What to do, what to do…..

Some decisions are quite easy….Some require more thought- and since my husband has been called into work, I insist that all of you out there take on his role briefly and help me out. I will set the scene for all of you method actors out there:You are trying to watch Tottenham while covering in dachshunds and eating a poptart. I stomp in (like a wisp of springtime) and brandish the following:Choice 1: the lovely Chaddo in a leopard print microsuede…..Choice 2: the tunic length in this lovely whimsical print.

So which do I make next? Now no fair answering with crappy man answers like, ‘Which one will you wear more? ‘or ‘which one will keep me from driving you to Hancock for the zipper you don’t have?‘ or ‘which leaves me alone with the tv longer?‘  cuz I’m totally wise to your tricks!

Ok, commenters, go!

photo credits: little me, google images

56 thoughts on “What to do, what to do…..

  1. Wow both great patterns (please stop showing me patterns as I appear to be suffering from a pattern buying disorder…)
    After your amazing 1880 leopard dress, I would rather love to see you walk on the wild side again! And strike that pose of course


  2. ParisGrrl says:

    The microsuede, because it won’t require pattern-matching, and looks like it will be fun to work with. (But I do adore the wild print as well, very retro.)


  3. sewbussted says:

    I love the second choice. Both are wonderful and should be made up, but I really like the bright, whimsical fabric and the tunic pattern. There’s my vote!, for all it’s worth;)


  4. Now if I was my daughters I would say Idunno in a mumbling I have had a stroke way. If I was my husband I would say what looks sexier on you. If I was my dog I would say what attracts my fur more. If I was me I would say Chaddo baby all the way – that will be absolutely fabulous in your choice.


  5. Well, I vote for the knit tunic… But wait, no, use the leopard fabric and send me that delightful pink floral so I can make that knit tunic for myself! Problem solved!


  6. Oooo…! I’m dying to see that tunic made up! Love the fabric, too. That pattern is in my “patterns to try when I feel really, really confident” box…! The Chado is neat also…and the leopard print is of course divine.

    …but I vote “tunic”. Can’t wait to see what you decide to make!


  7. I think my vote will be practical. I like vogue 1317, I thik it is interesting. Still 8825, the tunic probably will be a more comfortable garnemnt. I also like the fabric you chose for this project 🙂 am looking forward to the results 🙂


  8. Just to be contrary, the tunic in the leopard print. The Chado is scary, and you know you will wear the tunic more. Of there is another way, take the number of steps on the directions, divided by how many hours you want to spend on the garment, multiplied by number of positive reviews on Pattern Review subtracted by your age and the number that comes closest to your year of birth is the one to make. Does that help?


  9. Spooky…I’m about to start that second tunic pattern. I have an old slinky print that I’m using, but I think I’ll be making up the dress, but I’m not sure. What a coincidence!


    • Well…..a dark horse red print was suggested by the husband and I cut out the tunic in it last night! Even when I plan, I dont plan!? Oh well- we will both have lovely tunics soon!


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