to beat some graciousness into these girls! I think Josh should lurk in the shrubs belong Mary’s windows for a bit and get some better fabric inspiration!


  8. Just love 2,3, 6 and 7. Of course, you need a great body and youth and $ to wear. Models: do they really have a choice of what facial expressions to show us; I think not. Are they not pretty much told how to pose? and I am fairly certain they get no say in what shots will be used?!? Male photographers, male designers, and so it goes!!


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