Wearable Wednesday Anne Valerie Hash

You had me at shiny and pink….I think I’m more pleased about this collection than the models are. I love the shoulder seaming…Are they all made out of gossamer butterflies and unicorn belly hide? I can’t do the drapey crotch droop- an abdominal mouth is not for everyone. a5

How about some love for these shoes- they are so Busby Berkley. I’m loving how this manages to be tailored, ruffly and a little ‘don’t mess with me’. Gracious, her collarbones are distracting. They should be registered as weapons. I think that Catherine Daze could wear the heck out of these!! Why are they so glum? Didn’t they bring a big enough Birken to steal these from backstage? I have no idea how she is holding up this jacket, but I believe in her special powers. I think this is how Gwen Stefani thinks she looks when she leaves the house-

She is often mistaken.

photo credits: style.com

45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Anne Valerie Hash

  1. So well observed ;-). Totally agree Catherine Daze could wear the heck out of these…and with a darn sight more grace that these models seem to have….Did they all suck lemons before striking a pose???


  2. mrsmole says:

    Looks like those pants are one-size-fits-all with kangaroo pouches and cummerbund belts to compliment the wide shoulders. The eye is forced to bounce all around the garments without being able to rest on one feature.But the cool thing is the bra that they all got to wear…floral embroidery to add yet one more distracting nuance. The fabrics look yummy. And how does that black jacket hold itself up…Boning?


  3. Hmm, while I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. I hope not too many unicorn bellies were wasted on it. The shades of pink are lovely though and I can’t for the life of me figure out why the models are so dang sour. Compared to many many collections this one is at least a happy one.


  4. ellecsews says:

    I like the fabrics and I like the colours, but the clothes, not so much. I hate the weird crotches and drapey bits. Looks like extra skin flopping about. Not flattering.


  5. That shade of pink is a gorgeous colour and the fabric on the first jacket – swoon and that gossamer top on number five with the skirt I love. The others not so much. Be pinning a couple of these – thanks for sharing


  6. Ooh, pretty! Not sure about drapey crotches but there’s a lot here to like! Apart from razor like collar bones and mega mind foreheads… Convinces me more that runway models are other worldy.


  7. I like the skirts actually although with my hips I doubt I could carry one off… I am sure there MUST be a reason for the drapey crotch? Or maybe just a grand idea by the designer so we could all wonder why… hmmm- gets us talking though doesn’t it!


  8. Oooo….LOVE that sheer top with the duster style coat over it – especially in that pretty peach! Not a big fan of the droopy crotches – aren’t we all OVER the saggin’ thing? I mean, really…let’s move on, not jump on the train! It’s not a good luck on guys…why would it be on women?!

    Otherwise, not a bad collection, complete with the requisite sourpuss models! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  9. rosyragpatch says:

    Fab collection! There are a few pieces I could maybe wear like the black & yellow jacket & I’m even wondering about those trousers… Still, I don’t suppose there’ll be patterns so I’ll just have to dream.


  10. Love those shoulder seams and those fabrics are amazing. The wrapped skirt that goes with it is lovely But you are right I’m not sure I can do the drapey crotch droop either! lol!!


  11. They must have been reading your blog. No nipple show. Actually I think a lovely embroidered bra would be a good thing…especially with gossamer.

    I think the pattern cutter needs to learn that slippery fabrics can be cut easier with a layer of tissue paper. Else why the badly fitting trouser legs? can you see real people in those? Can you imagine the amount of changes one would have to do to a pattern to get it to work…you’d have to link to a book if you did a review.
    Sandy in the UK


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