Wearable Wednesday

Menswear inspired, but definitely not masculine! Tho Boss Hijack wants his hat back….hmm…I don’t have anything negative to say, really….

It’s such a relief- I think these are all lined?!

and they fit!

and they are interesting, but not crazy…just enough crazy…ah! I knew there had to be crazy- look! Her slip is showing?! Where has Valentin Yudashkin been hiding???Even the models aren’t too surly! Ok, it was too good to be true- we DO get 1 unlined vag view…..So what do you think? Maybe this designer is just too cute to be mean to….don’t you just want to take him home and make him lunch and stroke his hair?

Ok, maybe I’m so ready for vacation that NOTHING is bothering me- perhaps you’d all better step in with some opinions!!!!

photo credits: style.com

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday

  1. mrsmole says:

    Love the flames dress and I guess the models do too…why aren’t they looking more grumpy? Could it be they feel lovely and sexy and comfortable in great fitting clothes? Who is this little designer with the mom jeans and oxblood shoes?


  2. sewbusylizzy says:

    I think several of the models are happy because there are some dresses made to accommodate serious hips & booty.
    I’m drooling over the red/blue number, the slinky reptile number and dress no.3 is smokin’ hot. This man has no future in fashion – does he think women want to look gorgeous, glamorous and feminine???


  3. With a few changes, I would totally rock dress #1. The rest of the collection is rather nice for the most part, I hope that women buy this stuff out so that he can show the other designers how it’s done. Although, if he’s going to be a star in the fashion industry, he should perhaps stop taking hair advice from Donald Trump.


  4. It seems he knows how to dress women better than himself. I was rather surprised to see this man in plaid and mom jeans was the creator of all those beautiful clothes. I like aspects of so many that it’s hard to pick favourites. I love the use of lace in the navy dress, the first dress is a great take on menswear with all the rouching at the sides. And the blue/orange/white dress is a lovely use of colour. Love it all.


  5. I’m surprised. At least half of these are actually wearable. Even I would wear the third one if I could fit all of me into it. I like the colorful one too. Well, the colors at least. I personally don’t feel comfortable in dresses that are slit up to the hoo-ha. Oh, and I’m definitely seeing some nipple through that lacy one.


  6. Marsha says:

    Way, way too normal. I feel so empty with no snark left in my soul. Well, I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight and awake tomorrow hopeful that some designer somewhere is creating something monstrous for us to verbally rip to shreds.


  7. Beautiful collection!! I think the “boy” genius designer’s outfit was lifted from Blaine Anderson’s closet…”mom” jeans seem to be all the rage amongst the younger nerd/geek/cutie pie set. Just great WW!!


  8. I love this collection too. And I want to take him home, mom jeans and all.

    I’m not as sweet as you; I’d sit him at my *cutting table* ( the dining table) or in front of my sewing machine, not give him lunch…


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