I totally kicked that cupcakes A**……Butterick 5558

Butterick, don’t think that we are besties yet- you are still on courtesy privilege in my book- strictly retro releases (love you) and already-owned-didn’t-know-any-better patterns. Remember my debate about girding my dainty loins in 14 yards of heavily pleated tinfoil? My fears: Ok, actually that is cute- my fear was that my hips would make me look like a support beam in Todd’s Blue Zoo….I highly recommend the clam chowder.Well, fearlessness is part of 2012’s sewing resolutions, so I hiked up my big girl panties and found a way to avoid all those pleats! Ta-da!The Mominlaw was taking us to dinner for the birthday at a new Sushi joint in town and threatening the floor seating. I deployed the emergency modesty leggings! I won’t wear them with this usually, I swear!Yup, I used the lining pieces for the skirt and skipped that accordion minefield as God Intended!I’m very pleased with the end result- I really put too much stress into this- once I saw a solution, it was like it was just supposed to be. I may make this again- Do you hear me, Butterick? You live another day, but  I may kill you in the morning, as per our standard agreement.

So the moral children? As there must be one, right?

vivacious redhead playing accordion: Good!semi-vivacious semi-redhead wearing accordion: Bad!

So use the lining pieces  and make it work! Right Tim?

photo credits: Devaniweaver on Etsy, meadhawg, pattern review, google images

48 thoughts on “I totally kicked that cupcakes A**……Butterick 5558

  1. Did you hatch this dastardly plan before or after the endless cupcake discussion? Were you teasing us all along?
    I love the neckline on you and the fact you made the dress ‘underwear’ your ‘outerwear’ is nothing short of the ‘rock the boat’ attitude I’ve come to expect. Looks like it was ‘meant to be’ awwww (cue: romantic music)
    Rock on!


    • I cut out the 90 pleat nightmare and the lining and remembered a Koos Jacket that JIlly B had made and her offhand comment that you could make it all in 1 fabric if you only used the lining and I swear, I felt like Edison! I was ready to pleat, I swear!


  2. mrsmole says:

    The only thing that would make this better is grey leggings and a jaunty hat! You go girl….always whipping up outfits to dazzle and amaze….sushi? seating on the floor?…bring it on…you is ready for anything!


  3. I was a little scared – “she didn’t make that dress in effing silver did she?” But no, of course not. Far too hip to the shit hat is Butterick styling, you did it right with those awesome prints. Love the combo. Good call on the pleats. You look fab. And that accordion joke almost made me spit take.


  4. I love these two prints together and the neckline. You’ve wowed me into looking at a pattern that didn’t appeal to me all over again. Get it gurl, you look great!


  5. Absolutely beautiful photos…sewing is great of course, love the pattern and again the color is great on you. If I am not mistaken, you are being transformed into Joan H. Can it be your Ms Holloway is a secret ploy to replace Annie w/Joannie??? Kudos to the photographer … he is a prize winner


  6. Kat H says:

    Haha, you’re awesome! Love the Princess Bride reference – I’m now going to have random quotes from that movie running through my head for the rest of the morning. Hmmmm.

    Vast improvement making it without the gathers. Sooo much better! (I really don’t know what Butterick are thinking of most of the time with their new patterns. *shudder*)


  7. Thats fantastic! I love that you took the dress and made it into a tunic instead, and paired them with biker shorts! And the Pink and Grey colors are Fab! I love it! Its all around fantastic!


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