Me Made Mickey Day 1

Well, we arrived safely in the Promised Land and spent our first night in Downtown Disney at the Raglan Road restaurant- very yummsy!  I ventured forth in my fav salute to Victorian ladies: 

OK, thats me- now lets see what else was out there in the park:

OK, Frankenstein and his bride is a very sentimental tattoo choice and many people do honeymoon in Disney….ain’t love grand?

photo credits: meadhawg

25 thoughts on “Me Made Mickey Day 1

  1. jadesabre9 says:

    Jealous of your Disney adventures! Strangely, my sister and her husband are in Disney right now too, and I believe they ate dinner at Raglan Road last night too … I distinctly remember a post with a beer sampler on facebook … Crazy! So have you worn your costumes yet??


  2. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    Have fun! Is that really a Frankenstein and his bride tattoo? Or just one that was supposed to be her and her boyfriend or something and he unfortunately came out looking a little Walking Dead-ish?


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