Who’s Down with OOP?

Yeah, you know me. Some wonderful enabling sewista lovelies spread the word about Vogue et al having a major OOP pattern sale. I took the hook like a guppy! I found many wonderous things to work my skills toward. Lookee! and:Now why are all of these lovies OOP? They don’;t look half as crazy as the things we see on an average wednesday, right? I also noticed that just about all of the Mccalls that I liked…..I already had. I am like a home for unloved patterns it seems.

So be honest, you can tell me- do I have bad taste or something? whats up with most of my patterns being picked last for dodgeball? Do you ever feel like you are the only one that gives love to a pattern? Simplicity 1939, I’m looking at you! And what about the ones NO ONE sews but they keep producing?Why??? This Mccalls is evil! I swear it!So style  explorers- what patterns make you feel alone in the jungle? what is your pattern that no else seems to notice? Lets bang the drum for some humble tissue and beat up on some patterns we don’t understand the appeal of….

photo credits: pattern review, little me, google images

47 thoughts on “Who’s Down with OOP?

  1. It’s weird isn’t it. Why did they ever discontinue that fab DvFish wrap dress that had about 90 reviews on PR? Surely it was still selling. They recently put out one thst’s practically identical so there must be a market for it. And there’s a McCalls knit dress I mourn for. I cut and adjusted my copy and when I wanted to make it up for my sister it had gone oop so I had to readjust my battered pattern instead of buying one for her.


  2. If I didn’t have OOP patterns, I wouldn’t have any patterns. I still have and use patterns I bought in high school. The newer patterns seem to lack that,”oh I have to have that” aspect that they once had. At least for me. Come for a visit and I’ll let you shop my bins to your hearts content 😉


  3. What does it say you have a couple of patterns I wanted, but they were sold out of them?

    I got V1113, which is by far a WTF pattern. But…the jacket will go well with a wedding I have to go to and comfy pants that wear like sweats but don’t look like it are cool.


  4. mrsmole says:

    McCall’s Annie Too 5947 always was my favorite for the curved yoke/shoulders effect and I still use that for nightgowns or beach coverups. I think many women find they gravitate to a decade of style, say high school or early adulthood, when they could wear almost anything and feel amazing and those are the patterns they buy/hoard. If the company re-releases their old favorites…even better.


  5. I find myself grieving for those patterns moved over to the OOP category. So many possibilities swirling down the drain…so I buy a few to extend the life of that design just a little more. I picked up a number of KS patterns during this OOP sale and they will stay with me for as long as I sew.


  6. I can’t believe you got yours already, but then again you do live in the country of origin, and yours don’t have to pass through the incredibly slow hands of Canada Customs. The pattern that I still can’t believe was ever discontinued is the first Claire Schaeffer Chanel jacket pattern, you know, the one that you can name your price for, should you be lucky enough to have one.


    • I was surprised at the shipping speed and that I got everything I wanted. Well, the Canadian post being slow explains why all of my love letters to Paul Gross have gone unanswered- he just didnt get them yet!


  7. Oh I am the true supporter of the underdog patterns in the sewing world .
    And I have never sewn or even own Vogue 1250 (or whatever ) that cowl dress – more evidence ! And I seem to sew lots of Kwik Sews which are also the underdog pattern company -most undeserving – they have the best pattern instructions ever.


  8. I’ve also indulged with some OOPs of late – from patternplus in Australia (free postage for me!). My recent indulgences include Vogue Pattern 8028 & 8383 – shirtdresses but nice classic ones (I get over weirdness for the sake of difference – I’m weird enough without throwing in the clothes).
    I’m curious who approved Vogue 1116 or 1148 for production? Or is there a market out there for Leprechauns?
    As for my favourite patterns, they are well loved through the blogging world. Vogue 1247 is perfection – the stuff you hand down to future generations. And my love/obsession with Sewaholic Cambie is well documented… and I think I’ve developing a fetish for Sewaholic Alma. Some patterns just work.
    I never get why they discontinue classic shirtdresses, wrap dresses or shifts. They shoudl just restyle the envelope art etc I think they sometimes need a revamp but the pattern itself should stay.
    I get the guilts about wanting to sew and blog an OOP – do you? What if someone else wants to make it and they can’t get it? I would feel like a ‘tease’. LOL


  9. I’ve been wanting to sew an OOP for a long time. I’ve had it for years and fortunately it’s like the wrap dress, kind of never goes out of style. I just get so darn sidetracked with the newbies in my bin. I’m very much into no darts, tunic type dresses and blouses. Just want something relatively easy.

    I’d like to know how the secret society picks what is OOP and what stays.


  10. I own most of the OOP patterns and wouldn’t give them away! Antiques Roadshow or sentimentality? Who cares I love them and you should too. No accounting for taste I guess. Lovely purchases BTW


  11. Ohh there is definitely many more hideous patterns they should discontinue before many of those ones! I own the Vogue Tracey Reese 1203 – in fact I just pulled it out about a week ago and traced the top – phfft! It’s still good!


  12. Oh, I’m not sure. I think probably a lot of my favorite patterns are OOP. It seems like most of the clothes I make are from just a few patterns that I use over and over again. Of course I still buy new patterns several times a year. One never knows what might someday become a “use over and over again” pattern, right?


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