Wearable Wednesday- Ann Demeulemeester

Legal Disclaimor: We at the ‘Grievances will not be held responsible for retinal tears or strains as you try desperately to pull your view down from the serious hair antics to the actual clothing in this weeks post. There. my dachshund legal advisors are appeased.  I can’t promise you that I won’t  bring up the hair myself tho. Now I want to say for the record that I didn’t pick this designer strictly to make fun of the styling. I genuinely like pirate boots and the intriguing draping of this collection.  I am also a huge fan of last names that give you carpal tunnel while filling out forms. My dearest hope is that her first name is short for something just as impressive.

I think if I could afford it, I would be a serious coat whore. The lines of all these coats are really fascinating- I’d love to watch Ms. D drape.

Aw, crap. This post is HARD! I keep putting the same picture up and having to redo- did I use the one with the shellacked glove on her forehead? Dang, I did. Start over. I’m not as big a fan of the dresses tho- the same fab lines seem very bulky when not used as outerwear. This next one is an exception.I don’t know why, but suddenly I’m remembering that time when Fabio was hit in the face with a goose. Weird random thought, huh? I like the blue- it gives you many more exotic bird options. As you may know, I’m sort of a sucker for 80’s retro- I love some big shoulders and military looks. This has a non-plaid Westwood feel to it, maybe that’s why it’s my favorite. If perhaps back in the 80’s during that Cruel, Cruel Summer….Adam Ant got frisky with all of the members of Bananarama, what would you get? Just thinking aloud, don’t mind me…

Do you think they had Flock of Seagulls playing on a loop during the show?What do you think, shellacked bird hair and all?

Photo credits: Style.com

40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Ann Demeulemeester

  1. Yuck and yuck. I was never a fan of endless dressing in funereal colours and it’s apparently something of a style trend this fall. I usually love AD’s shirts but the only thing I’d take away from this collection is the boots.


  2. SewSavory says:

    Origami Outerwear!

    I am with you in the Coat Boat. Although I do not live in a climate that warrants it, I do love coats and always welcome an addition to The Collection.

    As always, thanks for the Wednesday morning smile. I’m grinning like an idiot right now!


  3. Carolina Cheryl says:

    Another always fun Wednesday post – thanks, I needed it! If you think these models look ‘draped’, can you imagine what this would look like amplified to say a size 8 or 10 *gasp* ? Swimming in draping. Also, the styling…completely tedious. I’m so OVER the spiked hair and pissed off models representing any sort of ‘edgy’ look. Just give ’em a chainsaw to walk down the runway with and be done with it.

    The electric blue was a welcome pop of color (wonder how that slipped in there?!). Tim Gunn is so right…black just doesn’t ‘show’ on the runway. LOL at the flock of seagulls…! Probably would have been ravens or something equally as ominous.

    I WAS impressed that the lady on the right managed to maintain a detached interest in all of the pictures. Not a giggle or a yawn in evidence…


  4. I can’t really say that this designer “speaks” to me. I mean, the clothes aren’t horrible, but they not only would swamp my tiny self, they would also make me overheated between the black and the volume of fabric.

    It’s the hair that truly fascinates me though. I’d never let anyone did that to my hair, and they might find themselves in pain if they tried; but as someone whose hair won’t even hold a curl, all this random sticking up just defies my reality. Not to mention that if it moved, it might pull or something and I’d be constantly messing with it. I don’t know how these girls allow themselves to be subjected to this sort of thing.


  5. Not my cup of tea for the most part, but I like the idea of the leather yoke & sleeves on no. 3. I am in love with that trendy electric blue right now.


  6. You totally nailed it – the hairstyles are way too distracting!! That aside, I LOVE the clothes… love the solid colour palettes and intricate design lines – this is totally up my alley. Love all the outerwear and really love that one shoulder black dress – so cool!

    I’m with you – I’d be a coat whore as well if i could… that’s actually one of the things I want to master in my sewing so I can have one for every day of the year someday LOL.


  7. I agree with symodezyn, the hair was way too distracting. I was laughing at your commentary and you said something about the clothing and my first thought was “there were pirate boots?”. Seriously, the hair was taking so much of my eye attention, I didn’t notice.

    Loved your commentary, as always.


  8. I’m imagining myself wearing one of those looks to the office, complete with the hairstyle and all, and i’m wondering what type of comments and stares i would get before getting fired. (And how much hairspray would that take?) But it would be pretty funny! Actually sometimes i wish i could just dress really crazy and pull it off.


  9. mrsmole says:

    Probably some of these pieces worn alone or with “normal” clothes might just be a cool signature piece but all thrown together is a nightmare. No one should be allowed to wear 1980’s spiked punk hair. And how many cows were killed to produce this collection? It looks like 2 of the outfits had long skirts but black is not the best statement on the runway and then throw in black elbow length gloves…poor girls must have been roasting!


  10. I love a lot about the collection. I can (must) close my eyes and see many pieces done on someone with a good modern haircut! OMG, that hair is just positively awful and cliche’ Same goes for the black. Take some of those fabulous outwear pieces and imagine in a cross hatch burgundy/black fabric. Or maybe a some browns and copper colors. The blue is stunning and really, it’s the only one you can truly see the details. Of course the models poor little tight pinched pale faces seem to float under that hair and above that sea of black. Those ain’t no birds of paradise! 😉


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