Me Made Mickey Day 3 (the one with Halloween costumes!!)

Ok, here we go! Recognize this? It’s the blouse we all have at least 2 of!

I always end up having to put a little panel in the front of this- it worked well with this batik from the trip to Maryjo’s last month. See? It’s stashbustin’ at it’s best! I embellished it with some wood buttons and used gold bias tape for the neck and hem. My rolled hem foot is still a mystery to me, but I’ve got bias down now!

Ok, now I must rant. We always plan our trip around Mickey’s Halloween party. A huge ticketed event involving 4000 of our closest friends. It’s the only time adults can dress up in the parks. So we return to the hotel midday to change, rest, whathaveyou. We return to the bus stop all tricked out as the best part of the Nemo cast and ….NO ONE IS DRESSED UP. No one. We are getting the weirdest looks. Seriously. Fine, adults, don’t dress, but your kids? You just spent how much to attend a closed park ticketed event and didn’t dress up the kids??? Do you really want them to have the ‘why am I the only one under 17 not in costume,WAAAAAAHHHHH!’ meltdown inside a park full of overprissed/priced Princess costumes? Well, the big white glove of commercial Mickey does! Seriously folks, we could hear the insurrection mounting….parents stage whispering, ‘it’s ok, no one else will be dressed up’ and glaring at us. ‘Oh, honey, maybe those are their regular clothes’……a small boy broke the camels back by asking Mr B what was up…he made parents everywhere scream by responding, ‘oh, it’s for the party! We get to trick or treat and EVERYONE dresses up!’ Yup, we are bad people. The glares at us were enough to induce tumors, folks. My husband loves to stir a boiling pot! A foolish Dad muttered, ‘well maybe they will have something in the park…’ oh, the look he got from his wife was pure hate. We left the bus the most loathed adults in Orlando!!!

Now this family gest our full participation award- Mom- you totally rock!

and Dad- you seriously took one for the team!

Here are some other favs: tho I have already vetoed SOMEONES idea that I dress as a dalek next year?! 

No, minnies! Not the dark side!

Now, I apologize for this pic- it’s the best we could do- couldn’t find a pic taking volunteer- certainly not on the bus!

Next year Mr B wants to pick out the costumes- he kept getting asked if we were ‘katie perry and her surgeon’… sad. The sting was lessened slightly because the new areas of Fantasyland were previewing and we got to ride the Ariel ride! Squealll!!!!

photo credits: meadhawg

39 thoughts on “Me Made Mickey Day 3 (the one with Halloween costumes!!)

  1. csfont says:

    LOL at this report…and at your DH stirring the proverbial pot on the bus. No costumes indeed…! Killjoys. Glad you’re having a blast!


  2. Your husband sounds as awesome as you! Good for him for stirring the pot. I’m glad to read they didn’t ruin your fun. Katy Perry and her surgeon… LOL, love it. I like your fabric choices for your tops from today and yesterday’s posts, colorful and cute, perfect for the Mickeyland.


  3. Your husband absolutely should have called out those slacker parents! LOL @ being Katy Perry and her doc. BTW, what did you end up doing for the t-shirt? Did you do your own screenprinting or find someone to do it for you?


  4. jadesabre9 says:

    Your costumes looked great, I love your pigtails!! And I love the Buzz Lightyear ride … I would have been right there with you as an adult in a costume. The others can get over it. They would be absolutely shocked at DragonCon …


  5. I’d be baffled too. Why buy tickets if you didn’t plan on going whole hog on costumes? At the very least costumes for your kids. I am glad to hear you had a great time (once you were off the bus!).


  6. Glad you are having such fun!! Really what would be the point in going if not dressed for it….Just love the pigtails, you look about 15. Bus ride could have been worst…Mr. B could have been Batman to your Joker…ouch!!


  7. I love your top.
    And as for the parents that didn’t fill their halloween commitment, their children will tell their friends and the story will trickle through their community.
    It would have been a blast to go to Disney dressed in costume.


  8. I am the only sewing loser that hasn’t made up that Comey top yet. I LOVE your batik version! Your DH sounds perfect! Ha ha! I’m glad you’re having such a terrific holiday! And I seriously think you are rocking those pigtails (although I remember anything not braided being called pony-tails, but what do I know?!)


  9. Oh man, that is the best Buzz Lightyear ride picture EVER! I love that ride, too. Your costumes look amazing… And hopefully they helped you target the ‘z’s more accurately!


  10. Looks like you are having a blast! Good to see people not afraid to stir the pot (I’m assuming you could pay the mortgage with what you need to spend on a costume inside the gate? Tee hee!)
    Continue to have fun. Its an order.
    And whats wrong with wanting to be a dalek?


  11. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    I would rant as well. Did people pay to see other people dress up in costumes? A pox on parents who don’t think costumes for kids are cool!


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