Style Envy….

Have you seen this??? Dita Von Teese has a collection coming out in October and it  is scrumptious!  Check Out the whole line:

Hey Instyle, I’m soo thankful that you are offering me 20% off, but that is still a wee bit high for the budget I have -based on my genteel poverty and high charity donation lifestyle! But I want this so bad (ly) !!Is it possible to make this- a pattern that I already have- Into Dita splendour? I want to wear it as a dress- I know this pattern has no waist seam, but maybe I could still use the top as a base?I’m totally on the look out for ideas and suggestions- I love how knowledgeable you all are and all ideas or contributions to the ‘Get Anne a Dita trench fund’ will be greatly appreciated!

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42 thoughts on “Style Envy….

  1. Lizzy says:

    It’s very admirable that you are saving money by not buying a pattern for a coat that retails at $899. See, me, I’d just go nuts and buy a newbie pattern because what I spend in pattern costs I’ll save in the alcoholic beverages while trying to modify a pattern.
    I’m finding it hard to see all the details but whattabout vogue 8346. It’s a dead ringer. Just whack on a couple of belt loops and you are done.


  2. Leila says:

    You two are cracking me up. I go for using what I have first, too, even if it will be the potentially hardest route. 🙂 good luck with the fabric purchase.


  3. I thought of Colette’s Lady Grey coat pattern but I think V8346 is just right!
    Now, I could *almost* see spending that amount on a classic camel hair or cashmere coat, in fact I have and wear my Dad’s old cashmere dress coat from college. It came from Brooks Brother’s in Boston, back when they really made and tailored things and I’m sure cost just about that in the late 50’s percentage wise. IF something was of that same quality, I would pay that much, but we both know, it ain’t


  4. mrsmole says:

    Nothing feels as good as successfully completing your own designer knock-off!!!
    You can do it and carry it off even better than the runway models with pooches to boot.


  5. Zoe says:

    Anne; this would look gorgeous on you.
    I can completely relate to wanting to start by using what you have; and the re-designing an existing pattern is fun, challenging, but so satisfying.( I hope you go for a similar dark color; it’ll emphasis your beautiful skin . I always notice your skin in your pictures you know). I just love that retro look; that’s all I want these days. Can’t wait to see this as a finished item!


  6. I’m going to go huddle in a corner and drool over the Dita designs….if I had a “style icon”, it would be her.

    I agree with trying the Vogue pattern instead, and it looks like it has decent reviews too, always a bonus! Can’t wait to see the finished dress! 🙂


  7. Great look for you…I know you can do it! How about separating the pattern at your waistline, add seam allowance back in. Then spread the panels of the skirt to get more fullness out of them like the Dita. I loved the elbow length sleeve on you but if you must, OK, go long…hurry up, this is pretty!


  8. Surely you must have a similar pattern in that vintage collection of yours? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend $900 on the perfect fabric and buttons? Great look, go for it!


  9. I wonder if this is still lurking around David Jones. I would go there just to try this coat on (although I bet it will not be in Brisbane,just to foil me). It sounds like there is a tulle petticoat in the coat, how cool.


  10. Dita von Teese has a collection? I wonder who designed that… I really love that black trench coat as modelled by Samantha Harris; gorgeous! I agree with kbenco, a full skirt on underneath would help it stand out like that… I’m looking forward to seeing yours 🙂


  11. When I first heard Dita was putting out a line, I was excited. But honestly, I’m not impressed. Maybe the garments are made with better materials and technique than your average vintage repro company, but the designs aren’t anything special. You will end up with a much better fitting trench if you make one yourself.


  12. Lisa Knight says:

    Gertie has an new pattern line coming soon from Butterick or McCalls that has a similar trench style with a full feminine skirt. It is featured on her blog recently.


  13. OOOOHHH I love Dita!! She is one of my style icons! That black trench would be the bomb wouldn’t it? I love jackets so I know I have a jacket pattern we could use for that… hold on and let me rummage around… yep! McCalls 5525! Then again, yours would work better actually; just need to add sleeves 😉


  14. Somehow this post got buried in my emails. No suggestions but I just had to say that I LOVE the picture of the female pilot looking around as if she has no idea of where she is. You know there is a joke, What’s a pilot without a compass? Lost. What’s a pilot with a GPS? Super lost!! I would love to have a copy of the full picture. Where did you find it?


  15. Oooo! Oooo! I absolutely love that pattern. I’m a little afraid of the straight skirt on me though. My bottom half is a size bigger than my top half so I would have to modify it anyway.


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