The Pattern Pyramid Pile turns up in UK!

Don’t be forlorn!Another leg of the Pattern Pyramid Pile has reached The Material Lady!!! Please go and check her out- she sews lovely stuff and travels and reviews books and won a gold medal in water ballet at the 1997 International Games! Everyone is talking about her! Camilla Likes the Dalai’ but she’d really like to nip back to the house and leave a comment on Kim’s blog before someone else gets those patterns!!! Look!~ Even Kate is discussing which one she’d make first and which ones she’s put back in the pile for the next winner!So don’t be left out! Hustle over to The Material Lady and leave a comment!!!

photo credits: Google images, UK Daily Mail

14 thoughts on “The Pattern Pyramid Pile turns up in UK!

  1. I knew it! Yesterday I added a whole bunch of sewing blogs to my links page (a rather involved process since I insist on doing it the old-fashioned way) and today I find another good one that I need to add to the list. That always happens when I update my page.


  2. Thank you for spreading the word about the Pyramid Anne. How did you find out about my Water Ballet achievements? – I thought they were well under wraps!

    Now picturing Camilla in the wrap dress – not a good look. I wish you hadn’t done that. But I promise not to give her preferential treatment if she does post to my blog.


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