Victory Patterns Anouk- it’s not you, it’s me….

If I declare this a muslin, can I feel less bad about it? Oh, Anne- nothing like starting on a positive note.  Sorry, I’m just feeling very out of sorts this week and to be very excited about a new pattern and then discover that it is SOOOOO CUTE on everyone but you…oh, so 8th grade. Here we go: IS that not adorable? It so appeals to my Lisette, girly asthetic. It hasn’t been heavilly covered on  Pattern Review, usually I can find a review or two of prospective patterns to see if my Fantasia Hippo figure can come out ok in it. Ma’am, it did not. The husband swears it is cute, but he loved it more when it was a sleeveless dress in mid-creation mode. I think the cut-out sold him mostly. He is male, you knows. Here we go: Isn’t this a great pattern?  I love the inset piece- which I did in one piece and then outlined in piping. This is a very pretty fabric, I used the reverse side as it had a soft watercolor feel to it. The buttons were on sale! Isn’t that nice?  My issue is the pulling of the placket to the sides. I really should have graded up a size, but it is wide in the shoulder area and slides toward my back already.  I have never felt like my bosom was so prominent- I mean, I know it’s there and cleavage has never required smoke or mirrors, but I feel like a walrus in a push up bra in this. It’s just not flattering on. I have saved you from the pictures of me, but I do love this top! Look at the cute little back tucks and sweet little sleeves: My piping isn’t really that woodgy- Ms Holloways knit wife-beater was making it lay funny. I wanted to make this pattern for a while now,. it has some details I wanted to add to my skill base and I’m very proud of the button holes you can’t see on the cuffs!  I can heartilly say that this is a great pattern, it just looks bad on me and I’m not sure that alterations would help- I think it’s just not a style that looks good on the hipped. You win some you lose some, right? Here is a closing bit for you:

photo credits: Victory patterns, little me

49 thoughts on “Victory Patterns Anouk- it’s not you, it’s me….

  1. I just bought this pattern a couple of days ago. Are you sure, sure, sure it looks bad on you? It looks great on the mannequin. Could it be a question of what you pair it with?


  2. punkmik says:

    this is gorgeous! the piping is great! 😀 Love the combination! shame you dont feel good in it! But then you practiced construction methods and i am sure learnt something? Thats How i fee my “failed” attempts. 🙂


  3. mrsmole says:

    Just cut off those little girl ties that seem to show off the problem. Women over 25 should stay away from waistline ties!!! Who needs them reminding us of our younger days in pigtails? Once they are cut off it should hang loose and the main feature, the womanly cutout will be the focus. Work that feature and skip the waist bondage. If you need some shaping, throw in some back vertical darts as they will not show with that all over motif of the fabric. You’ve done a great job…wear it with pride. Oh and you wonder why not many have done reviews of this pattern…maybe the outcomes have not been great. It is a hard silhouette to carry off if you are not anorexic.


  4. Gosh Anne, that piping is brilliant! I didn’t do the ties on any of my versions, so I find it quit comfortable and good looking on me in a floaty sort of way. The wide neckline is pretty easy to adjust from the neck side by cutting a smaller opening. As to things to do to help/change the puffiness of you THINKING you look like a hippo. Try
    cutting the placket to go all the way to the hem (taking out the gathers) or do more pin tucks instead of those gathers, or do what I last did, do away with the placket and
    gathers leaving just have a very pretty color blocked tunic. Maybe even doing the existing pin tucks the full length? I love those sleeves BTW.
    Hoping something will wok for you as it really is a nice pattern


  5. I think you should try again, except make it a dress instead of a blouse. And I concur with the darts vs. waist ties, I don’t know that waist ties make for the most flattering look 90% of the time. If you extended that waist piece, you could make it either dropped waist or just wide enough to emphasize the waist you have. 🙂

    Or, you can just toss both pattern and finished blouse into the trash, light them on fire, and cackle gleefully whilst they burn. 😉 (Which is what I often consider on particularly troublesome/depressing projects. If only we had a metal trashcan….)


  6. What a shame that the fit isn’t right. It looks so pretty. The piping was a great touch. I do hope you give it another go. It’s such a pretty pattern and you can work more of your magic on it.


  7. Just wait a minute here… perfect piping, lovely print (of course) what’s wrong? Curves are great things, celebrate them don’t disguise them! Change the centre button to a fabric covered one and it won’t draw attention to the slightly off centre pulling and I concur with most comments previously – cut the ties and let the tunic flow. Perfect.


  8. You always make me giggle. I always console myself with ‘learning something new’. I’ve just finished my ‘wiggle dress’ and there is not a lot of wigglin’ going on LOL. Not everything works on everybody, alas. I long for bootilicious curves but looking at my mother I realise I ain’t never going to grow them – even in my old age.
    Interested in selling the pattern?


  9. jillybe says:

    As always, you give me giggles 😀 And I agree with those who said the teeny-bopper ties may need to go…I think this top totally holds promise!


  10. It’s a shame it doesn’t work for you because it really is cute. I agree that you should make it a dress next time and without the ties; they always make me feel like I’m 12.


  11. What a wonderful sewing job!!! Of course, print is lovely, and I am so impressed with all the details. If anything, your experience with piping is very evident!!!!!! Wear with pride…


  12. Hehe, I had a few giggles too 🙂 but I agree the top is soo so cute, and worth a second chance. I really love that unexpected black contrast, tones down the sweetness of the floral in those pretty pretty colours beautifully.


  13. I had such high hopes for this pattern…it’s soooo cute, and so is your finished garment! I bet it’s not as bad looking as you think (this coming from someone who is super critical of how she looks in her finished sewn garments). And LOL re: “I think the cut-out sold him mostly. He is male, you knows.”

    The one thing that has stopped me from buying this pattern is that it’s one of those print and tape ones…bah….hate them!


  14. rosyragpatch says:

    It looks lovely. What a pity you don’t like it.
    I think the ties need to go & if you really don’t like the cut out bit you could try a contrast piece there instead. Maybe??? I don’t know about you but I always think tunic length usually improves things.
    Good luck!


  15. Haha, “it’s not you… it’s me” – reminds me of the classic Seinfeld breakup line – love it!!

    There are definitely a lot of styles out there that look SOO cute and pretty on slim, relatively shapeless girls, but even though I’m attracted to the way they drape on such model-esque figures, I know that on me it will be transformed into burlap sack hideousness. The curses of boobage. I liked this pattern when I saw it too, but I knew it would not be appropriate on me. That said, I think your muslin looks very promising; are you SURE it doesn’t look fabulous on you? I like the ideas everyone else has put forward… maybe it just needs a little makeover?


  16. It’s such a shame after all your effort that you don’t feel good in this. I often make things and don’t feel great in them, only to feel great disappointment! We don’t often see ourselves as others do, so maybe you should get more REAL opinions?!? Just an idea?


  17. Anna Rich says:

    What if… the placket part wasn’t outlined__ just the top yoke? Or, maybe no outlining at all? Or maybe it’s the lovely print and a solid might be better? I enjoy putting piping on stuff. I can always find the right, edgy contrast to use, totally rock the color combinations, all that. However, I have figured out that the girly-girl thing looks like the dog’s breakfast on a middle aged black lady__ to me. Who knew? I have been pleased with results when I reduce the number and size of ornaments like yokes, piping or cutouts. I realize that your issues are probably not be the same as mine, after all I don’t now you! I was drawn to your review by the picture, it looked like something I might like. I hope this is helpful.


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