Wearable Wednesday Ne- Net

I know we all had a nice time last week enjoying some reasonable, inspiring fashion, but I cannot resist this. She has a bird head. Luckilly she has put down a trash bag drop cloth for possible droppings. So does she. I think. Someone needs their knitting machine confiscated. Did anyone see that sequel to Donnie Darko? Hmm, now what made me think of that? I do see this designers deep affinity for recycling. I also see a stretched out sleep shirt retailing for $600…Is that a shirt stapled on a shirt? Is that the new layering? Is that the designer behind her? That is very distracting. Ok, what am I supposed to buy here? The pinata mask? The grandpa sweater? the orthopaedic booties? The mascot lurking behind her? Help me out. I’m confused and a little scared. Oh, crap, I think I like this dress…I think I need someone to take my temperature. Ok, is that literally a ‘wing collar’?? Now, try to say ‘pompom gimp mask’ 3 times without giggling! I think I’m getting a headache trying to drag my focus off of Sasquatch and the soft-sculpture head horrors, but this is kind of ok, isn’t it? This is interesting too- oh great, I’m resorting to ‘interesting’. I sound like my Mother describing a foreign film I made her watch. Ok your turn. How about a comment summing up this collection for us? Or maybe just a thought or two about whats in the basket.

photo credits: style.com

86 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Ne- Net

  1. mrsmole says:

    It is a wonder how a designer can create a whole look around models wearing tight tension masks/headgear resembling what burn victims wear during their skin grafts. What the heck was Sasquatch doing there? It could also be a student’s introduction to buying fabric scraps from Goodwill and whipping up something homeless folks could wear…co-ordination and fitting optional. At least there were no make-up artists or hairdressers harmed in the making of this catwalk production.


  2. OMG, now my Dad always says here is an ass for every seat, but really, I don’t know if there is one that would wear this collection without being paid big bucks. Me, I say just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should….and that goes for knitters too! 😉


  3. I’m scared. That’s all I’m saying on that. The masks are really really disturbing, especially that trunk ‘thing’ one. Yep it is phallic but in a really disturbing way.

    The measeles outbreak is interesting…


  4. punkmik says:

    I am going to have nightmares! this is so scary but funny. what are people por designers thinking? Yes confiscating that knitting machine or person is a good idea. lol


  5. All I see when looking at number 6 is the testicle hat/mask thingy. As there are apparently at least three testicles I can only assume the creator of this is the onsite caretaker of a active nuclear reactor, and used his/her second and third hands for knitting while drawing the designs for these garments with the other.


  6. i’ll be looking for some of that headgear at the ski hill this winter – no frostbite, but no chance of fitting a helmet overtop, so maybe not that practical after all…
    i wonder what’s going through the minds of the models?


  7. I’m stunned and so early in the morning. Gives knitting a bad wrap, gives a lot of things a bad wrap. I was waiting for the hairy guy in the background to come up on the runway and eat a model or two

    I don’t understand this. Is it to distract from the bad designs, which some are not that bad (the “interesting” one is ok). Or is it a person with a lot of money and time on her hands and decided to give fashion a go. Perplexed as to how anyone thought this was a good idea.
    The comments here are worth the mental confusion.


  8. So many things wrong, it’s hard to know where to start! A couple of those have some disembodied hands that look like they are either ready to choke the model or are feeling up her boobs. And I can’t get over the deliriously happy yeti in the background–is he excited about gnawing on the models when they get done or what? If so, I hope he likes to chew on bones….

    I just looked on my box of trash bags, turns out that this IS a recommended use–but I think they intend for you to wear them when you’re participating in an egg toss. This is probably a bit too expensive to wear to an egg toss. The headgear, quite frankly, is going to give me nightmares. And I’m so glad this designer found a use for all those fugly “Navajo” sheets that were semi-popular in the 80’s. I would have just burned them, but this person is obviously a better steward of the environment.


  9. Okay let’s try to think positive there. We don’t have to look at the model’s scowls and, even better, we don’t have to look at any of their naughty bits. Also, I like the fabric in the next to the last pic. I think I could do a little (okay a lot of) refashioning and come up with something actually wearable.

    I love Wednesdays.


  10. Where to start, where to start
    A. WTF.
    B. For the first time, I’d agree with the models natural scowl, but oh wait, I can’t see them.
    C. The bird hat? Reminds me of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert
    D. They all look like oversized sleep wear to me.
    E. Except for the garbage bags, I can’t sleep in plastic. Maybe they are dying their hair under there and wanted to protect their skin.
    F. WTF. That is worthy of repeating.


  11. I’m too scared to sleep this week maybe that’s the point of the creepy headgear- keep the audience awake! The models also appear to have a small skin complaint around the neck and shoulders so it could have extended up towards the face and that’s the real reason for the masks- zits.


  12. How in the name of all that’s holy do you find these people?
    If it wasn’t so funny I would suggest you took up a (another) hobby. However, I have to admit that if you ignore from the neck up some of those dresses were OK.
    I’m going for a lie down now.


  13. Yikes, knitted penis-shaped noses and scary clown faces. Amidst all the ugly, I do like the middle three more normal dresses. Can only imagine who will visit your blog now!!!


  14. This isn’t actual fashion for sale, right? Tell me this is some sort of weird environmental statement, not actual clothing. I’d rather wear the clothes in the Derelict campaign from Zoolander 😛


  15. Jenny says:

    Well, now they’re just messing with us. . .
    Did you ever watch The Company with Neve Campbell? This reminds me of the weird child’s nightmare ballet they did at the end.


  16. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    I have to get in the game earlier because my zingers have already been taken (most notably the comparison to Derelicte in Zoolander). The curtains definitely do not match the drapes in this collection. I’m sure the headgear isn’t going to be produced for sale, so why distract from the clothes by putting them on all the models?? Oh, wait, maybe because the clothes aren’t that great. Trash bags, pajamas, eatin’ dress, it sounds more like my shopping list at Target than a runway collection.

    And the yeti in the background was distracting. McQueen did something similar by coming out in a bunny suit at the end of the show ( http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Lifeandhealth/Pix/pictures/2008/10/04/AMReuters2.jpg ), but he had the decency to do it at the end of the show and not stand there the whole time staring at you into submission.


  17. You have to love Wednesdays! I’ve seen things I surely would have missed being entertained by had I not subscribed to this great blog! Mid week is now even better!

    But this collection? Holy Yeti! Do not have words…Yes, confiscate the knitting machine immediately…as well as the Goodwill bags of random clothing sold by the pound to people like this! Since I was more than a little intrigued as to who would actually financially BACK a collection like this, I did a little research:

    1. It’s Japanese. As in, full on, crazy designer stuff Japanese.
    2. Ne Net went to the same design school (and sounded like at the same time) as Issey Miyake. Yes, that one.
    3. Curious to know just how much one would have to pay for rtw Ne net, I found that you could actually buy (on sale) a Hogworts looking cardigan for $280, a natty little pair of pull on cartoon pants for just $200…there’s even a “nenet monster ghost key ring” for just $45. I know, you’re going to want this for your stocking. Oddly enough, many of the items were on sale….;)
    4. It’s Japanese. Enough said.

    “Trust fund couture”…LOVE it! This should be the name of a whole new category of “designer fashion”…several of your Wearable Wednesdays would fit right in here 😉

    For the spring collection, which inexplicably featured models sans masks, but sporting stuffed falcons, hawks, even a large stuffed DOG being “walked” on a leash…here ya go: http://tokyofashion.com/ne-net-2012-ss/


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