Wearable Wednesday- Josie Natori

This is a new name for me- lets check her out-Print mix, I like…

Ok, I’m fascinated by the pina textiles, but I can’t stop thinking how much my cat would love to give it a good chewin’Soft, girlish, tropical….not too resorty to wear….once you de-orchid yourself.

Not exactly setting any new standards, but quite wearable…

My Favorite-What do you think?

photo credits: style.com

48 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Josie Natori

  1. I think the styling took away from the garments somewhat, but Josie Natori is a great brand. The Natori name is famous for absolutely beautiful lingerie πŸ™‚ I have some of her things – they’re so well made and gorgeous!!! I love that little coral plaid, and the crochet/open work suit looks interesting, but I’m scared off by that spike collar necklace…!

    LOVE those black shoes, though!


  2. I like how the textile are mixed together. My clothes usually are more fitted so I’d use these as a fabric and colour guide. I have little sense of colour, so these would be worth keeping in mind.


  3. sewbusylizzy says:

    I think I love every single piece. Bright but not garish, feminine but not fussy. Some gorgeous interesting neutral pieces. The only thing I wish for is another 20 images to enjoy! Great post. πŸ™‚
    Twinkle Sews next?


  4. hmm not bad – probably nothing there that wouldn’t make me look like an absolute twit, but then again, I’m not a slender Asian girl πŸ˜› Maybe the first dress – I could probably stuff my curves into that one LOL.


  5. SewSavory says:

    I like something about each one of these, strangely enough. I think the favs are the draped top and the all white ensemble. I think the skirt is something my dreams are made of! (Maybe if I ‘wish upon a star’ while you are Disney-ing, I’ll find a viable textile in my price range).

    The hipster Carmen Miranda headgear has to go!


  6. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    I learned a new term today – pina textiles. I like that skirt suit. The orange plaid mashes I could do without. It’s a cool design effect, but the orange colors just don’t quite make it over the bar of like for me. I love the sheer white crossover tank or whatever that is — no matter how long you stare you still can’t see her boobs (well, not that the model has any, but you know what I mean). Well played, Ms. Natori


  7. Wow. This is a first. Those are all rather nice. I especially like the two orange, mixed print ones. Also like the last two. The last one wouldn’t work for me because of the really wide, almost off the shoulders, neck opening but it’s really not bad.


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