Wearable Wednesday Maison Martin Margiela


Does she have- ?

Are they-  ?

No, I must be mistaken…wait- I think I see- are those-?


Oh, well, hmm. Ok, I just have to ask.

Hey, am I crazy or do the models have cloven hooves? No. Forget I said that. Thats crazy. I must be mistaken.

Ok, I’m sorry, you’re right. That was a rude question. I apologize. Nice scarf, by the way.

photo credits: style.com

52 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Maison Martin Margiela

  1. the howler and me says:

    holy batman… I didn’t even notice the cloven hooves… the THING over their faces was totally stealing the show… (how creepy)


  2. Chicky Chickita says:

    I was so confused,I was not sure if it was because I did not have my first cup of coffee or if these models were being held hostage and their faces covered up ??


  3. LOL, I noticed the cloven hooves straight away. I had to look at their feet to decide if they were coming or going. Well, I guess that’s one answer to that pesky pimple that might show up right in the middle of your forehead. Better than a paper bag ?
    To the collection, the green duster with it’s orange lining peeking out is wonderful. The bright orange dress though looks like it has a nylabone twisted in there.I’m feeling choked just looking at it and the dog no doubt would delighted to free it from her neck. A little playful shredding among friends Could the cut over the boobage be any skimpier? As to the lace and insert harem pant things, not feeling the love at all.
    It kind of looks like bugs crawling up her legs without a lining.


  4. punkmik says:

    this is so bizarre! the shoes are weird and those face mask things make me think of robots. Maybe a sparkley head piece not a mask lol


  5. I think the designer was testing the uniforms for an unknown country’s fencing team for the next Olympics, hence the fencing masks.

    I do have to admit to a strange fascination for the lace pants, imagine how breezy they would be on a hot summers day. What is that thing on the orange dress, is that a bone? Is the designer inspired by The Flintstones? Hello! A beaded bib? How perfect for those of us who can’t always get the food in our mouths without dribbling. The beauty of this bib is that no one would know that you dribbled. You could match your bib to your meal. Red for spaghetti, golden for curry, etc . These will be all the rage in nursing homes, I am sure of it.


  6. sewbussted says:

    This is hilarious!! But I must admit that I really like the black dress, hooves are not. They need to be paying you for this. Your spin on the collections is priceless.


  7. Carolina Cheryl says:

    Thanks for another brilliantly funny mid-week piece! Not feeling the love on ANY of this – everything seems to work too hard to be over the top weird. And, is it just me, or does the entire first look appear to have been cut short waisted? It really bothers me – it’s one of the few ‘wearable’ looks, and it just looks like he threw a much taller model in it (assuming it’s a model – who can tell with those masks?) and tossed it on the runway! The closing also looks like those glass door knobs you find in turn of the century houses…!

    Also agree with previous posts – the bone (channel someone other than the Flintstones, PLEASE!), the lace pants (breezy in hot weather, for sure…complete w/bug motif), the curious cut in the boob area, and of course…the cloven hooves (gee, those must be REALLY comfy…NOT!).

    Yawn, Martin Margiela, YAWN.


  8. LOL! Cloven Hooves! And what is with the masks??? So creepy!! I like the black dress, although I don’t see how it’s possible to fit a chest in there, but hey, who am I to judge? Clothes don’t have to be wearable, right? LOL.


  9. mrsmole says:

    How clever of the designer to make clothes that can be worn frontwards or backwards and it makes no difference. Also those cloven hoof shoes are all the rage and they also look like crap from both directions…when did women start having to look like this…faceless, bust-less woodland animals wearing fencing masks? The best part of the post was the satyr…hubba hubba…is that a present he is carrying for me?


  10. Y’know, I was so distracted by those ridiculous masks (what is WITH those masks on everyone everywhere catwalk-ish?) that I actually had to go back and look at the hooves. Yawn, indeed. NEXT!!!!!


  11. carol456 says:

    I’m afraid I can’t get past the jewelled masks. I didn’t even look at the clothes. This is all a bit too creepy for my tastes. I hope the designer has a good therapist.


  12. The masks just show, to me, what some designers think of women – which is very little. A clothes hanger that can walk – that’s the message this particular designer sent down the runway. I’m beginning to wonder why they use human models at all – an automated clothes rack would do the same job.


  13. rosyragpatch says:

    I didn’t even notice the clothes – I was transfixed by the masks. I can hardly believe anyone would do this. Dehumanising.


    • It’s interesting, how do other designers put out crazy without is seeming hurtful? Why is this designer bothering us so much? I think it’s very creepy feeling. But I still want the quilted coat!


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