Burda Blouse and prezzies, but wait there’s more!

Ok, class, quiet down, we have much to cover today!I tried to use some stash material this week. I did, I really did. I’ve had this mold-inspired floral cottony stuff in the closet for a few months- by the way- it has the distinction of being the ‘ugliest fabric I’ve ever seen you wear’ according to my sainted Mother. That is saying something if you know the woman who dressed me during my formative years. But enough about my need for therapy- lets talk about the blouse!Burda must have farmed out the instructions to another company- it was so easy! I may have made a misstep at the front neck facing- it seemed sort of clumsy- I think that I will redraft it into fewer pieces for next time- cuz there will be a next time. I think it needs a little tapering at the sides- it’s perhaps a bit boxier than necessary. Can you go wrong with something that matches your saddle shoes so well? The Husband proclaimed it a perfect Disney blouse- it looked ‘cool and comfortable’. Maybe I’ll make him one, too. We can look like Hansel and Gretel- a Grimm tale of over-eating! But I want to talk about more important things than my love of spore blouses. I got prezzies in the mail from Funnygrrl!Look- is my new pincushion wristlet not the end all? I believe that it is. I have much reading to do!! This book is great! Thank you!! Thank you!!

So the spirit of giving has entered my tiny soul and I must expel it quickly…..So I want to start another Pattern Pyramid! Did you make that? has been spreading much love and I want to play too! Ok, this shape is not exactly pyramidic- but you get the plan, right? Are you tempted? Oh please be tempted!So if you want a chance to get the first South Carolina (but not limited to) spin-off of the Amazing Karen’s Amazing Pattern Pyramid- just let me know in the comments- you all must know the drill by now. I let Bruderelin select 1 name from the comments- lets say we do it on the 15th of September.

…and we’ll get this show on the road! Please don’t think I’m trying to steal this from Karen- it just looked like so much fun and even more attention for The Brooke….the charity that Karen’s pattern gifting friend is supporting. *Bruderlein would also like to remind you that his gastritis keeps him from eating rawhide, but all other bribes will be considered in his selection process.

**He also says that you don’t need to be a follower of the ‘Grievances to enter- people who follow ‘Mummy’ have often ended up lost……

photo credits: meadhawg, little me, pattern review

71 thoughts on “Burda Blouse and prezzies, but wait there’s more!

  1. mrsmole says:

    While your pattern selection spans the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s,70’s 90’s and the present the Coni Crawford pattern is super. Her pants patterns fit divinely and her instructions make fly fronts and pockets so easy. The Butterick 4699 wrap dress makes me think of hospital gowns and it is hard to believe that we women thought it was a good idea to wear something without closures of any kind…help! Butterick 6158 is just classic Marlo Thomas in That Girl…love it! Now unto your masterpiece…not so excited about his top but the jeans make you look like you have lost weight and those saddle shoes are smokin’!


    • I think i got a pretty odd range with the patterns- I love the junior miss robe, especially! The blouse needs work, I think. It is balloony. I’ve used the same size for Burda and maybe I need to remeasure….


  2. 1) attempting my first Burda Style mag pattern this week.
    2) Love the blouse, maybe you have discovered your inner German
    3) oh oh oh pick me miss! I’m up so straight with my hands and being so good in this sewing class I’m about to busy a gasket. Don’t put it past me to sew them all! And pass them all on in one week. I am SewBusy after all!
    4) I’m off to the post office this week – been SewBusy and have not got there this fortnight. Hounds will be winging their way to you soon πŸ™‚


  3. I am taking the chance of seeming really ignorant, but I don’t know how this works. Sounds like fun though. Only thing, I am not in the states like most of you probably are. But I would love to contribute a Vogue pattern to your bunch. My sister in law picked me up a pattern in New York and I already owned it. So I have two. I don’t know anyone else to give it to. If you would like I’d send it and add it to your give away bunch.


    • Basically, you get the whole pile, pick the one that you want most, then blog the pyramids yourself and let someone else win the spoils until the last pattern is standing. I’d be glad to add your contribution to our event- I’ll shoot you an email.
      This is open to other countries- you just have to trust the wonderous US postal service on our end!


  4. I like your blouse! And no spores, no penicillin – now that would be a sad world, no? So all hail the mighty spores!
    And I’d love to take part in the pattern pyramid, it does look like fun.
    Maybe we should start a “travelling pyramid” thing that never stops? Just add one pattern after you’ve taken one, and it can go forever πŸ˜€


  5. This is such a great idea and I am so glad you are starting your own. Please do not include me though, as I have an overwhelming fall sewing plan ahead;(

    Have fun all, and I will enjoy seeing everyone’s creations.


  6. Conquered a Burda, yeah!!! I wish you hadn’t mentioned the fabric looks like mold, now I’m just seeing that instead of the top itself. I think you can go down a size and maybe wider elastic, set a bit higher?
    Such a handsome boy Bruder is, looks quite impartial too. πŸ™‚


  7. Nothing like a mom to tell you, with brutal honesty, how she feels! The pattern pyramid sounds like fun – I’ve never done one. Can you share where you bought your shoes? So cute!


  8. SewSavory says:

    So you are going to go and make me start a blog, aren’t you??!! I wanna paricipate, but said bloggage is required… hum….

    About the blouse – I think wider elastic is a fabulous idea!


  9. I’m so not in…though I’d love to play with you all, but I have far too many of my own patterns calling my name. I am only commenting to say hello and have fun!


  10. I like the top – no sense of mould….. but aren’t mothers wonderful? (I make every effort not to be ‘motherish’ to my own DD. I probably don’t succeed quite as well as I think.

    Please include me in the pyramid – I love the idea of a never ending pyramid! Can we do that? Please? I should be doing other stuff but this is too good to miss! (Also, all the pencils are now sharp). Could Bruder please tell me what is needed as a bribe?


  11. starryfishathome says:

    I like the top and the fabric, but maybe it could be a bit smaller. Please don’t make your husband a matching one, I hate matchy matchy couples! Don’t include me in the pyramid though, I can’t see me wearing any of them


  12. Kat H says:

    Oooh, a new pyramid! Fab idea. I may have to copy you with that, if you don’t mind!? πŸ˜‰

    (I’d love to be entered in your one as well, and I second all the others who think it should be a never-ending pyramid. Patterns forever travelling the world, sounds like a brilliant plan, Almost need a little notebook or similar to travel with them, where everyone who takes part can write what they took and added, and why, or something like that. Kind of like a roaming history of the pyramid-that-never-ends.)

    PS I totally want your shoes!!!


  13. The McCalls blouse is just what I’m looking for – how did you know? Count me in just in case. Bruder’s collar colour coordinates beautifully with your Burda top – deliberate or naturally good taste?


  14. Ooo, fun! Thanks for importing the British Pattern Pyramid – I’m sure yours will be just as loved and critically acclaimed as the original, just like The Office πŸ™‚
    All the vintage Buttericks are just delightful, and I’m totally fascinated by the reversible wrap smock… hmmm, which arm shall I put through first today?


  15. I do not want to enter the pattern pyramid – because if I get any more sewing stuff then my husband will have to really build me a pyramid – or should I say Taj Mahal to honour me . I do want to say I love your ` spore ` top – it doesnt really look ugly . I have three daughters who tell me that kind of stuff but really they are quite justified because I do sew daggy stuff – It is just that I feel sorry for the underdog patterns and material that no-one else wants . BY the way my little dog is partial to nibbling on wombat poo and rolling in dead worms – would Bruder be interested in this ?


  16. velosewer says:

    I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing. Count me in. And I’ll sort out my patterns/fabric and figure out what I’m doing next.


  17. Oh man oh man, first of all, those shoes are pretty much awesome and I love the mold on your blouse. And of course, I totally want in on your pattern pyramid/rectangle rip-off!


  18. I cannot tell you how much I love your blog and your writing. entertaining !!! Yes, please, I want to join your pattern pyramid, and I see a few lovelies in there. Saddle shoes – fantastic, had many pairs in my life. . . maybe I need to find some again.


  19. I think the blouse is pretty awesome, despite it’s unfortunate resemblance to fungus, and your husband is spot on–it does look cool and comfortable. πŸ™‚ Also, heeled saddle shoes?! I need these in my life, even though my dream shoe closet is reaching critical mass. πŸ˜‰


  20. Carol says:

    I don’t even know what pattern pyramid you are imagining as I am not clearing out my pattern file currently, but count me in.

    I agree with every alteration and wearability suggestion you made about the latest and greatest blouse. Mom’s have their place, but its not in your ear.

    To win, I offer: I am a perfect 47-39-42 and I only follow the blogs of sewists who have shape that requires skill and cunning to create wearable frocks. You frikkin’ rock. Ditto the shoes. From where cometh.

    I used to be a natural redhead every 6 weeks until I’m now not.
    Myself and my stellar feller return to South Carolina as often as possible to rest, relax, eat ourselves sensessless.

    Maiden name…………..Brook.

    Here’s the biggie: I live in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and your blog is magically delivered to me at posting, over the intertubes and I relish in your stylish adventures. I come to your blog to GET lost, so its all good.

    Bruderlein is absolutely stinking adorable and I would continue but….ehewee, pardon me, I seem to be suffering a touch of gastritis myself. I am your sister.



  21. I’m glad you like the book and the pin cushion! I thought it was so cute I almost kept it. You can likely take it apart if you need to change the size. πŸ™‚
    Add me in to the Pyramid if Canadians are allowed! Tho I’ve already won one of Karen’s…


  22. Count me in please. I like the duster coat, except for the strange rectangle at the end of the shoulder dart – surely too high for a pocket welt? Nice blouse, not in the running for the ugly fabric contest though ( lets have one of those!).


  23. Love that Burda top, girlfriend. Very flattering on you. Maybe it’s my stomach virus, but I am not understanding that whole pattern pyramid thing. But then, I get confused with lottery tickets.


    • Well… The winner gets the pile and can keep one and have their own drawing or go pyramid scheme and exchange a pattern or 2 for an equal number of their own patterns, blog the event and let another winner take a turn. The plot is to keep the party going in true mad hatter style!


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