Wearable Wednesday….Rodarte

I love Rodarte. If I ever have my fantasy fashion slumber party, I would put these two ladies between Zac Posen and Lady Becks, just to see who got their bra frozen first.For my guest shot on Game of Thrones I will wear this-I want Rhonda to do a full Saturday Sleeve episode on this one for me- who’s signing my petition? OOOH!!! We need a shoe intervention…STAT! These clompers are hurting my soul!

Ring Toss wearΒ  for Bikers? Insert your own thought here- I’m overwhelmed….

This is what Thors date wore to Homecoming:This is textural to the point of scratchy…Your thoughts on texture and slumber party hazing?

photo credits: style.com

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45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday….Rodarte

  1. sewbusylizzy says:

    Shoulda been a biker chick cos I’m loving that red & black number.
    I’m just imagining what the sewing instructions would be like for some of them. Burda eat your heart out.


  2. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I kind of like the first one. And that teal dress is going in my inspiration file for sometime in the future when I’d need a formal gown because that dress is absolutely stunning and completely up my alley. And if you could find appropriate trim, I don’t even think it would be too hard to knock off. I also really like the one with the red leaves(?) on the bodice–the skirt portion would have to change, but that would be the easy part. πŸ˜‰


  3. zoe says:

    FORM without FUNCTION; a common problem in art school students. Designing a building that people are unable to habitate. Designing a chair that is uncomfortable to sit in. (Often, I’ve seen far better clothing designs on ETSY from passionate, talented, ‘small’, designers than from the majority of the big names.) I’m not impressed with these at all. I have to work too hard at it to find aspects that appeal. Just me; each to their own.


    • I would think it would add a good deal of bulk to a silhouette, too. Maybe that why my fav is the teal dres, the fabric is sleek and the bodice armour isn’t overwhelmed with cha-cha-cha…


  4. Is that almost a smile on the first model?
    I’m not keen on the heavy pleating/folds. I mean, they look really cool, but not something I would do for myself. I think the mix of firm curved edges and the flowy skirt of the 4th dress, the teal one, is what appeals to me the most.
    Oh and yes, I’m not a fan of the shoes with the pretty dresses. Too clunky for my taste and they would make me look even shorter.


  5. csfont says:

    Another fun, wearable Wednesday post! Interesting fashions – not my personal style, but some interesting ideas and fabrics.

    Now – here’s a show you simply MUST review for us, if you dare! If you caught the Versace Mens (?) Wear show, you may have been a teeny bit surprised at the direction Versace sees menswear heading. Here’s the link, with a disclaimer: NOT responsible for liquid spewed across keyboards, monitors, etc. Put all drinks down prior to opening link.


    Sad? After a few rows of these crazy fashions, I actually liked the row of ‘normal’ suits before I woke up, looked at the super shiny fabrics and said “NOT buying what you’re selling, V-man”…! What do you think? I’m dying for prettynpnk’s review πŸ™‚


      • csfont says:

        Admit it, though…didn’t you get to that row of ‘normal’ suits and go “oh…these aren’t bad…” πŸ™‚ Then I shook myself and said ‘This woman is CRAZY’. Mad at men, indeed πŸ™‚ (I keep thinking Versace is run by a man, which made this show kind of hmmm…now that I remember Donatella’s at the helm, there are all sorts of interesting possibilities…!)

        Would LOVE to know what the models are thinking…!


  6. mrsmole says:

    Obviously the red bodice one is for wearing over the holidays as it is embellished with fake holly berries…how Michael’s crafty is that? The shoes…make me want to pull out my eyeballs! I agree the orange jacket would be a delight to see draped AND stitched! The rest of the dresses looked like they wanted to use every last bit of leftover fabric on the table…let’s do epaulets on the pink one…not enough chiffon for a full skirt?..nevermind, just use what’s left…As for the men’s wear…it is just too gay to imagine! Why does my mind keep going back to Vanilla Ice…?


  7. Oooo textures…. colours… interesting shapes and fabric manipulation! I love these; they’re works of art! I WANT that teal dress with the awesome gold & teal corset thingie…. how cool is that? And the jacket with the orange folds…. awesome!

    I love stuff I can’t copy… it motivates me even more to improve my skills so that I can πŸ˜‰


  8. Maybe I’m stuffy, but apart from the first dress. the red bodice dress and that fabulous blue with the steel corset for a midriff, I’m really not liking any of it. It seems like he couldn’t make up his mind about the textures and colours – lessons in cohesion, maybe? It seems very unlike the stuff that I’ve seen on people that actually works. I mean, is he trying to summarize Snow White & the Hunstman in the last one? And I think Versace needs some serious help over there… You *do* need to do a WW post on that one.


  9. Oh dear but the colours are lovely. And the details. Though. Well, where would one wear such pieces? Perhaps to the skating rink with the kids?

    And I’m too scared to google ‘slumber party hazing’ …


  10. i absolutely adore Rodarte too. That orange jacket is amazingly beautiful, I loooove the diagonal jagged panels along the front, and those sleeves! This is real inspiration….


  11. Firstly, I hate being back at work as it makes me late for Wearable Wednesday and so my comments are only formed by Friday! That said – I adore Rodarte. I admired their winter coats so much last year that I bought a load of patterns thinking I could adapt them to match the Rodarte style. Secretly, I think I belong in Montana but rounding up the cattle in these little frocks might prove to be a challenge. I’m all for Rhonda doing a sleeve on the orange.


  12. VeraVenus says:

    Your WW fashion commentary is the best- totally cracks me up. If I’d had a voice like yours inside my head when I worked in fashion maybe it wouldn’t have ended in tears. Should be required reading for po-faced fashionistas everywhere to help them lighten up!


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