2013 Schemes, New Look 6148 and a Merry Christmas to All!


After reviewing 2012, and not being too upset about it- I’m pleased to see makes from 2011 still getting some love (they didn’t fall apart!) and a lot more 2012 makes getting worn to death!  Me thinks I might be getting the hang of this!

So in the spirit of Gillian’s Top 5 posts, I bring you

The glorious plans of 2013!!!

Fanfare, trumpets, cartoon bluebird circle overhead!MunchkinCoroner08f686cc-3224-4b53-bb05-003ed72fcbf2

1- I’m keeping this short.

This past year I have discovered that sewing for a life I don’t have is just wasting fabric. I don’t do corporate takeovers, I don’t need a suit. Altho, this would be acceptable:we should wory

I am a fancy top/tunic and fun shoes gal. So I need to sew for it. Since this doesn’t really advance my skills much, I will alternate my staple sewing with event sewing to push myself. Hopefully this simple little plan will eliminate the ‘What on Earth’ make museum feeling that my closet was  developing. I love fancier projects- after a hard day of my regimented job, a few hours working on a sleeve is really restful and calming- especially if it’s animal print, of course. But for everyday, I need washable, wearable basics- ok, basic for me still a little festive!

So I’ve taken a bold step in this direction  by making a top this weekend that fits me to a t. New Look 3148 is comfortable, vaguely stylish and has 16 variations to try.6148

I did the yoked version, it added a little shape to the bustal area, I knew you wouldn’t be able to see it, but we know it’s there, don’t we!

Extreme Bust closeup!!!IMG_3523

I skipped the pocket. Meh. You know, I have a real hate on for little square pockets on girly blouses- if you put anything in them  they just look like you decided one breast needed its own shield. it’s not that I am anti- useless things, I love the useless, I consider myself the patron saint of useless objects (look it up, you’ll see me in a cheetah print robe holding a pet rock and a flaming picture of Kim Kardashian) but those little pockets just annoy me.IMG_3522

I can see me making this one again and again- it fit well, right out of the envelope, it is easy to pair with things and it fooled my Motherinlaw- she thinks only poor people make their own clothes, donchaknow!IMG_3525


Lets discuss my shoes for a moment- I hate these functional laces- so droopy! Any support for grosgrain ties done in jaunty bows? suggestions will be thoughtfully regarded in the comments.

Psst- don’t forget- Jungle January draws nigh! Sew your own animal fiesta and be part of my fun  and frolics- the button is even available on  the side- so be one of the cool kids! jj1

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg

40 thoughts on “2013 Schemes, New Look 6148 and a Merry Christmas to All!

  1. mrsmole says:

    Love the new top…you look so slim!!! Match your new laces to the blouse…something metallic perhaps? Just wishing you a relaxing day filled with presents from dashies and hubby and some good eats! You keep us all entertained all year…put your dainty feet up and celebrate!


  2. Merry Christmas to you, too!

    Love the look and fit of the new top. And Hehe re: your mother in law.

    It makes me think of my dearly departed grandmother who always thought people who had long hair were poor (AKA couldn’t afford a haircut).


  3. That is once concise plan, Lady!

    I love your new top, and I’m also giving you a thumbs up for ribbons in place of the shoelaces – maybe something sparkly?


    • Oh, sparkly, yes! You totally have my number with sparkly! Last year I had huge plans that were not so inline with my life and quickly fell by the wayside, so this year is about just going with it and not making my hobby so hard!


  4. Leigh Ann says:

    Hi, I’m a beginning (but aspirational!) sewer, and I’ve been haunting sewing blogs. I love yours, because you’re funny, and I share your love for animal prints. I also love sparkly things, and printed material, I must confess. I am looking forward to Jungle January. I like the top you made here a lot. The print is nice, and the cameo is nice with it. Grosgrain ribbon shoelaces would look good, I think.


      • Leigh Ann says:

        Clothing designer? Well, I like Tadashi Shoji, because of the draping thing he does so well. I think his dresses are beautiful. My life doesn’t involve a lot of need for evening gowns, though! I like Melissa Masse, and I like Shoshanna’s dresses even though they don’t, sadly, come in my size. (Not that i would be buying a lot of them even if they did, I don’t suppose.) Thanks for the welcome!


  5. Ooh aahh – I will have to try this pattern – looks great and it is obviously magic if no alterations are needed. I need myself one of those patterns!

    Have a great Christmas (ours has now passed by – boxing day now)


  6. starryfishathome says:

    Great top, I like it a lot. I wish I could make New Look tops out of the envelope. I think I’ll have to stick to Sewaholic. We all should make clothes for the people we are, not those we aren’t!


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