Vogue 8825- I feel like a chubby Bond Girl

007Every now and then I break out of my gaudy floral/animal print cocoon and try to channel something more swanky. This pattern had me fantasizing about racing around roof tops and flipping my hair seductively by a baccarat table.8825Since these are all occupations I regularly indulge in, I bought Vogue 8825 immediately. I love it! I love how the neckline feels fancy but is not constricting or annoying- I love the 400 foot sash tie (so does the cat by the way, I’ve caught her swinging on them in the closet twice now- got to remember to close that door) I think this is a great pattern for multiple shapes. Thats good, because I seem to be built in multiple shapes. Even tho I chose a woven material, I was able to skip the zipper and still shimmy into it, like a Bond girl into a spandex diving suit.  I was initially nervous when I saw some of my fav sewistas had made it- I was worried that ripply me would pale in comparison (I pale alot you know) but I really feel very good in this. It went together like it was a plan and I came very close to using a solid color fabric on it. Seriously- did you even know they would sell that to me?88251Here I am at a charity event for work- the husband was working the camera that evening for the hosts and I finagled him into taking some shots of his lady wifelyness in my togs while I- oh, who am I trying to fool! Surely you all recognize the internationally feared German assassin known only by the moniker ‘TANNENBAUM”!! Her deadly accuracy with poisoned ornamental throwing balls is legend-ary!88252I just know the microfilm is around her somewhere- perhaps my contact Rudy has some vital world safety info to impart to me…..I sense danger- I’d better blend in with the crowd before my cover is blown.88253I shouldn’t without pain of death reveal the names of the other Vogue 8825 operatives in the Field, but Ruth, Miss Celie, Sew Wil, Jess and The Mahogany Stylist   have all saved many a life and country in their versions! Selfless and lovely, aren’t they?

photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, google images

70 thoughts on “Vogue 8825- I feel like a chubby Bond Girl

  1. Love it! The fit is awesome, and the color is to die for – you look fabulous!

    Plus, you used a woven for a pattern that calls for a 4 way knit, which I’m pretty sure qualifies you as a Bond girl double agent. 😉


  2. Konnie Kapow! says:

    Wow looks great, the colour really suits you. Love the bag too! Good to see someone using a woven for a knit pattern because I’ve been limbering up to do that very thing! x


  3. There you go again making me splatter my tea over my laptop! You really have a way with words.
    This is very nice and suits you perfectly, great colour and fabric, though I see you more of a louche femme fatal with your cigarette holder and your minions fawning at your feet! But that’s just me!

    lovely job


  4. Beeauuutiful! That rusty red is such a lovely color on you. And it is almost solid! I’m amazed 😉 And just so you know, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a Bond girl. Seriously. With big hair, cat eye liner and a fringy 60’s shift dress. Do you think I could pull it off while pregnant? My name could be Belly Galore.


  5. You look fantastic – really! A good solid colour, excellent sewing and the cutest Mickey clutch to highlight the red. All good Bond girls know how to accessorise – just think of Ursula Andress – knife-belt and bikini. Mickey clutch and secret weapon?


  6. KC says:

    “Thats good, because I seem to be built in multiple shapes.”

    I’m rolling on the floor! Your blog is always such a treat. And the dress is gorgeous!


  7. I adore this pattern and I would be a must for me but in Agent Sandy Feet’s life the need for long sleeves is very limited…
    Love the sash BTW you look like a lovely present, perhaps you should languidly lie beneath the Christmas tree with a martini. And I haven’t seen the other dresses but who cares, you look fabulous. James would be shaken & stirred if he spotted you in the bar!


  8. Red is great on you! This really looks lovely. I, too, have this in my sewing queue but it will have to wait until winter now. I’m always late to the party.


  9. Not going to lie… as soon as I started reading this the Bond music was in my head. I like the way you have lined up the Christmas tree to be a human shield. One does not want bullet holes in such a glorious piece! Love it!


  10. I bought that pattern a couple of weeks ago and look at as I drift to dreamland. I’ve got to find some super material. It looks so great on you and the other blogger that you supplied links too. And, from what I read it was a breeze to make. I like your tunic version, I was thinking of the dress one. Now, I’m getting excited between this and an animal print coat. Hmmm. Thanks for the inspiration. Again!


  11. gorgeous! So glad to see this made up in a woven since I could only picture it in silky fabric rather than jersey in my head. Can I ask, did you size up to allow for the lack of stretch in the fabric? Or did you make as you would normally and just shimmy on in? Thanks!


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