The Current plans of Mice and Annes…

I have been a busy girl in the Sewers Bordello! I’m at the under 40 days mark for the annual fall Disney Trip and trying to get the last of the mouse sewing done. You know I’m not a big tourist t-shirt gal- I prefer a frisky top and some capri pants for my mouse trips, then at night I give mickey a little leg with a sun dress and my clompy sandals. So this is the 2nd to the last of my new duds for Mickey.

Mccalls 6604- a pattern with many wonderous options. I am intrigued by a cowl with a collar, that could happen for fall-  right now I’m sporting the little…what are they? They aren’t sleeves, they aren’t lovely shoulder awnings, they just allude to sleeves, actually. Perfect for Disney as I elbow my way past children to get to Beast before they do! “Get back, kiddies, I’m full of over-priced snacks and on my way to Dumbo!”Look! I sparkle! I made no changes to this pattern, I didn’t even take it in much- door to door it was a 3 hour event. *Now that time includes, checking on that noise that sounded like a cornered cat, scrolling thru the premium channels looking for Colin Firth movies, dropping the bobbin box, etc. You know, the usual sewing folderol at Palazzo Barnes.

In case you can’t see them, I am wearing cheetah ballet flats to complete the ensemble- a butterfly cheetah combo!These pictures are from our afternoon at the Mominlaws house- the dachshunds ran their little legs off on her 2 story deck. they love Grandmas house- they ran thru her many acres and drank from her many toilets. Good times. Good times. I’m so glad that I got my special prezzie from Anne this week- Before I head to Mouse house- I hope to read it and make copious notes during the lengthy drive- now that would entail willpower to wait, so I’ll bet you’ll be hearing about my time with Winifred Aldrich long before then! I should be drinking tea for that, don’t you think? I think that Bruder and I should we wearing lacy fichus and using a lorgnette while we read. Ok, that could turn into Bruder eating his fichu and Liesl burying his lorgnette, but we shall try to maintain the appropriate dignity it deserves. Did you note the fabulous length of silky, cloudy blue? I am loving that!! I don’t know what it’s fate holds, but I just want to wave it and prance Isadora Duncan style, you know?  If you don’t routinely tune in to Anne’s blog- Mercury- Handmade Fashion she is very skilled and shares much knowledge, [please do – you will enjoy!

photo credits: little me, meadhawg, pattern review

48 thoughts on “The Current plans of Mice and Annes…

  1. You always make me smile and I leave your blog with a smile on my face. Just wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and hoping that you teach those tourists a thing or two about how to really dress. Cute top by the way.


  2. Such a nice top and quite flattering! I love those drapey front blouses myself, although the collar thing really kind of threw me off. You’ll look dashing next to Dumbo! On NO! Running ones legs off will never do, especially when there isn’t too much to begin with. The pair is looking dashing as always.


  3. love the cowl!
    speaking of mr. darcy, i mean colin firth, have you seen fever pitch? cute, and lesser known. also, i saw him in a film which i really enjoyed but i can’t recall the title…he may have been recently widowed, he was a writer, rented a place in italy…i’m missing most of the plot, but it was a great firth-vehicle! we just saw tinker tailor soldier spy this weekend, and it was a lovely surprise to find him in it. yum!


  4. Great pattern, great top! “shoulder awnings” made me giggle ^__^ Thanks for the blog link; I’ll be following Anne now too – it’s always nice to meet another fellow sewist (but by golly my email notifications threaten to bury me sometimes! LOL)


  5. mrsmole says:

    Your butterfly fabric is just so much more attractive that using a plaid and having the lines go all wonky. The fact that it states it has forward shoulder seams, always good for real women makes it fit better than skimpy backed patterns. Interesting that only the front is cut out on bias on one version.Minnie will not know what hit her!


  6. That’s a cute top, and I’m liking the idea of adding a collar.. hmm Glad the parcel arrived all in one piece, enjoy making notes! The first time I read my now rather battered copy I made a loooong list of all the patterns I wanted to try! Have fun at Disney!


  7. Love the top! I was intrigued by the pattern when I first saw it, and I’m loving how your version turned out! Have an amazing time with the mouse – the park will be so fabulously decorated while you are there!


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