Butterick 5679. for Gluttony Week 2012

Ah, me. This week is Thanksgiving and what am I grateful for? Oh, not now, I’m not ready for that post- we’ll get back to that in a bit. Much as the husband and I would just love to stay home, eat all the food ourselves and watch the parade, it is our jobs to enrich the lives of others with our presence and my husbands killah grub. The man is a serious chef- I am blessed. There you go- the first thing I am thankful for- Mr B, my sweetie.Our Thanksgiving night stop on the holiday  tour was our dear friends house for casual gluttony.  I wore my new Butterick 5679 tunic and I’m very pleased with it. I spin for you: Not much deviation from the pattern here, I am not 100% thrilled with how the woodgy back neck laid down for my stitching assault- it may get a redo today. See the glassy look? I was having trouble locating my inner camera whore with the neighbors gathering on their deck over a turkey fryer. The dachshunds were unhinged at their lack of safety protocols in place! teutonic hounds are quite rigid about such things.Gees!? I look like the well-upholstered prow of a vintage cruise ship! I love it! This will become a goto pattern once I conquer that neckline, I love how this moves.Yes, if you are curious, it is a Charlie Chaplin pendant, one of my favorite silly purchases!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving if you are in the US or just a lovely friday otherwise. I’m off to hide in the sewing room, I have another try at Anouk on the table- Theresa and Kazz keep making me think that I gave up too soon.  I also have a frankenpattern- my first- planned- to wear to see Mary Poppins in a few weeks- so send prayers and patience my way!

photo credits: pattern review, google images, meadhawg

48 thoughts on “Butterick 5679. for Gluttony Week 2012

  1. Shams says:

    You really do look fabulous, this top is amazing on you. It’s a beautiful top and I didn’t notice any wonky neck. 🙂 I don’t think I have this pattern, but now I want it.


  2. Fantastic top! And Joann’s has Butterick patterns on sale for $.99/today. I wasn’t going to go out and fight the crowds, but thanks to you, I must have this pattern!!


  3. starryfishathome says:

    You look wonderful in that top, can’t see anything wrong with the neckline. I just wish I could wear something like that. The fabric is gorgeous.


  4. It looks like you were having fun in the twirling! It’s gorgeous, and I thought it was too big on you. Well, one of the pictures looks like the armscye is halfway down your side, and the neck is about to slide off. when you make it again, think about cutting the neck, shoulders, and armscyes in a smaller size, and do an FBA or something. Knowing you, it will probably be “or something!”


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