Vogue 1312- and lots of thank yous!

This dress just really didn’t do it for me…..until of course the online sisterhood of amazing talent kicked in and I saw it for all of it’s origami whatsit skirt glory! Graca sent me  her spare copy-Sweetie! – and I swore I would do the pose- perhaps not as well as some have…..Pattern Review!  Whee! I’m to9tally gettin’ my Stevie Nicks on here…..Yes, those are pink engineer boots and a Crystal Mickey Mouse necklace. You’ve come to expect class here at the ‘Grievances, I gives it to ya!

Well, I’m loving it now. It did present a challenge for me fabricwise. It doesn’t need much embellishment- oh horror, it really calls for a solid to let those fab panty fort-making corners be the show piece. Hey, I tried, I did. I almost used a solid! Alert the media! Ok, here’s the pose:Hmm….did you hear something? Well, will wonders never cease! Let’s move on shall we? Now this dress is a wonder. By the time I got to the hem, I was in a Yoda state. I was feeling so smart- it made me think back to this post from Lizabout noisy koala sex ok, I thought about that alot too, but no, the real issue was, ‘have I been believing that Vogue was really hard for no reason?’ My Vogue phobia is well documented, but I’ve had greater tragedies with other Big4s than with Vogue- why am I clinging to Vogue fear? Maybe there just isn’t a Vogueapocalypse?!

Let me share. I got the bodice together and the top portion of the skirt stitched on and in a try on mode. I wandered the house checking the daily dachshund damage and the husband raved about the dress. Then I told him it wasn’t done. He liked it in the half-down, pointy figure skating girl stage. Sorry!

Oh, Graca, thank  you!   I can’t gush enough about how cool, generous and kind the sewing world is to each other . It seems like sweet people are always doing things for each other.I feel so accepted.  This week I got another prezzie, too! Lizzy sent me 2 pieces of gorgeous whimsical dachsie fabric! I will have a seperate post about that- it is even cuter than many koalas having sex?! Yes, I know, it  boggles the mind! Just you wait!

photo credits: Pattern review, meadhawg

67 thoughts on “Vogue 1312- and lots of thank yous!

  1. mrsmole says:

    How Gorgeous are you? Pink boots just make that dress and the extra bonus of eggs on a regular basis…you go girl! What fabric did you use? It looks like embroidered rayon. Yogue, Shmogue, They have just as many poor designers and pattern makers as the rest, just higher prices and snob appeal. You have conquered and come away fabulous!


  2. That dress is just fabulous – way better than the Vogue photo – it really shows off the darts. Lovely, just lovely and looks great. It’s in my pattern box – just have to pick the fabric, or maybe I’ll some new stuff!


  3. This is heavenly. Love it on you!!! Fabric is perfect. And I love how you turned the Vogue shitting pose into egg-laying pose. Way to turn lemons into … um, eggs. Love love love. Yay Graca. And can’t wait to see Lizzy’s gift fabric. It’s all too wonderful.


  4. sewbusylizzy says:

    LOL. I’m glad Vogue difficulty is perhaps an urban sewing myth. I’m developing a new theory, it is mainly the Vogue designer patterns that have the weird poses??
    Glad to hear you’ve got the fabric. It was rather ‘bright’ but I know you are not a woman that fears colour!
    I love random spontaneous acts of kindness. Whether you are the recipient or the giver it’s just a happy thing to do.


  5. I never would have looked twice at the pattern. The posing threw it off way too much for me initially. But I love your version! The skirt is so pretty and I’ve been looking for a long sleeve, long skirted dress pattern lately. And you do the posing so much better, my friend!


  6. Great that you have annihilated your fear of Vogues. Well done! The dress is great and I for one love the fact that you have taken it away from solid and show it in it’s prettiness. It looks like it would feel great to wear with the skirts flowing around the legs. Lovely.


  7. Wow, this dress didn’t grab me either but you look great in it. The pose…well..I don’t what kind of snob factor Vogue is channeling these days with those most recent poses, that’s for sure, but you’ve conquered Vogue-a-phobia for sure.


  8. Marsha says:

    You’ve given me the courage to try this pattern. I liked this dress when it came out–not from the pooppic, but from the line drawings. Now that I’ve seen it on a real woman with curves similar to mine, I know it will work on me. It could also save me money on my egg budget.


  9. WOW! I love your fabric choice and styling. I have to say that you are constantly blow me away with your talent. Nice eggs! LOL, you crack me up! You are very welcome, it was my pleasure to share a favourite dress pattern. It looks great on you and I’m happy to read that you enjoyed sewing the pattern. You look great.


  10. This is such a beautiful dress, and you mastered the Voguephobia!! Good going-love it. I would not have thought to use a fabric such as this, but you were dead right to do so.


  11. Interesting dress! It cracks me up that your hubby liked it before it was even finished, that is a sure sign of awesomeness. 🙂 And your posing is spot on, I suspect that you will be modeling something in the Spring/Summer 2013 lineup. 😉


  12. I think you should be behind the scenes at Vogue next time they have to photograph for the pattern catalogue. For a start you could give us all a heads up on what wonders were arriving – and then you could stop them doing this sort of pose in future. But then what would we laugh about.
    Great dress. I am now thinking of going to buy the pattern. Because I really need more patterns!


  13. susan c whelan says:

    You’ve convinced me to make this dress. Your version is awesome! Love, love, love the fabric and the pix. And your sense of humour. Great blog.


  14. Congratulations! You look amazing in this dress. And another congrats on your first Vogue. I have the opposite phobia, although it’s probably more snobbery than anything. I learned to sew with Vogues at my mom’s insistence, and have never been happy with how any other of the Big 4 fit, or turn out, so avoid them like the plague if possible. And your take on the ridiculous pose by the model is preferable. She looks like whatever she’s trying to do isn’t happening so well and someone yelled “CANDID CAMERA!!” in the midst of her intense concentration to make whatever it is she’s trying to (deliver) work. 😐


  15. You never cease to crack me up. The eggs . . . too funny! I love this dress. I’m glad you used a print. I think your pose is much better than the original. I call those engineer boots too and the other day someone corrected me and said they were motorcycle boots. Weird.


  16. Sara Whitaker says:

    i have just ordered this pattern and your comments have affirmed that this is so the dress for me too!
    I’ve been wearing one in a similar style I bought virtually off the peg from Germany and I love it – so can’t wait to get sewing on my own.
    I love the fabric you have chosen – looks like an embroidered linen?
    Great stuff!!


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