Butterick 5791…a gigantic sewing achievement

Well, it’s been at least 2 makes since I worked in a faux animal print, so I was getting twitchy! You know I love animals….Moving along! I made a Butterick! I know, I whine about them and then what do I do? I fall for a $1.99 sale and I’m like Charlie Brown and that football?!This week we are headed into the big city (Greenville) for some cul-cha. The Peace Center is hosting Kevin Smith and as a New Jersey ex-patriot I just have to go. There are alot of things about New Jersey that I will always miss, tho it’s not my home anymore- my family is here, so I am a loving hostage. Like New Jersey, Kevin Smith is an acquired taste. Did you know he was a dachshundist? Here is Schecky and the man!This evening presents a bit of a wardrobe question. I usually bring out the big style guns for evenings of ‘thea-ta’, but kevin Smith is not exactly a velvet and pearls event. So the new Butterick seemed like a nice compromise. Do you see how low the under arm areas is? On the envelope cover it is a little more obvious- this little devil is huge! I made my standard size- that’s kept in the vault, just like the Queens measurements- and then ended up taking 2 inches off of each seam and still I could do that slumber party trick where you completely change your clothes inside of your clothes?!

Any more shaping and the concept would have been lost, I know it’s not supposed to be fitted, but it is a trifle hockey jersey-esque. AHA! Now you see the little pink lightbulb that went on for me. This is a perfect shape to wear to listen to Silent Bob cuss all evening! Oh, i just love aĀ  theme outfit!You know you need a Star Wars reference if you plan to spend an evening listening to a very inspiring Q&A from a big old Scifi geek. God bless him! The husband wasn’t initially thrilled with this. He has very few strong dislikes, but yoga pants and hoodies are among them. I am grateful- I’d hate for him to try to get me to dress like Avrille Lavigne- I’m too old for put-on surly. I have real surly! The surly of the aging debutante with tired feet! As I wore this out for a trial spin it really grew on him and me, too. I may have to have another of these easy, easy makes. No new skills breached, but a win is a win and builds my confidence. These pics are all pre- Greenville, I hated for him to have to lug the camera stuff around all evening- he is a man of many accesories! As am I- check out my hidden Mickey pin…Lord I am cool- please no flash pictures!photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, google images

76 thoughts on “Butterick 5791…a gigantic sewing achievement

  1. I think this suits you perfectly! The colour is great goes with your hair, that turquoise is a terrific contrast. By all accounts looks to be bang on for your event – you can always stash some snacks up the sleeves in case you get peckish, all in all spot on!,


  2. ah, it’s a mickey pin! genius abstract placement. truly you are a jedi. i LOVE that hood.

    and “Iā€™m too old for put-on surly. I have real surly! The surly of the aging debutante with tired feet!” made me drop coffee on my cat.


  3. mrsmole says:

    Even though you assume we will think you look casual…it gives off an air of special, radiant, I don’t give a sh*t attitude”, and I must be someone. All eyes will be upon you instead of the speaker…and the Mickey pin…perfect! The blue earrings and undershirt just make me think you must have a load of great accessories lurking in your boudoir just waiting to make their debut at such events where the public can get a gander at you country folk coming into the big city. Well done, Anne!


  4. Ah, of course! I was thinking that’s an unusual button… Love it, is very awesome! And real surly is much better than pretend surly. Pretend surly wouldn’t be half as fun on wearable Wednesday!


  5. the howler and me says:

    ooooh how I love Kevin Smith… i love him even more now that I know he loves dachshunds! I love your top! The colors are wonderful!!!


  6. Carolyn says:

    Now that’s a pattern that I would have never looked at twice! But it does look so good on you! Hope you had a good time, and yes isaw Mickey. Cute pin!


  7. Great shirt, I love it!

    I have seen Kevin Smith speak many times. In fact, if you watch the second “Evening with Kevin Smith” video, one was filmed in Toronto and I was there. In fact, sitting 3 seats over from the audience microphone. So every time they pan to that side (left side of the stage from the seats), you can see two friends, myself and my husband is just in the shadows. I will pay to see him every single time he comes. Oh, and I’ve also watched him play ball hockey in a ball hockey tournament in Brantford, ON of all places.


      • I am, thanks to my husband. Kevin likes coming to Canada so he is in the area every few years. I think that time at Roy Thompson Hall, he was in Toronto to go a guest appearance as himself on Degrassi. He was stoked for it. He’s comes across as so real. It’s like having a friend drop in and tell you really cool stuff that is going on.

        Another good live speaker is Henry Rollins. I don’t like his music much (Black Flag is waay too angry for me) but to talk? He is really facinating. He walks on stage and just doesn’t stop. Well worth the ticket price, in fact, we have tickets later this month.


  8. …and I’ve made two NAVY dresses…! Your fearless adventures with fashion sewing continue to amaze and delight me! Love your witty blog – it’s always a welcome sight in my ‘in’ box šŸ™‚ Maybe one day I’ll throw caution to the wind, take a page from your book, and try something in a **gasp** crazy PRINT!

    Keep up the great fun – love the Mickey pin…noticed it right off, but didn’t catch on at once to the Mickey ears šŸ™‚


  9. Good fabric choice and style. It grew on me too.
    I’ve been to a Henry Rollins chat and love his style. Saw him on the Graham Norton show and he was very restained when Bindi Irwin was on with him. It was very respectful of him because I could just see what was going through his mind at the time.
    I love surly.


  10. KC says:

    I was going to say that the top is really gorgeous, which it is. But your wit in the post and the conversations in the comments are an even bigger treat!


  11. I love the hood….. I wanna have a hood like that too. Hmmmm, will have to figure out how without buying more patterns!!

    Am very glad you managed an animal print after such a long abstinence. Relief is palpable lol.


  12. I looks great. But, isn’t that maddening, the whole interpreting a pattern. I’m getting better at seeing potential problems, like when you know the model is pinching it tighter in the back because you can’t see her hand. Just to make it look good for the photo. Or you see something wonky in the sleeve area and know there is going to be trouble. Anyway, don’t want to rant here but yours job looks great and that’s all that matters.


  13. Oh, the COLOUR!!! I’m loving this on you. The fabric print really accentuates your hair in a totally amazingly fabulous way. And the teal makes it like a one two punch. A total winner, for sure.


  14. I want to make something to wear to an evening of YOU! I’m sure you’d be loads more fun to listen to than whoever-that-was you went to see. Your top is great, and if you need to make a quick change, you are set.


  15. Wow! I totally wish I could sew! I’ve done extreme sewing before though – a friend and I invented that while we did wearable art in high-school. We broke three sewing machines, and came in thirs place in our catagory. We weren’t allowed the use of a sewing machine the following year (no one would risk it) so we had to give up on our dreams of sewing greatness.


  16. This is definitely perfect for you, and most perfect for a night out with Kevin Smith!! Love the fabric – animal prints have a special place in my heart – and I especially love that it has a hood šŸ™‚


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