Feeling overwrought or uninspired? Buy more fabric!

I know, I know. It’s wasteful. It’s indulgent- it’s also really fun!!!sui 1Last week the fabricmart box of specialness arrived and as usual the mystery bundles were as exciting as what I’d found myself. The husband didn’t really understand the mystery bundle glee- he looked at me like I was a new and special kind of loon (not the usual one perched in the den watching bad tv with him)when I would pull out, stroke, fondle and coo over each piece.freebie1‘You’re acting like you’ve never seen any of this before- is this a new shopping ploy? ‘I didn’t buy it, the textile fairies brought it because I was  good?’

I of course called him a snarky soandso and told him that ‘it was a freebie for placing such a large….oh, crap…. ‘

Yeah, that last part didn’t help so I took the moral high road and told him to get his stinky dachshunds off my Anna Sui prewash pile!ASnna 2So here are some of the spoils all prewashed and hung lovingly. I managed to wash everything and hang it dry successfully- I am no dryclean bunny- a lifestyle of scrubs and dog hair doesn’t make you a big customer for them, usually!freebie2animal freebietoilleikat

On the 12th we are going into the naked city to see Mary Poppins (the touring company) seriously, I saw the tickets- this is not like when the husband told me Hello Kitty was in Greenville and he really was just tricking me into eating at his favorite Indian gorge buffet!  So I have a frankendress in mind:

5707Butterick 5707 the 3/4 sleeved version. Now I like to get Mr Curmudgey-pants involved in some finery selection and he liked this alot, but he suggested a full skirt, so I plan to change it and of course end up looking like Ethel Mertz. I have 40 lbs (seriously, it was from  the Iva warehouse sale and sold that way) of my fabric of choice, so I am all set to ‘crinoline up’…….now, you know me- a deadline? I must avoid. So this project has sat cut out and uninteresting to me while I bring in a huge box of fabric and play with it. Why do I do this? At work I’m very task oriented- at home? Eh….how many pairs of underpants are left in the drawer?  2? Oh good, I have 3 days to do laundry!!!laundrySo this morning I plan to at least give the bodice some love and attention, but in the meantime, if anyone has any fabulous ideas for what I should do next with any of my ill-gotten fabric gains-  let me know- I can be happily distracted! Also- procrastinator or someone I roll my eyes at? Which one are you in any of your worlds?

photo credits: little me, google images

81 thoughts on “Feeling overwrought or uninspired? Buy more fabric!

  1. Bobbi says:

    Sew up the crack uh I mean the animal knit first. I think it would bring out the urban animal in you. Thanks for sharing your purchases and the freebies. I have yet to plunge into the world of ordering fabric but it was fun seeing your purchase stash.


  2. mrsmole says:

    I’m laughing my ass off just thinking of you describing a fabric selection as “crack”!!!! It does bring tears to my eyes seeing what they have given away and to such a deserving person as you. BUT…the big BUT if you feel overwhelmed and can’t decide what to do with ALL that fabric….remember you have friends who survive in a rural setting with one crappy JoAnn’s who would crawl across ground glass for such delights! So happy for you…I think, (she says enviously).


  3. What a fun fabric haul! I generally find that the excitement and pressure of new fabric gets me very motivated. After all you must finish the current project before you start a new one…..right? I am pretty sure that is what my mom told me. Have fun:)


    • Ok, I might have failed to mention that simplicity 1715 in a lime plaid flannel is half done, but cruelly brushed aside for the Poppins project already! Oh, to have more hands and more time off! I need minions.


  4. Oh man, that all looks so supercalafragilisticexpealidosious! Freebie fabric. I so rarely start another project before I finish the one “on the machine” . It makes me cranky to have half done things around.
    But I would go after that animal print first off. You have lots of time to scout out MORE fabric for Jungle January in the most rewarding way! 🙂


  5. Ah the feeling of a new box of fabric! Knowing one has arrived can change my day as I wait in joyful anticipation to get home and rip it open! So I totally understand the euphoria you felt as you pulled treasure after treasure out of your box. And shhh, can I share something with you, when fabric arrives I’m glad I don’t have a husband to rain on my parade. Don’t miss one at all then! *LOL* Cant wait to see what you do with these new lovelies – even if I have to wait years!!! 🙂


  6. I get totally loony whenever a fabric box arrives, too, and I get the same snarkiness from DH about the stash increase. 🙂 Love all your freebie surprises. What a nice lot of soon-to-be gorgeous clothes! And I totally screamed with laughter over the laundress’s facial expression. That is ME this lovely Sunday afternoon. Doing laundry. Again. And no fun pre-wash stuff, either. ha!


  7. Oh I so shouldn’t be reading this! I totally know what you mean. I vowed (only to myself, mind) that I would not buy any more. But what is a girl to do when she hits that sewing block? Exactly. Love your wins, especially that illustrated blue sheer fabric. Whatever you decide you will of course work wonders 🙂


  8. Here I sit, on a fabric fast, and you have to go and do this. Even more frustrating is that that gorgeous ikat is no longer available in that colorway. Weep! Luckily, I got a fabric-excitement contact high off of this post. Lovely!


  9. carol456 says:

    The hot pink stretchie freebie needs to come and live with me. I can see it in a 50’s wiggle skirt. So much loveliness in one parcel that I, too, am feeling a bit of a high way over on the other side of the world. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Anna Sui fabric …


  10. Stop fondling and start sewing! There, I said it. Now I am a procrastinator too and completely understand about the washing. I wouldn’t clean if I didn’t, well, have to. Have to. Every now and again. Sigh.

    I dunno which fabric to get onto first. I can’t decide. Ummmm :o)


  11. Sniff , you know I am very jealous right now of your fabric and I wouldn`t know where to start either but I am a generous person so I will share this little tip with you – if you turn your undies inside out you will actually have four days until washing day;) .


  12. I think you should send the turquoise floral-y-spotted fabric to me. 😉

    Nice haul!! And perhaps I should purchase more fabric too–it will help me get over this feeling of “meh” that my coat project has put me into.


  13. I think I need a draped in fabric post, of the image I have of you petting and talking to your lovely fabric. I love it all. I have no project suggestions other than roll in it all. Curl up with it and let it whisper what it wants to be.


  14. Oh and one more thing. Hee hee. Tag you are it. I recently was awarded the Lovely blogger award and wanted to extend the award to you and your Lovely Blog. I love what you write and how your write it and you truly make my day a little brighter. Now off to the fabric store.


  15. Love love the Anna Sui’s… Love the pink… love the animal print- and the sheer- Ha! I too would NEVER say no to fabric! Can’t wait to see what lovely creation each piece turns in to!


  16. Fabric shopping is so satisfying. I’m not sure why I can walk into a fabric shop and start drooling as the ideas flow, then look at my stash and draw a mental blank! I’m trying to be good and not buy more… and failing.

    And that pink stretch stuff? That color is my own personal crack. Sheath dress with interesting neckline and funky seam detailing. Oh yes.


  17. Oh, it’s a vicious cycle. I NEED to keep buying fabric to stay in the mood to sew. It doesn’t matter that I already have dozens of pieces of fabric in the stash; if I don’t buy something occasionally I start to lose interest in sewing.


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