Top 5 wins for 2012


Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow has posted her Top 5’s for 2012 and I thought that I would play along and perhaps (oh dread)  learn something about my sewing. My  2012 New Years resolutions  showed me that I really don’t like dress pants and that sensible sewing is just not my forte. I’m afraid that this list will also out me as Foolish Sewist of the Year!

Gulp…here we go: Top 5 most worn makes of 2012!2.12radiationMy radiation batik top Simplicity 1978 – I have 2 makes in this challis, but the top is the one I wore out most- its comfortable, vaguely flattering and easy.IMG_0024I am the only one that I know of to make this- the cover featured a very off-putting shoelace tie at the front- ghastly! 17Mccalls 6604- the Don’t cry for me Argentinian Butterflies blouse. Again, it’s comfy, hip flattering and easy. Hmm- I sense a theme here….zebrabeltFloral Zebra Simplicity 3786- one more easy to wear one in under 17 pieces. sundressSimplicity 1800 – not so flattering, but so comfortable. It was the crocs of sundresses for me this year. IMG_1854Butterick 5791- I just made this last month,but it is sooo comfortable, but still stylish, I am wearing it to death!

Ok, I guess if I were a reasonable person I would acknowledge that my lifestyle demands comfy easy separates and not so many serious, formal sews. kimonoBut that doesn’t get me many new skills- tho I am now a whiz at french seams from playing with sheers this year. So I think I’d better alternate crazy and sane a bit more this year. What did your makes turn out this year?


photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images

50 thoughts on “Top 5 wins for 2012

  1. Ooh yay, I’m so glad to see you’re doing this feature! It’s such a great idea! I figured out this year, too, that I have a separates lifestyle, not a vintage sheath dress one (am I saying I’ll stop already with the adorable dresses? No way, Jose! But I am focusing on separates).

    Can I just say again how awesome your leopard hoodie is? It’s beyond rad!


  2. The crocs of sundresses? That’s just too funny!! Nice work Gillian… I like this idea. A good way of reflecting on what was made vs what was worn… and what should be sewn more of as a result!


  3. Love all your pics – especially the first one.

    I am going to have to wait for 2014 to feature what my bests – didn’t do much this year. Still learning how to drive the machine!


  4. Hmmm….I *could* do this too, but since I just started my blog in october, I think I only have five completed projects…if I’m lucky! I looooove that pink dress; I can’t believe you think it’s not flattering. It looks great on you!


    • Oddly enough, I have a very shallow memory- I can remember what I was wearing when I met people. But for this, I asked the husband- who talks all the pictures- he rattled off about 6 things- I didn’t know he paid that much attention!


  5. You are a feline-loving separately queen, I love all your makes, they are such a reflection of your personality and I love to see one of your posts pop up in my reader.
    I’m working on my Top 5 projects post at the moment…. Any guesses as to what makes the list????


  6. I do not in any way find you foolish!!! You are making what your heart desires and I think you should continue with that. Sewing is not just about being “sensible”. Besedes what does that really mean anyhow????

    I think you have mad a lot of nice things that has helped you develope both your talents and knowledge. You learn more about yourself. These are the types of things you enjoy and I think that is important. what do I make??? Hoodies, hoodies and more hoodies…. But then again I am sure the climate is quite different where you live. What you make is sensible for you. I make what we enjoy wearing over here.

    Happy sewing and a very mery christmas season!!! 🙂


    • I realy need to embrace the tops and stop making so many dresses- they don’t gt worn much, but I love them! I think if it’s not something I can wear to Disney, I shouldn’t make it!


  7. I love your top 5. Especially the leopard hoody. Fabulous. I may have to join the Jungle January challenge. Though in truth I have been pretty hopeless at making the things I want to make for myself this year.
    Resolution – I WILL sew for myself more in 2013. Starting with Jungle January (does snake print count?)


  8. You have a talent for picking great fabrics for your makes. I guess separates are what get worn the most, but I’ve decided to go the other way next year and try to churn out some dresses. I don’t think I made any for me last year. Dresses fit with eclecticism and laziness, so that’s going to be my route for 2013.


  9. rosyragpatch says:

    I love your 5 makes. I can see why you wear them so often. My fave is the leopard hoodie but they are all good.
    My first thoughts on mine are that I can’t think of a single thing I’ve made from scratch. Can this be true? I’m going to have to think hard.


  10. Love your top 5- Especially the hoodie and butterfly blouse.. and your dramatic pose on the “balcony” kept drawing me back ;)… I made a fairy quilt this year but alas I don’t have a picture… Most of my stuff was for my girls towards the end of the year although I did make myself a top I love to wear… hmmm.. Next year I’d like to focus a bit more on me!


  11. I love your list! I don’t think you need to be more practical or sane about sewing – when I think of what you make, the words that pop into my mind are joyous and irreverant! No need to tone that down – I think you’ve got a great thing going!


  12. Kat H says:

    The crocs of sundresses – what a brilliant description! 🙂

    I love how all your most-worn makes are bright and patterned. Looking forward to seeing more fun creations next year!


  13. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    I really like the hooded leopard one, well played ma’am. Since I don’t know how to sew when people compliment me on something I’m wearing I say “Thanks, I bought it myself” instead.


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