All set for a Style Safari?

If you know my little Disney heart, you know the Jungle Cruise is my favorite Mk ride!  Are your engines purring?  I know mine are! Spokes-kitten Flannery (look at those toenails!) bids you welcome to the 1st (and possibly) Annual  jj1

Now this is a loose and free-flowing event (like my thoughts and my midsection) …..just post your animal print splendor and I will repost/link up and we will have many stylish lynx-links to enjoy! Jungle Princess

Some lovely style bloggers will be stepping in to lend a hand with insights into styling your way thru the animal kingdom and of course, I will be tracking down that notorious often pirated video of Karl Lagerfeld singing ‘If I could talk to the animals’ while wearing a full giraffe costumes!  jungle

So if you haven’t made your New Years resolutions- may I suggest…..


To encourage and entice you:

Divine Mess  ala Mood Fabrics- ooh!


Or perhaps, this little charmer from fabric mart5771-d1%20150

Burberry Prefall 2013 Giraffe perhaps? burburry prefall2013

a little Mary McFadden? mary

Armani Prive…with or without the hat-armani

Remember- all it takes is style to rule the jungle!

photo credits: google images, meadhawg, pinterest

81 thoughts on “All set for a Style Safari?

  1. I’ve got my eye out for some animal print jersey to make a maternity wrap dress. But I can’t promise you I’ll follow through. I’m not sure how a baby bump will look in cat print. And I’m still a little scarred from my Tigra blouse. But I want that button on my blog! I love it!


  2. I bought some emerald green leopard print stretch denim last summer. I planned to make a skirt from it. Now that Pantone’s color of 2013 is emerald, this might be the perfect time to sew that skirt. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I’m kind of in love with that giraffe coat. Damn you, Burberry!

    I’m happy to report that i purchased some animal print ITY from FabricMart which is slowly making its way through winter storms on FedEx trucks as we speak…let Jungle January commence!


  4. Leigh Ann says:

    Ooh, I’m so excited! If you were to look in my closet, you might think I thought leopard or cheetah prints were appropriate in all circumstances. And you would be right. My husband just rolls his eyes now. That coat is fab, by the way.


  5. sewforward says:

    Oh my gosh! You’ve got my whiskers a twitching for a safari! I am making a safari outfit right now, but it is out of khaki colour twill – more ‘Meryl Streep Out of Africa than Me Tarzan You Jane’ but I still want to follow along.


  6. I’m in! I’m digging out my forlorn faux fur coat UFO in leopard print out of the wardrobe. BTW Is there a pill I can take to make me look like that giraffe woman?


  7. BeckiC says:

    My my my, I just love that giraffe print!
    Does lining count? I just cut gray charmeuse for a motorcycle jacket lining and I am so excited about getting started on the sewing!
    If not I have a beautiful green silk tiny leopard print that is just purring to become a blouse (after the jacket of course, FOCUS Becki!)


  8. I have managed to copy your badge by right mouse clicking on your badge and choosing copy image URL (this may not be available in all browsers) and then using the use the image instead of html in add gadget.


  9. Oh seriously…I have some incredible animal print jersey in blues that I’ve been stashing…just waiting to make a wrap dress or something. It IS epidemic!


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