Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

Wanda Jean was finished with men! You can’t trust them! The only one a girl can trust is Leslie Howard, her alpaca.

He was so soft! So worthy. She planned to pack her bags and head to Peru to be with other people who understood!

But what to wear? Ahh, AnnA Sui 2012 RTW to the rescue!

Even Leslie approved.

She hoped the Stabucks kept soy products on hand in the Andes…

Not to worry, she’d fully stock the Pruis with coolers!

But wait! Maybe she was being too rash- surely there was a man out there that understood her!

Wanda hoped that Leslie would understand…..

photo credits: style.com, google images

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

  1. LOL! Seriously, I like that grey border print dress and of course, Harry wearing what looks like an Oregon Duck, or is a chicken? While this collection is a total jumble of more is more, I like the colors and I like some of those coats and jackets too. The hats though…too scary even for barn wear.


  2. Such color, beautiful. Even the models are trying not to break out into huge grins!! Just a happy, bold WW. Especially love the first one, the print is great!! and 3, 4 and 5 are to my liking. I just ignore the hats and/or hand wear. Thanks!!


  3. Love, love, love the fabrics — except the furs, which I wish she’d left on the animals. Right, Leslie (even though we know you’re harvested, not sacrificed)? Also, don’t go with soy milk and Priuses.
    Thanks for another happy day,PiP.


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