Me Made Mickey Day 4

There was much stylishness in the parks yesterday!

and this-

And this sassy youth in her salute to Hong Kong- yup, I shamelessly theme dressed for the International Food and Wine Festival…so sad.

We covered half of the World Showcase and after our midday break (we are old, people!) we returned for the second half- or as I like to think of it- drunks on parade. Me thinks it may be darker in Epcot than is safe in such an alcohol infused thorough fare!? Much unnecessary tripping and sloshing. Maybe trick or treating with mickey’s little friends is more my speed!

Here I am hiding in the England pavillion- I even found a book! 

photo credits: meadhawg

22 thoughts on “Me Made Mickey Day 4

  1. The second look is a common one here – mostly from Europeans and on trend textilely people at the Festival of Quilts and Knitting and Stitching show. Beats those jackets that look like you are wearing a quilt.
    okay I probably alienated a large majority of the western world.
    Sandy in the UK


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