Wearable Wednesday gets Lacy with Andrew Gn

We could do this one as a responsive reading- I show you a picture and you say, ‘ohh, pretty!’ ok?And the people say….’oh, pretty!’ I’m a sucker for fishnets, I even wear them with my scrubs- seriously- I love to push a dress code. Enough about me- back to Andrew… Is there a thing called goth-twee? This could be climbing that fence, perhaps…. I love a furry shoulder- so comfortable on car trips and for your  formal falconing occasions. hmm…cat teasers!hmm…we need to see some color…Is it just me or did that model look a little like Richard E Grant? I’m ok with it, I just wondered…I jut love the lattice shoulder area. Totally covetous. Like a hot Mary Todd Lincoln….Oh, me likey! Lets hear an, pretty!’ for this next one: Your thoughts on fishnets, gothy-tweeisms, last names without consonants or just whatevs?

photo credits: Style.com

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday gets Lacy with Andrew Gn

  1. Killing me with the Richard E. Grant. And not softly either.

    Thanks for making my Wednesday yet again and for giving me tips for my next formal falconing fete. And I’ll pop into that emerald number for the after party.


  2. OK, I screeched to a halt when I came upon one with the lacy shoulders. I was minding my own business and admiring the design when I scrolled further down and read your interpretation: A Hot Mary Todd Lincoln! I am still laughing! Another morning started right!


  3. You mean last names without vowels? I’ve never heard of this designer before (yes, i do occasionally abide under rocks) but I love everything you posted here! And all the people did indeed say, Oh, pretty! 🙂


  4. mrsmole says:

    A little Goth never hurt anyone…the fact that most of them ARE wearable is cool. Little touches, lattice work, crossed straps, even clumps of bird feathers are enough to let you know these are not things we would find at the local Macy’s. I’m going to be wrestling Cockoo Chanel for that green honey!!!! Thanks for bringing some drama and fishnets into my bridal soaked business this morning!


  5. Oh, VERY pretty! I think I like every one of these and dare I say it, I could see using some of those fun details. The shaping panel with tie on the all black dress with the lace up neck, the cute zipper on the “Look Ma, I scalped a Yeti” dress and the black leather skirt makes me want to cut up the sweats and chasse around the house.


  6. Where was that green dress when I was last in need of formal attire?!?! With the exception of the cat toy blouse, the furry shouldered thing, and the russet dress, I would wear each and every one of these pieces….if I lived that sort of lifestyle that is. They are gorgeous! As it is, I’ll just have to file these away as inspiration for my sewing, just in case. 😉


  7. Now that’s a collection I can get behind. I love the movement of the fabric on the green dress. I think I’d like the second dress, the white one, more in another colour. The lovely flow of the collar seems a bit lost in all that white but that could be a photography thing and fine in person.


  8. Love, absolutely love, the green gown. I actually had a physical reaction of recognition when I saw it-as if it was meant for me. Let’s see, I could wear it to…uh, to…hmmm…oh well.


  9. Someone needs to take this collection and do a remake of Dracula. So atmospheric! That first outfit is gorgeous and if I saw someone dressed like that in the street I would only admire it, I wouldn’t think they were weird…unlike the guy in my town with the coffin backpack.

    And that green dress, that is what Keira Knightley’s character should have been wearing in Atonement! This green dress kicks that green dress’s ass!


    • I think every town has a coffin backpack guy! Where do they find them? That would make an interesting Dracula- ‘I was so busy admiring her lattice that I barely noticed that she was turning into a bat!’


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