Wearable Wednesday…..Gucci

Am I allowed to critique Gucci? Do we dare? gu1Ding, ding! gu2Grr, grr! gu3Yes, I like these, yes, I do. gu4This belt is a little Department store Santa for me, but, ok…gu5Oh, flipper skirt! gu6If it’s cold enough for a blanket….gu7Oh, I like this pleaty action-gu8Favorite! Even if it doesn’t have leopard gloves….gu9I love this lace neckline-gu10I’m sold- how about you?

photo credits: style.com

57 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday…..Gucci

  1. mrsmole says:

    OMG…real clothes for real women and lookie lookie real shoes that don’t crawl up her legs or have decorative crap hanging off them. The last 2 lace dresses could be made by regular seamstresses at home!!!! The plaid suit was something women used to wear to charity luncheons and fashion shows back in the 70’s…love it! Thank you for making this Wednesday VERY wearable, Anne!


  2. Hmm, blankets and bare chests. Sounds Scottish to me! 🙂 Well, you can absolutely just see the impeccable tailoring in these pieces. I don’t like the puffy short sleeves or the skirt with fins, but those coats are lovely and the last lace outfit, a real winner for me. It’s all prettty darn attractive and well put together that’s for sure!


  3. Wow, I love all of them!! The sleeves on the little black jacket in the first pic are yummy, even that full length animal print dress is to die for! I love me a bit of Gucci!


  4. VeraVenus says:

    I agree with your assessment of the Santa belt…. but yeah otherwise a great collection. Love that rusty-red coat and dress and the last LBD too. Also seeing some Frankenpatterns in my future. Leopard print? mehhh, it isn’t speaking to my inner cougar but Gucci does do it well!


  5. Gosh…wearable stuff that I wouldn’t run from screaming in horror if I met it on the street 🙂 Agree with your comments – that Santa belt…yikes. But, basically most of the stuff looks pretty good (don’t like the burgandy red dress or the wavy skirt). Thanks for another great – and actually wearable – Wednesday!


  6. My favorites are the leopard maxi dress and the bias plaid suit. I also like that leopard coat. The strange balloon sleeves kind of turn me off though. I also like the dotted sheer blouse at the end, but I’m not sure about the sleeves or neckline for me personally, though they look fantastic on that model (obviously). All in all, a pretty amazing collection. 🙂


  7. Hmmm, I’m trying to send this post to my friend Mark who said this quote, but don’t know how to facebook it to him. So many things to know how to do with the new blog. Maybe I’ll try reblogging. Oooh, my first reblog.


    • I just went thru my notifications and see your comment, but it looks like it got attached to the picture ‘gu1’ so only I got to see it. This will not do- good comments need a broader audience!
      I’ve copied it here:
      ‘This first one is a perfect example of why people make horrible fun of high fashion. It’s awful! This is Gucci’s joke on us I think.’
      We definitely need you next week- lets just say that it will have more visual interest!!!


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