5 Inspirations from 2012


Thank you Gillian for giving us all a chance to praise some sewists that have inspired and pushed us this year! It’s often said, because it is so true- this community is so loving and supportive of eachother and I feel so honored and proud when my little dribblings get comments from all of you- I look forward to every wednesday because it feels like we’re all clustered around the same magazine making comments and passing it around. I love it! bj7

These are not in any particular order- I’m just not so orderly, you know!DGish07

Carolyn has taught me that once you get the right fit, then you can jazz it up. She has go-to patterns that look different everytime- except for the fit- that part is always spot on. Once you get the cupcake right, then you can frost it!

Coco has made me write down more patterns numbers for future makes this year, her style is so breezy and elegant, but everyday. Is that a thing? It is a good thing.  I want her Vogue 1177!!

Theresa has 35 different variations on the Anouk, all of them fabulous! 35- I swear!  She could dress every pup in one….definitely my blouse icon. She also has gorgeous pictures on her blog of weather I miss …I sigh and woof…..

Ruth has this classy, sassy Rosalyn Russell lady reporter in tweed thing going on and I love it! She is making a Chanel jacket. I barely line things. I wonder why she even speaks to the likes of little me!

Graca has inspired me to get a little more bold in my pattern choices- my Vogue fear is almost under control now with mild sedation and cookies. it seems like every pattern I want to try has a very detailed Graca post waiting for me to find. I predict that in the future references will be referred to as ‘Gracas’…..

Rhonda is like a sewist Power Ranger! She flies, she designs, she solves problems and she makes soup! If she doesn’t post for a few days, I assume that she is on a secret mission and that we have been unknowingly saved from a Godzilla attack or a Tsumani by her hands!

Beth sometimes I get a visual of Beth in a thrift store leading a charge- ‘Never leave a man behind’ and saving unattractive garments from a loveless fate. She has such amazing remakes and they never involve rickrack or pompom fringe. She is a refashion superstar!

Loran– I don’t know if this blogger knows it, but I think she is amazing! She does refashions, she does vintage styles, she has such cool pictures. Yeah, I’m a fangirl- I’d like a signed poster…..

Thats more than 5. It had to be. Everytime I would review my list the ‘But what about-‘s got me and I’d add another. If you aren’t on this list- it’s not a lack of love- I just knew I had to stop or it would be Anne’s Top 50 Favs before too long!

I’m not just trying to win a pattern pyramid when I say, this blogging universe is filled with amazing people! I look forward to meeting more in 2013.

Let go of disapproval and know that God will send people who celebrate your talents, your personality and your accomplishments- J Osteen

photo credits:  google images, style.com, meadhawg

31 thoughts on “5 Inspirations from 2012

  1. sewbussted says:

    You are so funny! What a treat you are for me, good for the soul 🙂 I think I’m going to design something around your description of me!
    Happy New Year Ladybug!


  2. Ok, now, get me my bugle and my sword, I’ll never look at my thrift store adventures the same again. Your visual of me saving those unfortunate clothes is so funny! Your humor always makes my day a bit brighter!!
    Well, I’m off to hide all my rick rack and pom poms. 😉
    Hope your day is filled with creativity and laughter!!


  3. So glad I am not the only one with a vogue fear! I was put off when a sewing elder referred to them as “Vague”, not Vogue. Cookies fix everything though, I tell ya!


  4. A few more bloggies to check out over my next loooooong cuppa. If you highlighted one ‘but-what-about’ blogger a week you could make Anne’s Top 50 Fav’s by this time next year…..


  5. LOL..35, I don’t know, maybe 30! 😉 I’m working on all sorts of variations of that Butterick blouse too. Thank you and pets and hugs go out to the dachsies too.
    Oh and your “little dribblings” are often the blog highlight of my day. You’re pretty inspiring too. Have a great New Year, have you tackled giraffe print yet? 🙂


  6. Oh, Anne, let’s just be BFFs and you can borrow my Vogue 1177 any time you want 🙂 I would put YOU on this list. You remind me to smile just when I need it. Happy happy new year, girl.


  7. It seems like every time I read your blog (at least two times a week) I discover several new sewing blogs. A year ago I knew about fewer than five. Now I have more than I can keep up with. You are awesome and so are these other lovely sewing bloggers.


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