Me Made Mickey Day 5

Apparently it was romp-tober in Disney World…I swear everyone had on a romper- I could do an all romper post, but it wouldn’t include me- I do think they are cute, but they are very Humpty-dumpty-esque on little me…sigh. Bah! I give you the grumpy old woman face! Thats how I feel about these young people in their tight little outfits! Boo-hiss! Why does everyone have to be so stinking cute?!I was melting and retaining Lake Erie at the same time, not fair!Arrgh!! Check out this dress- it’s like she doesn’t feel the heat at all! Next year, I vow to find the cutest sandals that my archless hooves will allow and I will be dewy and frocked! Well,  this almost concludes our vacation. We did see several new rides- including a sneak preview of the new Fantasyland area. Oh, and one more very promising new attraction….may I present the lovely and quite swaddled Baby Callie Sydelle Corless! Special thanks to Nathan and DeAnna for design and execution- I love your work!!!I’m sorry you can’t see more of her little face, I kept futzing with her hands and this is the only pic that doesn’t look like I’m hand feeding her cocktail shrimp. Which I don’t do.  I DO know that much about babies. Cocktail sauce makes them  sneeze, duh.

photo credits: meadhawg

20 thoughts on “Me Made Mickey Day 5

  1. You are a lucky (donald ) duck going to Disney World. Speaking of the duck , Donald and Scrooge were always my favourites. Now listen to me carefully – you are stinking cute too.


  2. deanna says:

    i love the pic! Looks like she is telling you a secret! Or giving instructions:
    “Now make sure my kimono romper has side snaps that look like dragons, and red, i think i look best in red…”


  3. You looked adorable in all your MeMade wears!! Thanks for sharing your fun trip!! The baby, the baby……definitely you two are up to some “Look what Auntie made” plans. Congrats to the lucky parents. She is beyond precious!!!


  4. Awwwww… love the baby pic. (and who wouldn’t?)

    I’m also digging that dress the Asian chick is wearing. Actually, not sure about the border print, maybe a bit too precious, but I’ve been very attracted to that color lately.


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