Wearable Wednesday Alice Auaa

Happy Halloween everyone…..that thought is totally unrelated to our designer. I am in no way implying that these are costumey. Perish the thought. It’s beneath us. This is Spring 2013 RTW, dang it!

Now lets get back to our depressing tea party.

I wore this to my last job interview…it went well. Ok, here’s a trench pattern Burda doesn’t have yet-Since Rhonda will need a little more info to whip us up a pattern, here is the back view, too. Get on that for us, will you?

I fully expect you to guide me thru this next one. I’m not sure….Good luck getting a good seat on the bus, lady. Wait- my cats think that this one deserves a back view too:

I hate parties where you have nowhere to set your drink. Well, at least this model kept her drawers on. Oh, I’m funny, gosh, I really do amuse myself and apologize to others.  Why so sad? You at least have comfortable shoes….Oh, you wanted to be in the wolf finale, yeah, thats a bummer. photo credits: style.com, Japanese Streets

78 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alice Auaa

  1. mrsmole says:

    The back view of the trench coat outfit looks like that poor girl had to make a potty break and left her skirt tucked into her underpants. The rest…such a nightmare…will we be seeing more furniture evolving into high fashion? From a distance the models’ legs look like they have never shaved their legs and that poor girl with the tartan slinky wrapped around her has pom poms up her back legs. Are pom poms and Doc Martens going to be big for Spring?


  2. ParisGrrl says:

    I think the red one might be titled “Goth Big Bird,” or maybe it’s his fantasy girlfriend. Hard to tell in those getups. But as someone who’s been to the runway rodeo a time or two, at least that show had to have been entertaining!


  3. sewbussted says:

    You made me laugh with your comment about the job interview. My husband once had a guy come in for an interview sporting a Mohawk. This was a very conservative company. The guy had a degree in finance but had been painting and pouring concrete since his graduation. My husband asked him why he would he like to work for this company and he replied, “I thought I’d give this corporate thing a try.” You know he got the job…not!
    Okay, there are aspects of that trench that I like, but allowing my back end to hang out is a little more of a statement than I wish to make. And now I see that we can include our old furniture in our Repurposing designs!!!


    • Oh, all those talks to children about not judging eachother just ruins them later! Being an adult is all about being judged on appearances! We should train our kids to have ‘closet crazy’ and good facades for business instead. heehee


  4. THIS is exactly why I NEVER have a drink in my hand when I open Wearable Wednesdays…! What craziness. This is what happens when someone gets hold of too much money and fabric. The legs were totally distracting (among other things) – are those stockings simulating massive leg hair or spider webs crawling up some building? If I were a model, I’d want to swat the designer…who was undoubtedly the wolf at the end of the show because He .Is. That. Cool.

    Having said that…the spiral monstrosity would make an excellent cat toy…you could go about your business AND entertain your cats at the same time. Win. Win.

    Thanks for another amusing entry!

    btw…I’m going to keep this post – I might use it to justify any total fashion mess ups that might happen on my blog (see, I DIDN’T mess up – it’s FASHION!). LOL


  5. I love how ridiculous these all are. That said, I would totally wear those fishnet tights. But I think if you wore the plaid number with the spiral, you couldn’t go near a pet store as cats would attack, thinking you were a toy.


  6. speechless with… with… REALLY?!?! And people get paid to dream up such happy stuff in the name of fashion? Or maybe it’s just entertainment and not supposed to be wearable except for special holydays like Hallowe’en. yeesh…


  7. Tracey says:

    Oh my stars! Don’t know what to say….I guess my only comment is the trench coat girl looks like she is having a ‘WTF’ moment. The models remind me of Eddie Sissorhands and characters from The Munsters.

    I do wonder how the audience reacts when they see these ‘designs’ coming down the runway. I was thinking how I would react….1st a smirk, then a giggle and then all out side splitting laughter at the obsurdity of it all and would anyone be laughing with me? The designer will be impressed with his own work, some in the audience will be whispering genius, the insecure fashionistas will be applauding and I will be howling with laughter…


    • If I laugh it just shows how uncouth and rule bound I am. I lack the vision to appreciate the Shower stall begonia frock! I am a barbarian! I don’t deserve to touch the designers wolf tail!


  8. Jenny says:

    Is that a prosthetic foot under that trench coat?? It reminds me, somehow, of the aunt from My Big Fat Greek Wedding whose twin was in a lump on the back of her neck.


  9. I’m late, I’m always late – but RTW! No you’ve got to be joking? These don’t look anywhere near the ready to wear stage though I could see a use for that desk skirt at work – quite handy to keep pens and the like in.


    • I was hoping for a collection with a little fun to it for today- I was afraid I’d have to go couture, but NO! This fell right into my lap. I think the table dress could be a good sexual harrassment poster. ‘Stop staring at my drawers!’


  10. Wow. Hard to pick a favorite. I love the idea of having a second, longer coat on my arm, just in case. And yet, I’m big on metal zippers creeping into my butt crack, so… It’s a toss up.


  11. Before casting my eye on these gems, I would never have believed I would see a collection that would make Helena Bonham Carter look conservative by comparison.

    I had a look at the menswear, what drugs is this designer on and how on earth did he/she/whatever get funding to produce a collection. The mind boggles.

    Perfect for Halloween, frankly these clothes scare me.


  12. I always love your Wednesday posts. They make me howl out loud but today I think I am having a mid life crisis because I am overcome with want this time! Thank you so much for alerting me to this designer. My to do list is going to be seriously interrupted by researching more!


  13. That’s a lift to the spirits! I think the penultimate pic, white dress with black ribbons and black ruffles at the hem is wearable. Job interview garb – a true marriage of form and function. Scare the b**t**ds into taking you on at a decent salary.


  14. Poor ladies! and gents (who can tell)?
    pic 3 is WHY IS THERE SO MUCH HAIR? lady go shave, shave your beard, shave your legs, heck shave even the clothes!
    Pic 4- amputee siamese twin?

    pic 7: attack of the tartan anaconda?


  15. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    Ah yes, welcome to the wonderful world of Japanese street fashion cliques. If this was anywhere else but Japan I would say that the clothes are interesting and creative, but without the runway styling the wearer would look way too awkward and have no excuse to get out of it.

    But since it’s “Gothic Lolita” I understand it a bit more. Maybe. I actually really like the double trench. And you wouldn’t need to have it let out if you suddenly gained 400 pounds. But the look after it is just too much. Designers put things on the runway just to show their design skills and creativity, but that’s not arty or even creative, it’s a one-piece swimsuit with a circular shower curtain around it. See also: wearing a table.

    But I love the Alice in Wonderland theme, and two of the three men’s looks I saw were really nice (not the metal coat rack the one model was wearing, though). Some of the looks were just taken a bit too far, like the plaid thing with the missing back. Oh, and the curlicue body shield, can’t forget that, whatever it is.

    If Lady Gaga wore some of these looks I would appreciate it, but other than that I can’t imagine the Gothic Lolita clique buying enough of this stuff to keep the label in business.


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