Wearable Wednesday Carmen Marc Valvo

I thought a bit of normalcy was a good idea today. I think this model worked the polls last night- she looks spent.  This is different that my regular comments about models working poles- this would be more patriotic and with a touch of model ennui of course. I’m not mad at any of these- I don’t know why the models look so bummed- I think they are even First Lady worthy… This is a new designer for me- I had to try WWD this week- Style.com was just not loading fast enough for short-attention span me. These are a little Michele Obama- not that that’s bad- its even timely, right?I like the decorative tile soup splashguards on this.Ok, the last 2 have a right to be pissy. I don’t think their shoes match. Oh, she drew the short straw and the the obligatory nip dress! This last one is my favorite- Are you all still awake out there??? Was all this moderation too much for you?

photo credits: WWD

57 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Carmen Marc Valvo

  1. Agreed – I think all the shoes are rubbish. Not fab enough for catwalk or pouty skinny princesses.
    I’d actually love to wear a few of these.
    Throw me the long divine red skirt please (minus the tile top as I loathe cleaning grout). And throw a black dress and the black skirt. I woudl take the red top with the black skirt but minus the flymesh sleeves.
    Love the blue dress – but with the front floor length. And PLEASE i want that jacket with the blue stash. Gorgeous! Kinda First Lady, HIgh Tea but still GORGEOUS.
    I only really loathe that second last combo, 3/4 baggy pants, horrid top and short skinny red sash. Did they run outta materials? Maybe it was a stash buster.
    Oh and the white pants suit – with the built-in crumb catching folds – no love here.
    Note to self: make fasion star jacket pronto (after the next five things in my list anyway…)


  2. mrsmole says:

    I’m with Lizzy…laughing my ass off thinking of her explanation for the cropped pants and thin knit top..throw on a red belt…stash busting at it’s best! They resemble wadders and muslins on some gals’ blogs. The white wrap around “crumb catcher’ jacket just is too weird and makes you think it was longer and the designer told the girl to just tuck the ends into her pants pockets and go down the runway. The shoes? Must have gotten a “job lot” but they only came in 2 colors…no bling…bummer.


  3. Maybe they were told to look like they had to throw on ‘this old thing’ because their alarm clock went off late? Number 3 nearly forgot to look dour.
    But I wouldn’t mind having most of this choice in my wardrobe.


  4. The 4th dress is gorgeous but my favourite is the last one! The prints are beautiful but the shoes, well they really are a non-event!
    Maybe models are cast now based on their scowl rather than their pout? I didn’t realise that smiling was so passe! But then I wouldn’t know what was fashionable now anyway if it wasn’t for your WW posts, lol! I’m such a fashion no-hope 😀


  5. Konnie Kapow! says:

    Ha ha, they’rfe a bunch of good time gals for sure! Not mad on the ‘jaunty’ bow theme and the shoes aren’t awful but they seem lazy. I honestly don’t see much creativity going on here. Also, I’m usually a print gal but I don’t really like any of these. I especially don’t like the red and black dress. It’s a bit upholstery non?

    Ooooh I love a good fashion bitch sesh!


  6. Hey, I like this collection and yes, I think Michelle Obama would look great in a few of those. My favorite really is the long red skirt number. Maybe the models didn’t so much work the poles last night as waited in line in one!


  7. If I could afford it, I’d purchase nearly every one of these in my size. I love the colors, the designs, the fabrics….(except the bathroom tile blouse and the netting one). Definitely a wearable collection. My fave though is blouse in pic #3. 🙂


  8. The red and black ones (3rd and 4th pics, I think) are my favorites. I would wear those. But… oh… MUST… say… something… snarky. The second outfit – very nice but it’s a good thing that model doesn’t have any boobs. Seriously though, I would wear that, with a cami.


  9. These are all quite pretty and mostly classy and I’d wear just about everything here (though not the backsplash and I hate the half of the shoes). I think it’s good to include an occasional designer who truly does make wearable clothes. It puts all the crazies in the right perspective. 🙂


  10. Jenny says:

    Ooh–I do love #5! That’s a peplum I could actually get behind. Or get “in,” I suppose. In fact, I’m Franken-piecing it together in my brain as I type–just need to figure out the ruffle. . .


  11. Really like this collection. Sleeveless black/red print has the First Lady’s name on it. Just lovely. Also, like the flow of black skirt in Number 2. And the want-to-be librarian in me, just loves the long grey/black skirt look w/orange tie belt. Very WW!!


  12. I had a terrible day yesterday. Something was wrong and I didn’t know what. It was there in the back of my mind simmering. Unease, restlessness, anxiety. I knew something was missing. It just came to me.


    Sorry I will stop shouting now. Can you imagine ? I am sure I am experiencing early onset Alzheimers, oh wait, if I can still remember how to spell Alzheimers, surely that means I don’t have it right?

    Back to you Anne. Great clothes, I even like the decorative tile soup splashguards, however the stylist should be banned from wearing designer clothes for a year (or longer), as punishment for putting those shoes on the models.


  13. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    I couldn’t get past the name at first. Carmen is a woman’s name and Marc is a man’s name, so which is it? And Valvo just sounds dirty.

    I like the floral print and the colors in 1, 3, and 4. The top in 3 is quite nice and the shape of the bottom in 3 is a nice contrast.

    But what is with the skirt in 2? It looks like an afterthought. “Wait, where’s her pants? They’re missing? Here, throw this tablecloth around her waist and send her down the runway.” It looks like an unfinished piece like you would see on a Project Runway challenge that they didn’t have time to finish so they stapled the hem together real fast.

    Oh, the white high-waisted cropped pants in 6. Just wrong. Definitely one ’80s trend that should never come back… It wasn’t even flattering in the ’80s.

    Overall it’s nice work, but nothing that really looks like it needs to be on a runway, you know? It would look fine on some mannequins in the window of Chico’s or something, but I don’t think it’s runway worthy work.


  14. I don’t know much about this designer- but you are right and i thought the same thing about his clothes being wearable not just for the show…I am pleasantly surprised and will look out for this brand.
    Go somewhere in his pieces and you will be the best dressed in the room…


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