Wearable Wednesday Albino

I just want to ask what the deal is with this sinister lighting? Are the major fashion buyers moths? I like this first one- it’s sort of an homage to Phyllis Diller-

This is not the lighting for these shoes- she could do herself a mischief! I think this is made for SCI junkies! Check this ones dress- I think she has some evidence on her! I like this bow action- but you will lose alot of things in these folds. Good choice for a magicians assistant.Someone missed their fitting. Hey stop her! She’s stealing that tea cozy! Hmm- this borders on Stella Mcartneyville or me. I do not care for it’s Kirsten Dunsdtyness…..Hey! This one is trying to escape thru the window! Get the net! She’s going Vogue!

photo credits: style.com

34 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Albino

  1. Thank you for not scaring the life out of me this week! Some of these are quite pretty really – especially the last one! The lighting is a bit, erm, odd though paticularly when a lot of the collection is black! Can’t see the details lol!


  2. mrsmole says:

    These outfits all look like something a woman would wear who just realized that being pregnant during the holiday season one needs clothes to hide a bulge. The fabrics look rich but the shoes let them down…watch out walking or you may trip in the dimly lit doorway or window and crash to the ground and spill your cocktail. Or maybe it is a homage to Mrs Arnolfini in the Dutch painting: http://www.gardenofpraise.com/art29.htm
    At least this collection doesn’t make you want to shout and tear your hair out…thanks for some calm before the treacherous turkey day!


  3. Maybe this was a Halloween show? Do I hear the raven tap tap tapping at the window? Maybe the last model did. I rather like the Diller outfit. I just need a feather duster and like Ms. Diller I can pretend to clean. I think some of the draping and fabrics are lovely though. An interesting and enjoyable pick for WW.


  4. As always, I LOVE your take on a collection. I still believe that you should be writing for Vogue or W…….but I rather like what you’ve posted today, maybe not exactly as they are, but the ideas for sure.


  5. Eh. I don’t like any of these but they don’t seem exceptionally weird either. Well… at least compared to several other Wearable Wednesdays. The lighting though… it seems like maybe someone said, “These clothes are not crazy enough. We’ll have to do some creepy lighting to compensate.”


  6. Whew…! These are almost normal, if perhaps not as flattering (instead, flattening!) as I’d like. I like the shoes…but agree the lighting isn’t the most model-friendly! At least no masks and no wonky clothes!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  7. Dude, forget the tea cozy, she’s running off with the pastries hidden in her skirt!! Actually several of these look like they could be used to smuggle food, intentionally or not. 😉


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