Vogue 1086 when I get around to it…..

So I seem to be deep in the sewing doldrums lately. I have so many little ideas and so many deserving patterns and pieces of fabric that I feel like I have reached an impasse and it’s easier to do nothing than to do something.  Lately I’ve been in the sewing room a lot. Sewing? Not so much.   It’s been more about myself and 3 dachshunds watching Nucky Thompson take on the world. I love some Nucky. Take that respectably, please!We did cut out Vogue 1086 tho. I saw ‘we’ because it was a team sport.I know what you are thinking- I should invest in some smaller pattern weights, but I already have these, so I make do.This explains why a childless couple owns a baby gate!

I found this pattern while hunting thru my bins for the one Frankenpuppy used and liked the shape as well. As a sundress it didn’t really excite me- I’m not such a huge fan of my upper arms flowing freely unclothed, but as an over dress I think it’s could be very Anniefied. Another plus is as an overdress I don’t have to raise that bunny releasing v-neck too much. Well, I just checked the DVR and I have several episodes of  Upstairs Downstairs to catch up on.  Maybe I’ll get some sewing in after that…….hate to rush these things.

photo credits: little me, pattern review, meadhawg

56 thoughts on “Vogue 1086 when I get around to it…..

  1. sewbussted says:

    It takes a while to get back into the swing of things when you’ve been away. I bet those pups were awfully happy when you returned.


  2. Hehe…no pattern weights necessary. This is why I own a baby gate, too! To keep my “baby” 90 lb boxer out of the sewing room… 😉

    But yeah, that dress is going to be really cute in that fabric! Ya know, when you get around to it. 😛


  3. I’m in completely the same situation with my sewing. I just cannot be chuffed doing it. But it’s my hobby! What on earth does this mean?! I think it means I need to calm down and enjoy focusing on other things for a while, just like you are… It will all work out in the end. 🙂
    Your dogs are gorgeous! And that material and pattern combo will make a great overdress, once you’ve re-found your Mojo. Take care!


  4. mrsmole says:

    That dress might be a nice jumper if you ditch some of the gathers. I have to say even the skinny model looks a bit fluffy even from the back…who needs back gathers? Sheer sleeves are a good trend now, could you slide a sheer sleeve in there and still have something new to wear for fall? You wear Fall colors so well.
    Love the pattern weights; you can pose them around corners so well!!!!


  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that particular shade of orange sherbet in a men’s dress shirt before. With a contrasting white collar. Interesting. It’s nice to know there’s people in the world who treat their puppies nicely when they lie all over the fabric. Because I most certainly don’t. “GET OFF THE FABRIC” is basic training like “sit” and “stay”. Please don’t hate me!


      • Just yesterday my eldest daughter wanted to know if she had to be mean and nasty like me *all the time* (not an exaggerated statement) to get the incorrigible he-poodle to listen to her. I think with 4 others pandering to him, he can use a bit of nasty incarnate in his life! mwa-ha-ha-ha!!


  6. I love this design and am looking forward to the Anniefication of it.
    I’ve been feeling a bit flat lately (nothing to do with ironing either) I think some of the flash Sydney fabric I indulged myself with yesterday will solve that problem!
    I think I just needed a high enough pile of fabrics to thrust me outta the sewing doldrums.


  7. My pattern weight likes to help me by rearranging the pattern pieces in what she thinks is a better arrangement on the fabric. Dogs don’t seem to understand grainline.


  8. Your pattern weights look a bit, dare I say it, wriggly.
    I love that pattern. I have two dresses from it (1x cotton lawn and 1x silk batiste) and I wear them all the time, despite my significant natural understructure. Fine and flowy fabric is the key IMO.


  9. I’m so glad I am not the only person whose dogs like to take over the fabric. I foten am fighting of Bimble as she tries to run over it and my cat when she tries to nest in it. If I end up with fur on my fabric I call it a feature. I’m sassy like that.


  10. ahahaha that’s awesome. Rolling around on fabric is *such* fun XD You really need to start sewing from pattern magazines. Yea it’s a bit more effort to trace the pattern but the fit is so much better and always consistent. C’mon woman give it a go!


  11. Cute dress to use as an overdress! I totally get your sewing doldrums, I have been doing so much craft sewing, and not nearly enough fashion sewing lately, but I just cannot seem to find the right project to get me going again. Good luck with your “paper weights”! 😀


  12. Sadly baby gates don’t work with cats.

    I’m still in somewhat of a sewing mood but unfortunately I’m not in the mood to sew anything I already have. I keep getting all these ideas that would require me to buy more fabric and patterns.


  13. Hee hee I think we’ve probably all been there at times. I sometimes like to look at my books and stash and dream up fabulous imaginary wardrobes and how fabulously I’ll execute them… and that’s as far as it gets 😛

    My cats like to sit on my fabric at the worst times; never when i could actually use them as pattern weights – they’re cheeky like that ^_^


  14. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    Using the Dachshunds as pattern weights is brilliant, why didn’t I ever think of that?? There’s so much to do and only so much time in the day to do it that it’s surprising that anything gets done…


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