Wearable Wednesday- Marc Jacobs

This is so different from the last show it almost gives whiplash….These will just not work with pilgrim shoes……

I really like how basic these are- the cuts the stripes, the dots….Are you feeling the edge of lady-like 60’s turning into mod?

I think i can actually say, I’d feel comfortable in alot of these…Burrito bodice! Last year Marc wore pieces of his collection…I’m hoping it’s this one he sports….

Ok, unfortunate pattern placement, but I still love it-I love these shoulders- $5 to the first person who gets a pattern hack of this together! Something about this one really appeals to me….what could it be? Must be the midriff barage…

Do you feel it? Is Marc working for you?

photo credits: style.com

53 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Marc Jacobs

  1. These don’t do it for me. Some are reasonably flattering, in fact I quite like the brown and white vertical striped dress, but many of the garments (low slung skirts in particular) look to be way too big and what is going on with that black dress with all the strange pleats and darts? Many of these garments scream “Caution: Designer at Work” to me.


  2. mrsmole says:

    Bring on more car wash dresses with stripes and dots!!! The black dress with white ruffled cuffs…straight out of the Swingin’ 60’s Mary Quant. Isn’t already a Vogue pattern with wide panels like stripes and long sleeves…lots of gals have made that one this year in contrasting colors. The Micky cropped top is cute!


  3. I’m curious about the beige midriff bearing outfit – you know if you want to make an outfit interesting – perhaps don’t start with beige and work from there.
    Some of those skirt lengths! Crikey! I’m not adverse to short skirts but they are ‘bottom chillers’ as my mother would say. We call them Gosford skirts in our house….


  4. Can’t help but think designer is catering to the Zombie Apocalypse crowd with model #1…more than 5 o’clock shadow…looks like she was into eating dirt encrusted corpses and didn’t clean up!! However, I love the striped numbers 4 and especially 5, that is something I can so wear. I do like the red ruffled “dress” if used as a blouse…It does shout Happy!!


  5. sewbussted says:

    Well……the first piece looks like a prison uniform that is missing the pants. The stripe skirt suit must be prison issue for your day in court!


  6. Hmmm… nothing too terrible except that a couple of those are clearly tops and the models forgot to put the pants on. I MIGHT wear the beige outfit with the ruffly thing on the top. I don’t usually go for ruffly things like that though.


  7. He MUST be saving on fabric! Cutting back on the length of shirts, tummy coverage and pants. Pity he spent his budget on some silly ruffles. That black dress with the white ruffled cuff….is that Granny wear? How nice of him to throw one in for Mom or Grandmother.


  8. Some of these aren’t bad. Not anything I would wear mind you, but not bad. But the skirts with all those pleats are awful! That polka dotted stripey one instantly made me think “giant squid”!


  9. I think some of these ladies forgot their pants. 😉

    I like a lot of these for being more wearable as is or easily adapted. Like those too short tunics would look nice with leggings or extended to a real dress. I LOVE the brown stripe dress with the scalloped hemline. The fluid motion of the hemline makes me swoon.

    But… I do like my belly button to be covered and some of those stripe placements are a little… odd. Should I be thankful for the nipple coverage and be quiet?


  10. jillybe says:

    Skipping right over the pants-less tops and the low-rider skirts, I absolutely LOVE the black & white striped & checked number, and the brown striped dress right below it. If I were a dress person I would be all over those right NOW. I may refer to them for inspiration as it is.


  11. some of the skirts could do with being chopped off about 10 inches and sewn onto the tops and pretend dresses.
    i think this collection is called ‘my grandma died and left her clothes to me in her will.’ Only he ran out of time to restyle all of them enough. %~O


  12. rosyragpatch says:

    I don’t think I could wear any of these as they are but I think there are some pretty good ideas. I am suprised at myself but there you are – positive comment on a designer – wow!


  13. Actually, I love Marc Jacobs. Even his edgiest, craziest pieces have that “hmmm, maybe I could actually wear that” appeal to them. (I know animal motifs are trending right now, but I don’t consider Mickey an animal…)
    Striped suit? LOVE!
    low slung skirts? not for me…I’m too old to risk ass crackage.


  14. Oh, oh! I don’t why didn’t think of this before. I finally realized what all those bold stripes remind me of. This is what all the fashionable female football referees will be wearing next year.


  15. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    This is a huge direction shift from last season. It reminds me a bit of that 1996 breakout Prada collection with all the ’60s looks mixed with one of the early Tom Ford Gucci collections. It’s a lot of look… Would you care for a muffin top to go with your burrito today? The black dress in the middle bothers me for some reason. It looks like a fancy ironing board with sleeves. If it looks weird on a model I don’t know how they expect anyone else to look good in it.


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