…and as we come to the end of our journey….

No, we aren’t done yet! Children, the spirit of the predator will always live within our hearts….whenever a spirited bolt is picked up and placed in a buggy, whenever Married to the Mob is shown on TBS-mttm2

Velo will be there! In a stunning array of feline fancies!butterick-5608-view-d


Chesneykat will liven up a room with her tunics!015

Shelley will post like a very stylish Lady-beast! 20130128-111339

Jenny will be there and she will strut!!tumblr_inline_mhb1q5bmOj1qz4rgp

A Quirky Peach will dazzle you!017

Dawn will think she is doing a Burda Challenge, but really, she is in a survival of the fittest mode! b_012012_110_2[4]

The village of Exhausted children will dance and strut! hollyjunglefinal


I will be there and so will you, hopefully! We aren’t done yet! I believe we still have another party stranded on an oasis- stay tuned as Mutual Of Omaha brings you our wrap-up cruise and the very 1st Annie awards!!

photo credits: google images, youtube, All photos remain properly of their original owners.

We ain’t out of the wilds yet, Lord Greystoke!


Fabulous Free Pattern Friday was particularly cat-tastic this week! Did you see Rhonda and her moose assistant? Go see more and make your own! 010

Lets keep the cold weather wear up, shall we? Burr and Meow from Gjeometry! I should be tipping my hat to you- this is amazing- look at  those sleeve details!  camel-coat-and-hat-2

I love a stylish winter- check out Valerie in a most cozy cat…er, coat…IMG_6854

Nope, you can’t come inside yet! Penny Librarian has a fleecy beastie to share with us that looks tres snuggly! Just as an aside, the word rump makes me giggle. Just saying….img_0159

Now to a warmer climate for some of our best multiple posters! Velo cropped out a gazelle in this pic, but we already knew she was dangerous! burda-7828-front

Ahem- a puma has stepped onto the path- best be ready to rumble! I love a predator in Mary Janes! Hmm…potential biography title….8417339469_275725b2f8

More tropical maxi wonderfulness from the loft that has Coco! doesn’t this cheer yopu after all those cold weather shots? New Look 6936 Maxi (4)

During my daily animal photo-hunt, I came across miss LeonieP on Pattern Review- a little glitzy animal print for us! sparklycloseup

Whats that LeonieP? You have more to share? Oh, yes you do! I love this dress so much!!! Mixed prints and animals make me doubly giddy! Who is the cub? Twstdrsdbleprnt

Sarah is scarfing it up over at her blog- check out these 2:1_27_13 001

and-I think she may be holding out on us with a cardy make, too! Jungle January 001

Trumbelina questioned the indulgence of buying her fabric- I’m glad she did- look how cool! M6512_Front_Jacket

Oh, and now we need to dance!!

Hmm…maybe I see one more….who’s that up ahead? I think I see a rare ruffled creature…a Badger! JJ-Charlotte-1

photo credits: google images, Rhonda Buss, Coco’s Loft, Cleverthinking, Penny Librarian, Gjeometry, Pattern Review, LeonieP, Sarah, Trumbelina, Scruffy Badger, youtube

A Drawing of Wellington Proportion!

As promised, this morning with all the ritual, ceremony and pomposity you have come to expect from the ‘Grievances, a name was drawn from the many, many deserving commentors on my Wellington Pattern Pyramid drawing post.

Lets see if we can get her on the line….as you can see, my secretary is as excited as I am about our drawing! telephone

Sew Exhausted– you are our winner!! Do you understand the rules of your new and very special obligation? sweatertop1

Upon receiving the loot, you are to make your personal selections, blog it and let the mayhem and bribery begin!!! I shall refer you back to the amazing origins of this fine tradition in sewing and community- the original!  Lovely Karen started a huge phenomenon that has given us all much joy. So please email me with your address and be on the porch in 4-5 days.

…..Hey, isn’t that a snake skin print? Gorgeous work, ma’am! We totally approve. brooks

photo credits: Sew Exhausted, google images

Continuing the Mission….in the jungle!

Good Morning Junior Jungle Scouts! Ready for the mission? Find even more gorgeous makes from the primal whirl of the interwebs! wingsbow

Dance party- Here we go!!!

Ok, so Pella took this Burda pattern and she cut it here…and darted it and turned this and ok, just go look at her blog- I can’t describe how she got this, but it is wonderful!!!!dsc_0923

Speaking of the Beautifully Sewn– we have a Maria of Denmark Kristen Kimono is a print that makes me giddy…and you know I love to be giddy! Later we will even see Maria herself! 20130122_115150

Who is this tall drink of sassy? Anne W– I love this so much! Fuschia was so right for this. fr0064

Do you do Bobbins&Whimsy? Oh you must- she’s a treat- check out her new clutch! She beat the machine to do this one for us! zebra-clutch

I believe that animal print is suitable for all occasions and so does MariaDenmark! I think cheetah totally says ‘christening!’, wedding, whatever! 1

Dibulous thought that she could post this on Pattern Review without the jungle tracker spotting it- oh, no! Check out this tunic:8407082681_5b50124f52_b

How about a little vintage flair of the faux fur variety? Tulle and Tweed brings us a Deanna Durbin worthy collar- complete with cat-teasers! SONY DSC

I love when a whole family comes together for the greater good….of animal print! Sewing for Fun got everyone working the stripey-ness! I’m glad she did- My Mother  wants this pattern, so now I can show her the best version yet! side-2blomst

Velo– do you dream in animal print? I just know that you do! snake-pants2

Now I won’t reveal how cool this is- go see SewForwards blog- cuz the kittty ain’t talking! watching-over-the-technique

Tomorrow we will pause the jungle Jeep for the Wellington Pattern Pyramid drawing live in our remote location! Perhaps some animal print fabric may find its way into that bundle- as it does sometimes! There is still time to throw your name in the ring! silent leo

photo credits: google images, youtube, Pella, Beautifully Sewn, MariaDenmark, Sew Forward, Anne W, Tulle and Tweed, Bobbins and Whimsy, Velosewer, Dibulous, Sewing For Fun

Wearable Wednesday…..Celine

Wrap, wrap. cel1

Are you going to say it? c2

Come on. Say it.ce2

I know you see them. Don’t kid me. ce3

Hey, where did they go? ce4

Oh, they have friends!ce5

I swear I can’t remember a thing about this collection. I’m so distracted.ce6

It’s so odd that they gave these models pedicures so close to runway time. Or are they orthopaedic? I shouldn’t mock the dreaded ‘model bunion’. Its a scourge. cel7


I can’t take this- their spa slipper/Muppet feet are killing me!!!!!


photo credits: style.com

Its a Jungle in here!

DVF- eat your heart out- I have a wrap dress with major animal appeal from our girl at Wonderfully Made! I love her styling on this one! Image

Dance time!!!

Katie, you are giving us all a run for our money- this is leopard-lovely and the boots…I sigh! kadid

This weekend on Pattern Review I saw this gorgeous Vogue 1270 on Erin and knew that you must see it too! Welcome to the jungle Erin! Vogue1270-11

Now I’ve heard the snickering and the whispering of ‘can’t attend her own party? What is she Jay Gatsby?!’ Lord, I love how literary sewists are- there’s nothing like a Great Gatsby burn, right? Well, here I am in Vogue 8681….ooh sepia! rose2

No Fair! Why does she get 2 pictures? Cuz it’s MY BLOG!!! I’m thinking about more fabric shopping in this picture…and James Mcavoy is pushing my cart….IMG_3678

Look, look deep inside Karin‘s tote bag! It’s ready to pounce! What a great Mom to make this fabulous bag!IMG_8973

Are you familiar with Eyelash Fur? It’s usually what follows a sloppy dachshund kiss…no, it’s better! Check out Norie and her gorgeous vest!vest-22851

Velo, do you leave the house except to find more enviable prints? I’m smitten with your style this month (and last month, truth be told)….P1060659

Jilly Be is refrewing’ out of her comfort zone with some saucy big cats-IMG_2397

Macstabby is quite retro-tastic in her cheetah bow belt- I love it with yellow, don’t you? 0111

photo credits: Google images, youtube, wonderfully made,Erin,