Jots, Tittles and project avoidance.

Disney approaches in 50+ days. I have costumes to make and final ensemble planning to do.We’re going to the Halloween party as  Dr Sherman and his niece Darla, the fish killer. Finding braces will be the hardest part, but I really am just not ready to work on my Darla outfit. So I avoid, avoid, AVOID!

I’ve made a set of pattern weights:I’ve printed and fondled all my new Victory Patterns (love, love) and I’ve made a garment bag!My luggage is a subtle Betsey Johnson leopard print that I love- you CANNOT lose it at the airport- seriously- it cannot be missed on the belt! Alas, Betsey didn’t plan a matching garment bag and I have a lot of hangy stuff to take with me. Mr b claims the luggage is full of books and everything else is on hangers. Well, yeah, of course, whats your point?

So I combed the net and found a lot of good advise and then I pulled out a lovely blue floral upholstery that the Deanna had left behind. Basically, I put a dress up on a hanger and measured how much ease I’d need around it and put a zipper down the middle of one side. This I good for now, but if I’d had more planning in it piping and inside pockets would have been done. It also is only 2 inches deep, so that will be outgrown quickly! I did get a little loop on the bottom so it will fold over and be compact in the cargo area. So I sort of had a plan!

But I’m not done avoiding Darla yet! I also made a little Lisette blouse- while watching ‘Boss’ this week. While I was sewing I wasn’t paying much attention, it all just flowed so easily that’s when I realized how many times I had made this blouse:and:This is of course the largest version so far!  yes, those are dachshunds, God’s most blessed pups.

Oh, and before I forget- Blog moment! My stats reveal that I have had 50,000 views!  So thank you to all the poor individuals that stumbled across me during Google searches for :

Heidi Klum in a diaper

Eric Von Zipper

Marilyn Manson without  makeup and of course  just random searches for ‘weiner’…….I’m glad that you stayed to play!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, little me

30 thoughts on “Jots, Tittles and project avoidance.

  1. A have a few JRT’s that might take issue with the most blessed part of your post, but I explained to them that if they’re loved, they’re blessed. That and the biscuits made all the difference. Now where in the world did you find that weiner dog fabric? And some of the search criteria, a hoot. I get some pretty weird ones myself. The feedjit is a constant source of entertainment!


      • Prttynpnk, for my Anouk I used a light shot cotton as the top part and it is fully lined, but you know, you could just do a single layer if the fabric is medium weight or stiff.
        The center design I cut down on the work and used the under panel for both top and bottom, again, the fabric can dictate if you need two or one layer. I didn’t interface a single thing. HTH! 🙂


  2. My ex-husband has a theory that everything we need to do goes on a to-do list and eventually every task rolls around to becoming a task you do to avoid doing something else. If that makes any sense.


  3. If you get all that done just to avoid a project that’s a good approach to take! Thanks for the link to Victory Patterns – new to me – and what’s this? Smiling models having fun? I’ve managed to avoid a few projects myself with this site.


  4. mrsmole says:

    Does it get to be any more fun around your house? I imagine laughter and giggles and smiles galore from you and your doggies. Love the pattern weights! I did see someone selling ones wrapped in ribbon on Etsy once but looking at yours, if they were wrapped with green ribbon and those bows were red they would be perfect Xmas gifts for a sewing friend!


  5. Have an old retainer?Or maybe borrow one and Tim Gunn it – make it fit. Voila: braces!

    Congrats on #50+++! That’s entertainment!

    Love those pattern waits (for procrastinators, ahem). Really, quite cute.


  6. jadesabre9 says:

    Love the dachsund print on the top!! And I can’t wait to see your Disney costumes. You can’t avoid them forever 🙂 Maybe my upcoming shots of DragonCon costumes in all their glory will inspire you … 😛


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