A little Stymied.

Yah, that’s me. A little Stymied. I have all of this fabulous new fabric all pre-washed and waiting and I am feeling overwhelmed and underskilled. Yes, 2 emotional crises at once- at least I can say I am finally an overachiever!

When we last left our heroine, a week ago, I was so giddy to sew that I whipped up 2 of my fav ‘go to’ patterns- Vogue 1247 and Simplicity 2059. I love both because you can use any fabric and get a great result. Also, I have this strange vision that the aliens will arrive and make us their meat slaves and we will all have to wear a uniform. If we base it on something we all already have, Vogue 1247 is bound to be chosen! Hopefully not with Ugg boots.

But now onto my dilemma what to make next? Do I bend to the wise peer pressure and sew with a plan? Or continue sewing like I have a rich cultured event attending lifestyle and keep making patterns I’d just like to play with? Ok, let’s have some opinions:

I just came across the coolest version of Vogue 1225– go see Steppenpuppy’s Blog! She made this a little more fun, don’t you think? Is it wrong to copy Homage someone’s make an hour after they post it? Or is that just major flattery? I’m going with flattery! It made me look at this pattern again, too.  Maybe I could winterize this one and not make poor Steppenpuppy feel like I’m peeking into her windows! Ok, I’m off to visit the closet of egregious  textile hoarding for some fabric fondling and inspiration!

But before I do- let me share that Ms Velosewer has made an announcement about the Pattern Pyramid Pile!

photo credits: pattern review, google images, meadhawg

54 thoughts on “A little Stymied.

  1. rosyragpatch says:

    I still sew things for a life I don’t have but I am getting better – also I have started to wear the special stuff in a dressed down way & I’m ignoring the stares.
    I think it’s great to show someone else’s stuff in your blog sometimes- so flattering.


  2. I hope you find some inspiration in your fabric stash. Sew what you like because there may be an occassion to wear something that you just enjoyed sewing.
    I’m glad you appreciated the Disney hat effort.


  3. Homage – definately. And I say go without a plan. I have an intricate plan for each season. It was great fun doing the plans on the PC (Yes – I am that way inclined – geek!!), but not so much fun sewing up.. I keep hearing the siren call of new fabric and patterns and my plan changes in my mind continually – so what the heck – sew what takes your fancy at the time – otherwise as Pella said – is is work.

    Loved your Disney posts too.


  4. Thanks for turning us on to Steppenpuppy. Infinite coolness and inspiration.
    And as for my .02, just play. I’ve been much happier with my recent gut projects than any fall planning I might have done.
    Have sew much fun that you forget my bad pun!


  5. Yes, sew with a plan! My plan before last summer hit was to sew up the Tracey Reese dress you pictured – I have the fabric and everything. I wonder if it’ll get made for this summer (that’s just starting)? You see, the plan is really helping me 😉


  6. I try to make plans, I honestly do. Then I find I get all frustrated as I get inspired and that’s not in the plan (funny that) and then I feel guilty about not sticking to the plan and then I lose inspiration to sew entirely… can you see where I am going with this? Yes, plans suck.
    I’m liking that Tracey Reese BTW…


  7. I love that Tracy Reese dress. Make it and give credit where its due! It will all be good. As for a plan or not, just remember sewing is about fun, and if you wear it to the supermarket, oh well! No one has to know you aren’t coming back or going to said “cultural events”!


  8. Sew what you want – enjoy yourself! It’s too too boring sewing with a plan, too much like work!

    Kbenco made a lovely version of that Tracy Reese pattern you’ve pictured, btw. I made a version of it too but mine wasn’t lovely boohoo!


  9. hehe! “overwhelmed and underskilled” yup. That’s how my piles of fabric make me feel. Oh, and guilty, too. Because I really don’t need any more clothes! But that said, you know I’m SWAPing this fall – for the first time ever in my sewing career. Once I get through it, I’ll see if it’s a repeatable exercise. Or, like you said, just plain work. 😉


  10. Jenny says:

    I love plans! But, I’m also a nerd.
    I say pay all the homage you want! I think most people would be pretty flattered to be copied. As long as you don’t end up in the same dress at the same party. Then you’d have to “take it outside”. . .


  11. I was feeling uninspired and sorta alone in a corner draped in pretty fabric but nothing I wanted to sew. Oh, wait. I’m still there. I seem to think a plan is going to happen. I blog about it and then I just do whatever. I’m there with you. Sew whatever gets you sewing is my motto. Ooh, gotta jot that down. 🙂


  12. I was working on a dress and then it all fell to hell. Lost my spirit. Went to the most fab fabric store got inspired and stumbled on a blogger who did an awesome job on a Vogue pattern and you bet that’s the one I’m doing. . It was the kick in the pants I needed. Flattery Flattery Flattery. I would be flattered.


  13. sewbussted says:

    Whatever you end up doing it will be fun and it will have a very entertaining blog post attached. I would rather read your posts than watch T.V. Now albeit, there’s very little to watch on T.V., but even if there was, your posts provide great entertainment!!!


  14. Sewing with a plan is great, but what I’m finding is that now that I’m committed to my plan, I’m being tempted by everything else under the sun!! LOL Which is why, if your wardrobe doesn’t need specific items, then I say by all means, sew to gratify your whims!!


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