Generous Bloggers surround me-

This week has been rough in a lot of ways- personal and universal. I have enjoyed blogging and interacting with the wonderful sewing community for almost 2 years now and can’t say enough how much I have enjoyed and come to rely on the support and entertainment of this fine and giving group. I live in a rather beige town and don’t always feel like a lot of people get me. You all- possibly to your own detriment actually do! Bless you all! I have a place I can come to and not feel picked last in gym! My inner dorklet is smiling-

I got 3 awards! very-inspiring-blogger-award-2one-lovely-blog-awardIsn’t that sweet? I’ve been nominated by several folks who are also Lovely and Inspiring themselves:

Penny Librarian– did you see her tutorial on sorting fabric stashes by the Dewey Decimel system? It was quite stirring…check her out!

Claire Sews– her blog links to her amazing store with all these fabulous pattern making rulers and such. I plan to buy them all once I can say I have the skills to do something besides beating the cat with them!

The Overflowing Stash– her style and fabric choices- oh, purr.

Mercury- Handmade Fashion– she sews blouses that I would just love to have a million of- check out this post– one of her daughters prom dresses- just lovely!!

Velosewer- at How Good is That?– How good? Oh, she’s very good!

Tia Dia is a huge inspiration for me and a goddess at garden posing! She recently had a birthday too!

Ok, now just in case you- like Miss Nagy in 5th grade are questioning my math abilities- the 3rd award is this one:

premioprimaveraI got very excited about this one- I thought it was Italian and I’d be getting free gelatto….I am, right BeaJay? I love her blog- gives me such inspiration and encouragement! Ziegfeld Model - Non-Risque - 1920s - by Alfred Cheney Johnston.Now I am a rather rotten person and I may have forgotten someone- I plead holiday brain fry and hope that you forgive me.

Now, I’ve saluted the nominators, it’s time to tell you 7 things you didn’t know about me. Criminy, this will get boring. I have no dark secrets and I put myself to sleep just thinking about little me- I shall spare you, because these next people are far more interesting. du barryBy the power duly vested in me, I nominate:

Rosy ragpatch–  She quilts, she sews, she rehabilitates weasels in a room off of her sunporch.

Pattern Vault– I go here when I want to get my ‘ooh and ahh’ on and learn some design history

Jess at the Sometimes Sewist– was originally set the play all of the major leads in Suckerpunch, but chose to make pfeffernuesse instead that week. Their loss, our gain.

Jenny at Bobbins and Whimsy constantly shows me something pretty and singlehandedly defeated the Sloper monster!

I get a lot of great sartorial input from The Magical Effects of Thinking– now you must too- she’s on a meggings crusade currently and I can’t unsee what I have seen!

Cari Homemaker is a new find for me and I love her posts! I so need a blender lamp- I wonder if Mr B would notice ours missing…..

Tulle and Tweed recently got this honor from the also lovely Tia Dia, but I think she needs more harrassment- she is a fun read and always making something I am jealous of!

I’d like to keep going- I’d like to list every sweetie who has ever told me I looked nice, swore my hips didn’t look huge, told me it wasn’t so bad and encouraged me to keep trying- you are all so kind and so thoughtful, it makes my grinchy heart expand just thinking about you!

Thank you. Tomorrow I shall be back to complain and poke at some couture ponies, don’t you worry!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

24 thoughts on “Generous Bloggers surround me-

  1. You, my friend, don’t live in a beige town. You live in a green camo town. Lol! That’s said with love, of course. Since I’m married to a born and raised A-towner. Well deserved awards!


  2. Congratulations! And I too was often picked last a gym 🙂 I was puny and ‘brainy’ and hence my ability to swing a baseball bat or shoot a basketball was somewhat limited! Fortunately I am much better dressed than that bunch now….


  3. Hi there, I saw your blog from the pattern pyramid on Tulle and Tweed’s blog, so came over, and I really love it! You have a wonderful sense of humour,congratulations on your awards! I am a new sewer and am going to follow your blog to see what else you have in store.


  4. Of course you won 3 awards! Congratulations, and looking forward to reading more witty and entertaining posts. And to see more pics of the dachs, of course. Isn’t that *really* why we follow along? 😉


  5. Hope next week looks brighter and things look up for you. You truely deserve your awards. You brighten the day of so many people and make us laugh. I would like to nominate you for the nobel peace prize.


  6. Congratulations dear!! I know you have brightened my days with your wit and imagination more often than not. Remember when you started the blog and were thinking no one would be reading it….so once again…told you so!! You are a delight … keep the faith!!


  7. Congrats on the well deserved awards, Ann! Also, you are such a sweetie, and I wish I had half of your wit. 😉

    p.s. How funny – I was Babydoll from Sucker Punch for Halloween last year. 😛


  8. Jenny says:

    Thanks for my lovely little award 🙂 (Although, I haven’t exactly defeated the sloper. It’s more like we’ve “entered negotiations.”)


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