Wearable Wednesday Loewe

Today is really wednesday and I think I’d like a do-over! indulge me?
Ok, I like a hoodie, I admit it- a high fashion hoodie? Lizzy, this post is for you- l1

I hope this designer hasn’t been hiding from me- I really like these wonderfully impractical things! Look! Look! A model with a bra!! I was just mentally congratulating myself for finding a designer without so much crazy……formal sack race? ooh, pretty! The jacket behind her is much cooler from the back- I so need birds embroidered on all my togs now. For the record, I hate these sandals- they look toe crowding- and the ankle in this one looks about to go…..Am I odd to want a lacy hoodie? Is it too Amadala for me to carry off? Ok, maybe you can reach hoodie overkill- hoodie and peter pan collar seems like an unholy union. Hey, she has alien cheekbones! l8

Could you maintain model hostility in this collection? What do you think of laser cut leather hoodies and ankle turning sandals?

photo credits: style.com

46 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Loewe

  1. Firstly let me say I am deeply honored to have this great collection bestowed upon my humble ‘nice girl’ hoodie.
    I actually was quite in love with the orange dress… although I am a little stumped about needing a hoodie yet exposing the chest in such an immodest manner, althoguh they say you lose most of your body weight through your head so therefore I guess exposing the breasts is OK?
    Dresses No.2 & 3? I would so wear these – with a modest ladylike slip cos I’m a nice girl.
    Not sure about the bass-ass hoodie crossed with Peter Pan. It would be very hard to know whether to slash tyres or eat a cookie in that creation.
    We must be sisters…. I am a-hankering after that lacy hoodie too – hi ho hi ho it’s off to Ravelry I go….


  2. Love me a good hoodie; but somehow I just see Kristen Stewart attending a Clemson game where they lost. Do love the color. Love the “bird” jacket. Odd that it never crossed my mind it wasn’t Wednesday yesterday. Who says I’m isolated!!!!


  3. Well, I’m in the minority, but I love the shoes. The collection has possibility. Didn’t care for the PP collar withe the hood so much, and the hood thing is over done and inappropriate at times, but I would like to see the oversized hood played with a bit. Could be interesting. Great post as always Miss Prtynpnk!


  4. mrsmole says:

    The orange dress and brown bird outfit are cool. The shoes…I see ankle injuries in the future. Laser cut leather…do you ever wonder what they do with the bits they cut away? I mean half of the leather is gone right? What a waste of a cowhide…buy it, throw half away. All these fashions look like they have been created for that once envied cougar Demi Moore before she went totally anorexic. Obviously the bags are being featured as well…doesn’t the designer know that big bags are so last season?


  5. I kind of like the lace hoodie! I can see myself wearing that, riding off into the wind on my steed in his own beaded and fringed matching bridle. We quite often channel King of the Wind ( and I don’t mean because Cooper can sometimes be..gassy), so it would be wonderful to have some props. 🙂


  6. I stumble around in shoes like that every day… (not). I do like hoodies- the peter pan/ suede(?) is a bit bizarre… lace- well that is an interesting thought. Great post- I thoroughly enjoyed the running commentary. -Laurie


  7. kerry says:

    That orange one is really nice, if only I had a waistline to go with it….A lot of this is really wearable I must say. That big cowl would be right handy in case of an unwanted relative sighting at the mall.


  8. Wow…that formal sack race dress…methinks it looks akin to ladyparts….LOL.

    I think the first one would be great for lounging around the house in. Would be great for swimming through the room o’ gold coins!

    But, seriously…I kinda adore the black lace/illusion dress 4th from the bottom.


  9. I’m not sure how practical the orange hoodie dress is with all that chest exposure (and my rather sizeable chest would definitely be exposed in that thing!) but I kind of like it. I also like the leather bird dress, though I’m not sure how practical (or comfortable!) it would be to wear. I’d only be able to wear it someplace really cold or I’d smell like a locker room within minutes. Most women may claim they don’t sweat, but it’d be a bit ridiculous for me to try and deny the obvious! 😉


  10. Gosh…don’t know what to say about this one. There were some really great looking pieces here…and then some (like that sack race formal) that defy description…or is it that this is just the first Wearable Wednesday in a while that actually has looks that are *gasp* ‘wearable’?

    It’s a brutal job to wade through the yards of crazy collections each week to find us those rare gems that we might not run in terror from if we met them on the street, but that black crochet/lace dress walking (quickly, I’ll bet!) away from the sack race formal looks really pretty! All it needs, if it’s like the one in ivory, is a nude illusion lining and you’re good to go without everyone knowing what your undergarments look like!

    I do love the second look from the top…not sure why – it’s intriguing in a “Pretty – what is it” sort of way. Of course, I have no idea what the back looks like!

    Thanks as usual for a fabulous mid week boost!


  11. What a fun collection! Impractical fabrics in practical clothes. I love the first dress, immodesty and all. And I love ankle-turning shoes. Statement shoes are really fun to trip around life in, particularly as a SAHM!!! Glamour in the kitchen goes a long way toward sanity! And the cheekbones are so sharp they’re all hurting mine. I wonder if the the recruitment for this show was based on cheekbones?


  12. I am surprised to say I like it all. Except for the Peter Pan collar, which are just too June Allyson for me. Lace hoodies and hoodie dresses, who knew?

    BTW-you have redeemed yourself, it is Wednesday. You can come out of your room now.


  13. Jenny says:

    A lace hoodie?!? Is it weird that I love this idea SO MUCH??
    If I ever get married, I’m wearing a lace hoodie instead of a veil. My in-laws will probably think I’m crazy pants.


  14. I’m not a big fan of hoodies (except on cold weather jackets) but other than that I’m loving the first dress because of the color and because I want to run my hands over that fabric.

    And two Wearable Wednesdays in one week? You’re spoiling us.


  15. starryfishathome says:

    I’d look miserable if I had live off lettuce and cigarettes and wear clothes like these! Hoodies look silly on anyone old enough to vote.


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