Wearable Wednesday Roberto Cavalli …What do you see?

Sew Ruth? I need you to focus here, we have pants options for you! You can stop worrying about the needle holes- this is going to camouflage it with cat shreddiness.  We also have a new distraction from non-functional sheers- watercolor Pink Floyd prints! I like  a lot of this collection in theory, altho it seems to be 4 basic pieces in several color themes. Come on Roberto, just line these and I’d be happy. The first picture has so much visible from the outside that I think I see her inner thigh nicotine patch?! So now I’d like you all to relax and clear your minds. We’re going to play a game. Hopefully the FBI isn’t monitoring this blog- we’re going to all say the first thing that we see when we look into the 2013 RTW textiles of Roberto Cavalli. Ready? hmm- did anyone say ‘Squid Foreplay?’ Me too! Alright go ahead, try it! Nipples is too easy- try again! Does anyone know how to tuck sheer into sheer without looking like you are wearing bicycle shorts?Cheetah mantis anarchy! hmm- your turn! Alien Monarch Boobs! Which is also my stage name, when I rap. 

photo credits: style.com

38 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Roberto Cavalli …What do you see?

  1. Oh man, I need another cup of coffee for this! It’s early here. The last dress eye ovaries for sure and I’m not going any further with that one! The slip number looks like she’s wearing a garter over her night wear instead of under. The fabrics are pretty in some weird way, like maybe in small doses, but nothing terribly cutting edge on the shapes of the garments.


  2. mrsmole says:

    My eyes….My eyes…stop the madness of sheer and squiggles and insects. At least the shoes are normal but when are we all going to go out and buy pants that are pre-shredded into 1980’s Levelor window blinds? Do real women want to wear boxer shorts under their spring clothes?


  3. I Love Wearable Wednesday! You always get me rolling! Where do you come up with this stuff? “SQUID FOREPLAY”!!!! “ALIEN MONARCH BOOBS”Your stage name when you rap!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I’m seriously still crackin’ up!
    Thanks once again for starting my day out right!


  4. So is there a Miz in front of “alien monarch boobs” when they introduce you? 😆

    The sheer number of fringed chaps that were recycled to make the pants in this collection boggles the mind, but at least they’re recycling, right? And the sunglasses? Bzzzzzzzzz! On the second one from the bottom (AMB), I must! have! that fabric!!! Seriously, I can think of so many gorgeous projects to make with it, though I’d probably spend most of the time rubbing it on my cheek and calling it precious….


  5. Not having a rap bone in my classically trained body, all I can say, in a tone of complete disbelief, is, “NEXT!” Sheesh. I wonder what the people at Project Runway or whatever the latest design show (don’t have time to watch TV!!!) would say about all this. I’m disappointed! I usually like at least one thing in the Cavalli collections. Not a chance of any shredding happening in my part of the globe, either. As my DH would say, “Give your head a shake.”


  6. Sheer’s are in evidently, they won’t be making a debut in my sewing room however. I just had a hard time looking past the makeup of the first two women. Reminds me too much of meth addicts. Combined with the way to skinny bodies? Not attractive. AT ALL.


  7. You have given me the freedom to make lace with my leather; to puncture it until it looks like a doily; to slash until it falls apart and best of all – it’ll look like I meant to do all along. You kindness, sweetness and thoughtfulness are much appreciated. Thank you.
    BTW, I can’t even get my legs into a pair of tights without snagging, how on earth would I put on those trousers without sticking my chipped varnish toe nails though?


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