Wearable Wednesday Trussardi

Style.com didn’t give this collection alot of love- I see a lot of shapes that look like vintage womens sportswear mixed with fabrics that don’t give. Maybe I’m just dismissive because dropwaist and I are not good friends. I like the unfussiness-This one looks like a school dress from a Deanna Durbin movie. You know, the Facetasm collection has me thinking every 5th model is a man in drag- there are some strong chins here….Does this scream job interview as the Jokers personal assistant? Or just Deniro at Studio 54….This double skirted business intrigues me- but….these fabrics seem not quite right.Are the yellow pythons the ones that give you malaria? Psst- I did that to my bangs once. Mother was quite angry.Oh, I came thru the 80’s once, I will never wear a jacket like that again, not even if he is the head of the chess club and I am freezing at the pep ralley.

Your thoughts?

photo credits: style.com

65 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Trussardi

  1. Pendle Stitches says:

    I weep with hilarity at ever one of these posts! 🙂 Doesn’t this give you hope as a home dressmaker when even the “professionals” get it so wrong?!?!?!?!


  2. Well, nothing much to long for this week. Do like the pale yellow “color” but not the bathrobe itself. Sad to say, DeNiro after a Tribeca showing is my favorite if I had to choose. Happy Wednesday!!


  3. JackieN says:

    Was this acceptable in the 80’s?The 80’s were that bad ha?
    Photo 1.Everything here is so wrong, the ill fitting shoulders,the shoes? is it a shirtdress? a shirt? a dress?
    As Michael Kors would say- SHE LOOKS LIKE A STRIPPER IN DUBAI!



  4. Just ugly and uninteresting. All that was needed was a few bad perms thrown in. I’m with Style, not a lot of love here at all. I’m going to go into a corner, grab a dog and quietly flashback by myself thank you….


  5. yes, first model is defo a guy thought initially that’s what the post was about. But no the biggest howler is that hose down fabric. I tried having a look at the background to try and get some info as to where this was going but looks like a crack den. Its all over the place, very odd – thanks for sharing – I think?!


    • The background to me looks like one of those services that clean up after a particularly grisly slaying has arrived to start their day- lots of chemicals back there, maybe some drop clothes. Good times!


  6. There a couple of design ideas here actually. I love the belt idea on the first dress and I also like the snakeskin jacket. Would have loved to have seen your attempt at hair styling. I can actually show pictures that would make you bust a gut!!! Oh, the good ol days!


    • The belt drew me in, then they just started slapping it on alot of the pieces and I got over it- the first one with some serious fitting could be doable- if I were able to erase the picture of lots of girls running around a gymnasium as Sister Mary Mergatroyd encouraged,’ Breathe and run, girls, fill your lungs with the spirit!’


  7. Donna says:

    I definitely like the double-skirted blue one, but that’s the only one. I really, truly thought that the model in the first picture was a man. I had to scroll back up to double-check.


  8. Actually… (Should I be embarrassed to say this?) these are not really bad. Well, the first one is a mess and the second one needs a cami or shell or something underneath. I like the style of the brown one but the colors seem a bit wrong. I’m not a man-suit type of gal but the purple suit is okay on someone else. The double skirted purple… not sure. The yellow python outfit… I love it except that I would prefer long pants or a skirt.


  9. I laugh out loud every time you post these things! What were they thinking?? 😀 I mean the only one I think is ok is the brown/tan/orange one, but not in those horrideous colours! :s


  10. The only one that could have any chance of being worn by me would by that leather bodiced dress, but even that looks uncomfortable and stiff. Seriously, people! We like being comfortable! I don’t understand those designers that think you need to suffer for fashion. No thanks – I’ll stay with my jersey dresses and sweatpants.


  11. OMG! I had a purple 80s suit JUST LIKE THAT ONE at the end of high school! It was trendy and perfect for work and I loved the colour. *jaw dropped in shock* I can’t believe it’s walking around …. again! I can’t believe I actually wore something like that!!!!


  12. Usually I’m very opinionated, but I simply have no words for this collection. But there are definitely a couple of men in this show–no female model would be able to get way with that chin!


  13. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    Yeah, what the hell is going on here?? None of it is really good design; the colors seem way off; and the fabrics and prints are head scratchers. I haven’t seen anything this disastrous since the sewing unit in 7th grade home ec class where 98% of the class was forced to sew and this is the kind of things that were turned out.


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