Wearable Wednesday Armani Prive

Well, this week the berets are back where they belong, jauntilly askew….This collection has some interesting accessory pieces! See? An jealous bear already tried to stroke her beret- The doctors were right! You can’t see my appendix scar at all! and for the lady who tends her hives between engagements….Did Gary Oldman wear this in the 5th Element? This looks seriously crunchy….in a good way of course.Ok, I’ve got to say it- drapey velvet pants seem very old lady art opening to me….don’t hate me forever……..Look! it’s the Olsen twins in Boca 2062….Armani gives us their interpretation of designer cat toy crotch danglers….Is that a formal dickie?? I’m feeling rather mixed about this collection- it feels sort of half-inspired. The shapes are all pretty, but they aren’t breaking any ground here. I won’t vote differently after seeing this collection, you know? Is it just classically staid? Photo credits: style.com

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Armani Prive

  1. Totes agree that there’s no groundbreaking stuff but I do rather like the one shoulder dress a la Matrix and I have so got to get me a cat toy crotch dangler! I quite like how it holds up the skirt!


    • sewbusylizzy says:

      My first thought was … if our jackets were pulling across the bosom like no.1 we would be blog posting whipping ourselves. The concealed pockets of jacket No.2 are superb. Me likely.
      And the rest? To be honest glammed up grandma wear, a black sparkly seatbelt dress, ordinary and most importantly who gets to wear the berets and who gets the face strainers? Is there some serious decision making process going on with the head/face wear? Surliest girls get facial concealment to help hide their hunger/contempt?
      I have much experience with art exhibition openings – you are bang on the money.


  2. No not ground breaking but I do like drapey velvet. Of course I look like an overweight troll in a bear costume when I wear it, but I love to see it. That first little jacket is pleasure. I can see that going right from the runway into my closet. The clown inspired shrugs, well the twins can keep em, but I would take the whole last look and just toss the flesh colored dickie in the trash.


  3. I kind of like the velvet pants, but only if you never sit in them, Visualize the shiny butt if you sat in them for any length of time. Sort of like a beacon pointing to your butt, screaming LOOK AT ME. Not something I am looking for in clothing. Odd, I know, but that’s just the way I am.

    “designer cat toy crotch danglers” go into a category known as “Words I Never Thought I Would See Together In A Sentence”, Once again my laptop was in danger of being of being sprinkled with the morning Earl Grey. I should know better by now than to read your blog with a liquid anywhere near me.


  4. I typically don’t like color-blocking, but that color-blocked jacket trips my trigger for some reason. The rest of it though isn’t really my style.

    And I think the headgear is to keep the flies off so the girls don’t make any funny faces while trying not to scratch their nose. Because that would be most unbecoming, you know?


  5. Carolina Cheryl says:

    Another bleech collection amusingly reviewed for our Wednesday entertainment. Otherwise, not much I can say good about this fashion grouping. The velvet pants, while a nice idea, looked TOO drapey and not very flattering…or maybe those models didn’t have enough meat on their bones to keep them nicely in place?

    The strapless dress with the dangling cat toy crotch ornament (new accessory term, for sure!) makes the model (who must be a size 000) look heavy on the bottom. Can you imagine how a size 4 *gasp* would look? Seriously…if you’re already using a lighter fabric on the bottom with black as the top, for heavens sake don’t add bulk to the skirt! The Project Runway kids do this sometimes – drives me nuts!

    Lastly, the veils…agree with everyone’s comments raving about this new fashion accessory! Oh, that’s right…NO ONE likes this look. Veils as dramatic runway ornaments? Y.A.W.N. Move on, please, designers…move on.

    On a bright note…at least the beret was back on the top of the head and the veils were see-through…! Don’t get me started on the ridiculous black appendectomy scar dress…!


  6. mrsmole says:

    At last fashions for my 80 year old clients…clothes you don’t have to wear a bra with…just tuck those old saggy bunnies into the waistband of your underpants and go. And what is better to keep those skinny chicken legs warm than velvet? Who cares if the pants are baggy…isn’t it time for baggy and sitting on the waist after years of hip hugging ghetto copied butt sprung pants? Face veils….who needs a face lift…perfect for the older woman and the ones with danglers can camouflage age spots.
    Love the color blocked coat and the first blue jacket…pity that girl even had a small bump of a boob to distort the line and closure. Thanks for bringing some joy to my sewing studio!


  7. That dress really was Fifth element material. The dresses have some merit but the flow seems to overflow, if you know what I mean.
    As for the veils, they could translate to wedding veils, but I’m sure this wasn’t the designers intention.
    Thanks for the review.


  8. staid? This is fashion that most American women would love to wear. I like these pieces…except for those ridiculous veils. I also think the accessories are too tame.


  9. Maybe not ground breaking but I love the soft shapes, not a fan of the boxy jackets but I love the sleeve detail on the tri-color jacket. Looks like meringue, And, veils? . That seems like a last minute add-on. “Wait, it needs something…..veils!!!”


  10. I laughed out loud picturing the jealous bear.

    And I have to admit, I kind of like the drapey velvet pants. In the right setting, I think they could work. Then again, I may have an affinity for old ladies at art openings.


  11. Perhaps the black velvet pants are Armani’s take on the must have black dress, but for seniors with varicose vein issues!!! I do like the shiny black/print “shirtwaist”. Thanks for sharing!!!


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