Wearable Wednesday with Christopher Kane

Hmm- is this the Dylan’s Candy Bar challenge from Project Runway? Do I see chewing gum? hmm….How early do you start your seasonal decorating? Mr Kane started this week.Ahhh…it exfoliates you as you strut….Are those phone cords on her shoes? Is that a form of retro in our cordless age? That reminds me of a Laura Ashley flak jacket…is that bullet proof and lavender scented? Umm….just ….yuck. I can’t- huh? I think I see her spleen…Nice bow- I think a 2nd one wouldn’t hurt…. Now it’s your turn- give your best:

photo credits: style.com

67 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday with Christopher Kane

  1. mrsmole says:

    Those shoes…get yourself to a Goodwill and buy up an old phone and start converting your sandals now before Spring! Looks like someone had a load of pink fabric that they didn’t know what to do with and whipped up this frothy mess. Exfoliate is right and of course wearing fabric that has lots of twiggly bits never gets caught in car doors or kitchen door handles…oh wait, these women don’t drive or cook do they? I do like the one thing that does not match anything…the Frankenstein t-shirt!!! Make a statement down at the Co-op, impress other mothers while waiting for your kiddies at school or shock your parish priest at Bingo.


  2. Oh, I don’t know, maybe this collection garners a not wearable at all Wednesday.
    The last model was obviously clawing at that ugly rag, or maybe the others were so hungry in their cages they were attempting to eat it. I can say it probably deserves to be on the ah manure pile. If he wants to bury those pieces, I’ve got just the place!
    Will they degrade or will it take 100 years is the question. I hope no one ever digs them up and thinks we wore crap like that!


  3. The last one has a great idea for the home sewist. Don’t bother sewing on lace appliqués and don’t worry if you made a mistake in cutting your fabric. just grab a roll of electrical tape next time you are shopping for telephone cords for you shoes at Home Depot. It’s the newest trend in sewing. Just slap that stuff on anywhere.


  4. I’d swear I could see just the littlest hint of a *restricted area* through a couple of those skirts. And I prefer to dress up and be touchable by the hubby–I wouldn’t want to inadvertently flay his skin with my brillo pad dress!


  5. Obviously the must have garment for the Christmas parcel wrapping evening. Comes with all the tape you need, ready cut in handy short lengths.Loads of fun for all the family ripping it off and trying to get it to stick second time around. But, I vote this designer the Strategic Placement Oscar, if only for the eyes.


  6. csfont says:

    Oh my…this does look like a PRW challenge to use items you find at the hardware store or something! I know runway shows are meant to draw attention to themselves…and raise hype for the subsequent line of “wearables”, but gosh…I just can’t see ANYTHING that would translate well to ready to wear. Maybe the Laura Ashley-esque jacket if you took all those random fabric rectangles off and definitely added the lavendar scent and ditched those shoulder things and…aww, forget it. This collection reeks. Great review…don’t you wish those designers would read and take notes?! Brillo pad dresses? SERIOUSLY? Phone cord shoes? Geez. Smacks of desperation to me.


  7. Could that have been moth holes in the fabric? As in “we didn’t notice the moth holes till too late” ? If that’s the designer solution it’s something to think about – certainly easier than invisible mending. Honestly though, most of these garments are pretty unimpressive. I do hope we don’t start seeing patterns for gaffer tape + telephone cables + fluff (take 2 scoops…) anytime soon.


  8. You had my sides splitting at the bubble gum. Seriously? Someone would wear that? And I think some of my clothing choices are a little bit off the wall, but I cannot imagine what people would think if I showed up wearing bubble gum. And I kinda like the exfoliating dress. It really does make her waist look super tiny. I should try that!


  9. What an uninspiring collection! Actually, it inspires me to contact my sister, the CEO of an injection molding company. Between the two of us, I’m sure we can do injection molding better than Kane!


  10. I’ll never forget reading a fashion book that suggested a bit of nipple showing through was perfectly acceptable. Looks like Kane took that suggestion and ran with it.


  11. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    Haha, I love witty banter about runway shows. The weird thing is Kane can do so much better, I’m not sure what happened this season. It looks like an audition for Craft Wars… And that dress in the fourth photo reminded me of the prom dress Andie makes in Pretty in Pink (no offense to your moniker intended). She took a perfectly good dress that just needed some slight alterations and some kicky accessories and cut it up and turned it into a trash bag made out of doilies. That’s what the dress in the fourth photo reminds me of.


      • nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

        I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog and all the funny you bring. We have very similar senses of humor, and I always thought I was adopted so maybe we are separated at birth?

        I’m new to this whole blogging culture, so it was nice to get authentic likes and comments on stuff I wrote and not just someone liking the blog entry so I look at their blog in the hopes I buy something from them (which I’m discovering is most people who like things so far…)

        I’m posting this as a comment because you don’t give out contact info, which was probably the smart thing to do.

        I look forward to reading more of your entries, and I apologize that not all mine are fashion or style related. I have so much going on in my head…


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