Burda 7220- Hah! I win this time!!!

If you asked me what my wardrobe was missing, I’d say maturity and blouses I can wear all the time.  I can’t do much about the former, but the latter- I am working on.  Now I want to keep you reading, so let me say that this is not another of my meltdown Burda rants. I LIKE THIS PATTERN! 7220:I made view B, then altered it a smidge. The back pleat is great in theory, but just toooo huge in reality. It removed all of my dainty shape. So I added the little bar thingy (technical terms- me loves them) to the back too. Mirroring – oh, I’m innovation on 2 wheels.Now since this is Burda, I feel like I need to do these pictures in a Burda way- but I couldn’t find and abandoned airport, a may pole or an old villa to hang laundry in, please settle for this:Now pretend the backyard is Barcelona and those are tiny bulls. On saturday we dined on more turkey at the mominlaws and the dachsies were overwhelmed with her giblets and her huge backyard. Much short-legged joy. Other than using some self-bias on the neckline, I changed nothing else. The front did cry out for some gaudy-ing, so I added the button…..Hey, I think I found more gravy! This was around the time the dog involved photo shoot went bust and I can’t figure out what I’m doing in most of the pictures- I’d make a lousy historian. I think that I was summoning a dog, but I could be moving an invisible albino rhinoceros out of the direct sunlight….Ok, not sure about this move either- I  may be hand cranking his tail so he will run faster….

Anyhoo- I hope everyone is having a great week and please- try this pattern!

photo credits: pattern review and meadhawg

72 thoughts on “Burda 7220- Hah! I win this time!!!

  1. One of my favorite Burda patterns. I think I have like 5 of these in my wardrobe. I too either take out that back pleat or gather it into the back yoke or…small pleats on either side. Self bind the neck all around and forget that silly back neck binding piece and fold and hem on the front drape. BTW, you can line the neck drape if you chose in different fabric or the same if it is not pretty on its wrong side. Only if it’s a lighter fabric though. The little bulls, too cute. Ole!


  2. Konnie Kapow! says:

    love your dogs! I miss my doggie pals when I’m in the city. Congrats on the shirt, it looks great. Am yet to complete a Burda pattern myself!


  3. susan c whelan says:

    Fabulous! You’ve made me by the pattern. Reminds me of the Santa Fe top from the Sewing Workshop. Love the length – you need more of this style, very flattering.


  4. rosyragpatch says:

    Another really good top. I like the style and think it looks good in that print.
    I like Burda patterns – they usually turn out well. I’m not so keen on the ones you have to trace from the magazines – I get lost along the way.


  5. Great top – love your fabric…….

    “I think that I was summoning a dog, but I could be moving an invisible albino rhinoceros out of the direct sunlight” – you crack me up… Love the way your mind works.


  6. And matching shoes! Looking good and you’re really cranking those tops out at the moment – keep it up! Does your mominlaw scrutinise your clothes, seeing as she made so many of her own?


  7. Your top is totally cute. We don`t have Thanksgiving downunder which is just as well because the only time I cook turkey at xmas it just ends up like some tough dry ostrich ( or emu ) than a succulent juicy bird.


  8. Bobbi says:

    You are a hoot! Enjoy reading your sewing antics. Really nice top love the colors on you. Must mention your scene stealing fur babies, look like they are having fun playing in the grass.


  9. I love this design and this top – great job at conquering the Burda monster! You have tamed the beast! I’ve jsut finished a Vogue hoddie that was a bum flap feature like the other view of this pattern!


  10. Yay a burda you don’t hate! XD I wanted to jump on it when I saw it but it doesn’t cover my size (which is good because I don’t need more stuff). This looks great though and I love the pic with the doogs in it. Rock on.


  11. I love this top!! The colors in the fabric are fantastic and I like that you minimized the back pleat. I like your version so much better than Burda’s! I also like the puppies and the rhino – I think they make great additions to any photo shoot 🙂


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